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Fair market value (FMV) is an estimate of the market value of a property, based on what a knowledgeable, willing, and unpressured buyer would probably pay to a knowledgeable, willing, and unpressured seller in the market. An estimate of fair market value may be founded either on precedent or extrapolation. Fair market value differs from the intrinsic value that an individual may place on the same asset based on their own preferences and circumstances.

Since market transactions are often not observable for assets such as privately held businesses and most personal and real property, FMV must be estimated. An estimate of Fair Market Value is usually subjective due to the circumstances of place, time, the existence of comparable precedents, and the evaluation principles of each involved person. Opinions on value are always based upon subjective interpretation of available information at the time of assessment. This is in contrast to an imposed value, in which a legal authority (law, tax regulation, court, etc.) sets an absolute value upon a product or a service.

An eminent domain taking, in lieu of a property sale, would not be considered a fair market transaction since one of the parties (in this case, the seller) was under undue pressure to enter into the transaction. Other examples of sales that would not meet the test of fair market value include a liquidation sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, distressed sale, and similar types of transactions.

National definitions[edit]

United States[edit]

In United States tax law, the definition of fair market value is found in the United States Supreme Court decision in the Cartwright case:

The fair market value is the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts. United States v. Cartwright, 411 U. S. 546, 93 S. Ct. 1713, 1716-17, 36 L. Ed. 2d 528, 73-1 U.S. Tax Cas. (CCH) ¶ 12,926 (1973) (quoting from U.S. Treasury regulations relating to Federal estate taxes, at 26 C.F.R. sec. 20.2031-1(b)).[1]

The term fair market value is used throughout the Internal Revenue Code among other federal statutory laws in the USA including Bankruptcy, many state laws, and several regulatory bodies.[2] In litigation in many jurisdictions in the United States, the fair market value is determined at a hearing. In certain jurisdictions, the courts are required to hold fair market hearings, even if the borrowers or the loans guarantors waived their rights to such a hearing in the loan documents.[3]


Fair market value is not explicitly defined in the Income Tax Act. That said, Mr. Justice Cattanach in Henderson Estate, Bank of New York v. M.N.R., (1973) C.T.C. 636 at p. 644 articulates the concept as follows:

The statute does not define the expression “fair market value”, but the expression has been defined in many different ways depending generally on the subject matter which the person seeking to define it had in mind. I do not think it necessary to attempt an exact definition of the expression as used in the statute other than to say that the words must be construed in accordance with the common understanding of them. That common understanding I take to mean the highest price an asset might reasonably be expected to bring if sold by the owner in the normal method applicable to the asset in question in the ordinary course of business in a market not exposed to any undue stresses and composed of willing buyers and sellers dealing at arm’s length and under no compulsion to buy or sell. I would add that the foregoing understanding as I have expressed it in a general way includes what I conceive to be the essential element which is an open and unrestricted market in which the price is hammered out between willing and informed buyers and sellers on the anvil of supply and demand. These definitions are equally applicable to “fair market value” and “market value” and it is doubtful if the word “fair” adds anything to the words “market value.”

In concert with this decision, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) lists the following working definition in its on-line dictionary:

Fair market value generally means the highest price, expressed in dollars, that a property would bring in an open and unrestricted market between a willing buyer and a willing seller who are both knowledgeable, informed, and prudent, and who are acting independently of each other.[4]

As the definition indicates, the Canadian and American concepts of fair market value are very similar. One obvious difference is that the Canadian working definition refers to “the highest price” whereas the American definition merely mentions “the price.” It is debatable whether or not the presence of the word “highest” distinguishes the Canadian from the American definition.

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Divorce Appraisal

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Bankruptcy Appraisal

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Real estate appraisal, property valuation or land valuation is the process of developing an opinion of value for real property (usually market value). Real estate transactions often require appraisals because they occur infrequently and every property is unique (especially their location, a key factor in valuation), unlike corporate stocks, which are traded daily and are identical (thus a centralized Walrasian auction like a stock exchange is unrealistic). Appraisal reports form the basis for mortgage loans, settling estates and divorces, taxation, and so on. Sometimes an appraisal report is used to establish a sale price for a property.

Most, but not all, countries require appraisers to be Licensed or Certified. Appraisers are often known as “property valuers” or “land valuers”; in British English they are “valuation surveyors”. If the appraiser’s opinion is based on market value, then it must also be based on the highest and best use of the real property. In the United States, mortgage valuations of improved residential properties are generally reported on a standardized form like the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report.[1] Appraisals of more commercial properties (e.g., income-producing, raw land) are often reported in narrative format and competed by a Certified General Appraiser.

Types of value[edit]

There are several types and definitions of value sought by a real estate appraisal. Some of the most common are:

Market value – the estimated amount for which an asset or liability should exchange on the valuation date between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s length transaction, after proper marketing and where the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently and without compulsion.[2]
  • Value-in-use, or use value[3] – The net present value (NPV)[4] of a cash flow that an asset generates for a specific owner under a specific use. Value-in-use is the value to one particular user, and may be above or below the market value of a property.
  • Investment value – is the value to one particular investor, and may or may not be higher than the market value of a property. Differences between the investment value of an asset and its market value provide the motivation for buyers or sellers to enter the marketplace. International Valuation Standards (IVS) define:
Investment value – the value of an asset to the owner or a prospective owner for individual investment or operational objectives.[2]
  • Insurable value – is the value of real property covered by an insurance policy. Generally it does not include the site value.
  • Liquidation value – may be analyzed as either a forced liquidation or an orderly liquidation and is a commonly sought standard of value in bankruptcy proceedings. It assumes a seller who is compelled to sell after an exposure period which is less than the market-normal time-frame.

Price vs value[edit]

There can be differences between what the property is really worth (market value) and what it cost to buy it (price). A price paid might not represent that property’s market value. Sometimes, special considerations may have been present, such as a special relationship between the buyer and the seller where one party had control or significant influence over the other party. In other cases, the transaction may have been just one of several properties sold or traded between two parties. In such cases, the price paid for any particular piece is not its market “value” (with the idea usually being, though, that all the pieces and prices add up to market value of all the parts) but rather its market “price”.

At other times, a buyer may willingly pay a premium price, above the generally accepted market value, if his subjective valuation of the property (its investment value for him) was higher than the market value. One specific example of this is an owner of a neighboring property who, by combining his own property with the subject property, could obtain economies-of-scale. Similar situations sometimes happen in corporate finance. For example, this can occur when a merger or acquisition happens at a price which is higher than the value represented by the price of the underlying stock. The usual explanation for these types of mergers and acquisitions is that “the sum is greater than its parts”, since full ownership of a company provides full control of it. This is something that purchasers will sometimes pay a high price for. This situation can happen in real estate purchases too.

But the most common reason for value differing from price is that either the buyer or the seller is uninformed as to what a property’s market value is but nevertheless agrees on a contract at a certain price which is either too expensive or too cheap. This is unfortunate for one of the two parties. It is the obligation of a real property appraiser to estimate the true market value of a property and not its market price.

Market value definitions in the United States[edit]

In the United States, appraisals are for a certain type of value (e.g., foreclosure value, fair market value, distressed sale value, investment value). The most commonly used definition of value is Market Value. While Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) does not define Market Value, it provides general guidance for how Market Value should be defined:

A type of value, stated as an opinion, that presumes the transfer of a property (i.e., a right of ownership or a bundle of such rights), as of a certain date, under specific conditions set forth in the definition of the term identified by the appraiser as applicable in an appraisal.

Thus, the definition of value used in an appraisal or Current Market Analysis (CMA) analysis and report is a set of assumptions about the market in which the subject property may transact. It affects the choice of comparable data for use in the analysis. It can also affect the method used to value the property. For example, tree value can contribute up to 27% of property value.[5][6]

Three approaches to value[edit]

There are three traditional groups of methodologies for determining value. These are usually referred to as the “three approaches to value” which are generally independent of each other:

  • The sales comparison approach (comparing a property’s characteristics with those of comparable properties that have recently sold in similar transactions).
  • The cost approach (the buyer will not pay more for a property than it would cost to build an equivalent).
  • The income approach (similar to the methods used for financial valuation, securities analysis or bond pricing).

However, the recent trend of the business tends to be toward the use of a scientific methodology of appraisal which relies on the foundation of quantitative-data,[7] risk, and geographical based approaches.[8][9] Pagourtzi et al. have provided a review on the methods used in the industry by comparison between conventional approaches and advanced ones.[10]

As mentioned before, an appraiser can generally choose from three approaches to determine value. One or two of these approaches will usually be most applicable, with the other approach or approaches usually being less useful. The appraiser has to think about the “scope of work”, the type of value, the property itself, and the quality and quantity of data available for each approach. No overarching statement can be made that one approach or another is always better than one of the other approaches.

The appraiser has to think about the way that most buyers usually buy a given type of property. What appraisal method do most buyers use for the type of property being valued? This generally guides the appraiser’s thinking on the best valuation method, in conjunction with the available data. For instance, appraisals of properties that are typically purchased by investors (e.g., skyscrapers, office buildings) may give greater weight to the Income Approach. Buyers interested in purchasing single family residential property would rather compare price, in this case the Sales Comparison Approach (market analysis approach) would be more applicable. The third and final approach to value is the Cost Approach to value. The Cost Approach to value is most useful in determining insurable value, and cost to construct a new structure or building.

For example, single apartment buildings of a given quality tend to sell at a particular price per apartment. In many of those cases, the sales comparison approach may be more applicable. On the other hand, a multiple-building apartment complex would usually be valued by the income approach, as that would follow how most buyers would value it. As another example, single-family houses are most commonly valued with greatest weighting to the sales comparison approach. However, if a single-family dwelling is in a neighborhood where all or most of the dwellings are rental units, then some variant of the income approach may be more useful. So the choice of valuation method can change depending upon the circumstances, even if the property being valued does not change much.

The sales comparison approach[edit]

The sales comparison approach is based primarily on the principle of substitution. This approach assumes a prudent (or rational) individual will pay no more for a property than it would cost to purchase a comparable substitute property. The approach recognizes that a typical buyer will compare asking prices and seek to purchase the property that meets his or her wants and needs for the lowest cost. In developing the sales comparison approach, the appraiser attempts to interpret and measure the actions of parties involved in the marketplace, including buyers, sellers, and investors.

Data collection methods and valuation process

Data is collected on recent sales of properties similar to the subject being valued, called “comparables”. Only SOLD properties may be used in an appraisal and determination of a property’s value, as they represent amounts actually paid or agreed upon for properties. Sources of comparable data include real estate publications, public records, buyers, sellers, real estate brokers and/or agents, appraisers, and so on. Important details of each comparable sale are described in the appraisal report. Since comparable sales are not identical to the subject property, adjustments may be made for date of sale, location, style, amenities, square footage, site size, etc. The main idea is to simulate the price that would have been paid if each comparable sale were identical to the subject property. If the comparable is superior to the subject in a factor or aspect, then a downward adjustment is needed for that factor.[clarification needed] Likewise, if the comparable is inferior to the subject in an aspect, then an upward adjustment for that aspect is needed.[clarification needed] The adjustment is somewhat subjective and relies on the appraiser’s training and experience. From the analysis of the group of adjusted sales prices of the comparable sales, the appraiser selects an indicator of value that is representative of the subject property. It is possible for various appraisers to choose different indicator of value which ultimately will provide different property value.

Steps in the sales comparison approach

  1. Research the market to obtain information pertaining to sales, and pending sales that are similar to the subject property
  2. Investigate the market data to determine whether they are factually correct and accurate
  3. Determine relevant units of comparison (e.g., sales price per square foot), and develop a comparative analysis for each
  4. Compare the subject and comparable sales according to the elements of comparison and adjust as appropriate
  5. Reconcile the multiple value indications that result from the adjustment (upward or downward) of the comparable sales into a single value indication

The cost approach[edit]

The cost approach was once called the summation approach. The theory is that the value of a property can be estimated by summing the land value and the depreciated value of any improvements. The value of the improvements is often referred to by the abbreviation RCNLD (for “reproduction/replacement cost new less depreciation”). Reproduction refers to reproducing an exact replica; replacement cost refers to the cost of building a house or other improvement which has the same utility, but using modern design, workmanship and materials. In practice, appraisers almost always use replacement cost and then deduct a factor for any functional dis-utility associated with the age of the subject property. An exception to the general rule of using the replacement cost, is for some insurance value appraisals. In those cases, reproduction of the exact asset after a destructive event like a fire is the goal.

In most instances when the cost approach is involved, the overall methodology is a hybrid of the cost and sales comparison approaches (representing both the suppliers’ costs and the prices that customers are seeking). For example, the replacement cost to construct a building can be determined by adding the labor, material, and other costs. On the other hand, land values and depreciation must be derived from an analysis of comparable sales data.

The cost approach is considered most reliable when used on newer structures, but the method tends to become less reliable for older properties. The cost approach is often the only reliable approach when dealing with special use properties (e.g., public assembly, marinas).

The income approach[edit]

Main article: Income approach

The income capitalization Approach (often referred to simply as the “income approach”) is used to value commercial and investment properties. Because it is intended to directly reflect or model the expectations and behaviors of typical market participants, this approach is generally considered the most applicable valuation technique for income-producing properties, where sufficient market data exists.

In a commercial income-producing property this approach capitalizes an income stream into a value indication. This can be done using revenue multipliers or capitalization rates applied to a Net Operating Income (NOI). Usually, an NOI has been stabilized so as not to place too much weight on a very recent event. An example of this is an unleased building which, technically, has no NOI. A stabilized NOI would assume that the building is leased at a normal rate, and to usual occupancy levels. The Net Operating Income (NOI) is gross potential income (GPI), less vacancy and collection loss (= Effective Gross Income) less operating expenses (but excluding debt service, income taxes, and/or depreciation charges applied by accountants).

Alternatively, multiple years of net operating income can be valued by a discounted cash flow analysis (DCF) model. The DCF model is widely used to value larger and more expensive income-producing properties, such as large office towers or major shopping centres. This technique applies market-supported yields (or discount rates) to projected future cash flows (such as annual income figures and typically a lump reversion from the eventual sale of the property) to arrive at a present value indication.

When homes are purchased for personal use the buyer can validate the asking price by using the income approach in the opposite direction. An expected rate of return can be estimated by comparing net expected costs to the asking price. This return can be compared to the home owner’s other investing opportunities.[11]

UK valuation methods[edit]

In the United Kingdom, valuation methodology has traditionally been classified into five methods:[12]

1. Comparative method. Used for most types of property where there is good evidence of previous sales. This is analogous to the sales comparison approach outlined above.

2. Investment method. Used for most commercial (and residential) property that is producing future cash flows through the letting of the property. If the current estimated rental value (ERV) and the passing income are known, as well as the market-determined equivalent yield, then the property value can be determined by means of a simple model. Note that this method is really a comparison method, since the main variables are determined in the market. In standard U.S. practice, however, the closely related capitalizing of NOI is confounded with the DCF method under the general classification of the income capitalization approach (see above).

3. Residual method. Used for properties ripe for development or redevelopment or for bare land only.[clarification needed]

4. Profit method. Used for trading properties where evidence of rates is slight, such as hotels, restaurants and old-age homes. A three-year average of operating income (derived from the profit and loss or income statement) is capitalized using an appropriate yield. Note that since the variables used are inherent to the property and are not market-derived, therefore unless appropriate adjustments are made, the resulting value will be value-in-use or investment value, not market value.

5. Cost method. Used for land and buildings of special character for which profit figures cannot be obtained or land and buildings for which there is no market because of their public service or heritage characteristics. Both the residual method and the cost method would be grouped in the United States under the cost approach (see above).

Under the current RICS Valuation Standards, the following bases of value are recognized:

  • Market value (see PS 3.2);
  • Market rent (see PS 3.3);
  • Worth (investment value) (see PS 3.4); and
  • Fair value (see PS 3.5)

Further considerations[edit]

Scope of work[edit]

While the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) has always required appraisers to identify the scope of work needed to produce credible results, it became clear in recent years[when?] that appraisers did not fully understand the process for developing this adequately. In formulating the scope of work for a credible appraisal, the concept of a limited versus complete appraisal and the use of the Departure Rule caused confusion to clients, appraisers, and appraisal reviewers. In order to deal with this, USPAP was updated in 2006 with what came to be known as the Scope of Work Project. Following this, USPAP eliminated both the Departure Rule and the concept of a limited appraisal, and a new Scope of Work rule was created. In this, appraisers were to identify six key parts of the appraisal problem at the beginning of each assignment:

  • Client and other intended users
  • Intended use of the appraisal and appraisal report
  • Definition of value (e.g., market, foreclosure, investment)
  • Any hypothetical conditions or extraordinary assumptions
  • Effective date of the appraisal analysis
  • Salient features of the subject property

Based on these factors, the appraiser must identify the scope of work needed, including the methodologies to be used, the extent of investigation, and the applicable approaches to value. Currently, minimum standards for scope of work are:

  • Expectations of the client and other users
  • The actions of the appraiser’s peers who carry out similar assignments

The scope of work is the first step in any appraisal process. Without a strictly defined scope of work, an appraisal’s conclusions may not be viable. By defining the scope of work, an appraiser can properly develop a value for a given property for the intended user, and for the intended use of the appraisal. The whole idea of “scope of work” is to provide clear expectations and guidelines for all parties as to what the appraisal report does, and does not, cover; and how much work has gone into it.

Types of ownership interest[edit]

The type of real estate “interest” that is being valued, must also be known and stated in the report. Usually, for most sales, or mortgage financings, the fee simple interest is being valued. The fee simple interest is the most complete bundle of rights available. However, in many situations, and in many societies which do not follow English Common Law or the Napoleonic Code, some other interest may be more common. While there are many different possible interests in real estate, the three most common are:

  • Fee simple value (known in the UK as freehold) – The most complete ownership in real estate, subject in common law countries to the powers reserved to the state (taxation, escheat, eminent domain, and police power)
  • Leased fee value – This is simply the fee simple interest encumbered by a lease. If the lease is at market rent, then the leased fee value and the fee simple value are equal. However, if the tenant pays more or less than market, the residual owned by the leased fee holder, plus the market value of the tenancy, may be more or less than the fee simple value.
  • Leasehold value – The interest held by a tenant. If the tenant pays market rent, then the leasehold has no market value. However, if the tenant pays less than market, the difference between the present value of what is paid and the present value of market rents would be a positive leasehold value. For example, a major chain retailer may be able to negotiate a below-market lease to serve as the anchor tenant for a shopping center. This leasehold value may be transferable to another anchor tenant, and if so the retail tenant has a positive interest in the real estate.

Home inspection[edit]

If a home inspection is performed prior to the appraisal and that report is provided to the appraiser, a more useful appraisal can result. This is because the appraiser, who is not expert home inspector, will be told if there are substantial construction defects or major repairs required. This information can cause the appraiser to arrive at a different, probably lower, opinion of value. This information may be particularly helpful if one or both of the parties requesting the appraisal may end up in possession of the property. This is sometimes the case with property in a divorce settlement or a legal judgment.[13]

Real estate appraisal and data entry[edit]

Appraisers provide all the data needed to input in appraisal reports. A data entry team does the rest; it searches, consolidates and types the data into reports, such as subject data and comparable grid prior sales history. Most data entry organizations work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The appraiser sends empty reports, and the data entry team works all day and night, even while the appraiser is sleeping. This process increases the appraiser’s efficiency, and frees up his/her time.[14]

Mass appraisal and automated valuation models[edit]

Automated valuation models (AVMs) are growing in acceptance. These rely on statistical models such as multiple regression analysis or geographic information systems (GIS).[15] While AVMs can be quite accurate, particularly when used in a very homogeneous area, there is also evidence that AVMs are not accurate in other instances such as when they are used in rural areas, or when the appraised property does not conform well to the neighborhood.

Governing authorities and professional organizations[edit]


The various U.S. appraisal groups and international professional appraisal organizations have started collaborating in recent years towards the development of International Valuation Standards. This will facilitate global real estate appraisal standards, a much-needed adjunct to real estate investment portfolios which cross national boundaries. Some appraisal groups are already international organizations and thus, to some extent, already incorporate some level of global standards.

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) member of the United Nations with membership that encompasses all the major national valuation standard-setters and professional associations from 41 different countries (including the Appraisal Institute, the American Society of Appraisers, the RICS, the [Practising Valuers Association of India] and the Appraisal Institute of Canada). IVSC publishes the International Valuation Standards (IVS), now in its 8th edition.


In Germany, real estate appraisal is known as real estate valuation (Immobilienbewertung). Real estate appraisers (Immobilienbewerter or Gutachter) can qualify to become a Öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Sachverständiger (officially appointed and sworn expert). However, this formerly very important title has lost a lot of its importance over the past years, but still is of some value in court procedures. The title is not generally required for appraisals.

Governing authorities[edit]

Real estate appraisal in Germany is partly codified by law. The federal Baugesetzbuch (abbr. BauGB, “German statutory code on building and construction'”) contains guidelines on governing authorities, defines the term market value and refers to continuative rules (chapter 3, articles 192 ff.). Each municipality (city or administrative district) must form a Gutachterausschuss (appraisal committee), consisting of a chairman and honorary members.[16] The committee gathers information on all real estate deals (it is mandatory to send a copy of each notarial purchase contract to the Gutachterausschuss) and includes it in the Kaufpreissammlung (purchase price database). Most committees publish an official real estate market report every two years, in which besides other information on comparables the land value is determined. The committees also perform appraisals on behalf of public authorities.

Federal regulations[edit]

The BauGB defines the Verkehrswert or Marktwert (market value, both terms with identical meaning) as follows: “The market value is determined by the price that can be realized at the date of valuation, in an arm’s length transaction, with due regard to the legal situation and the effective characteristics, the nature and lay of the premises or any other subject of the valuation”[17] (non-official translation). The intention, as in other countries, is to include all objective influences and to exclude all influences resulting from the subjective circumstances of the involved parties.

This federal law is supported by the Wertermittlungsverordnung (abbr. WertV, “regulation on the determination of value”).[18] The WertV defines the codified valuation approaches and the general valuation technique. German codified valuation approaches (other approaches such as DCF or residual approach are also permitted, but not codified) are the:

  • Vergleichswertverfahren (sales comparison approach) – used where good evidence of previous sales is available and for owner-occupied assets, especially condominiums and single-family houses;
  • Ertragswertverfahren (German income approach) – standard procedure for property that produces future cash flows from the letting of the property;
  • Sachwertverfahren (German cost approach) – used for specialised property where none of the above approaches applies, e. g. public buildings.

WertV’s general regulations are further supported by the Wertermittlungsrichtlinie (abbr. WertR, “directive on the determination of value”).[19] The WertR provides templates for calculations, tables (e.g., economic depreciation) and guidelines for the consideration of different influences. WertV and WertR are not binding for appraisals for nonofficial use, nonetheless they should be regarded as best practice or Generally Accepted (German) Valuation Practice (GAVP).

Comments on German GAVP[edit]

In most regards Generally Accepted (German) Valuation Principles is consistent with international practice. The investment market weighs the income approach most heavily. However, there are some important differences:

  • Land and improvements are treated separately. German GAVP assumes that the land can be used indefinitely, but the buildings have a limited lifespan; This coincides with the balancing of the assets. The value of the land is determined by the sales comparison approach in both the income and cost approaches, using the data accumulated by the Gutachterausschuss which is then added to the building value.
  • In order to account for the usage of the land, the net operating income is reduced by the Liegenschaftszins (interest paid to the land-owner by the owner of the building, i.e., ground rent). The Liegenschaftszins is the product of the land value and the Liegenschaftszinssatz (interest rate for land use). The Liegenschaftszinssatz is the equivalent of the yield—with some important differences—and is also determined by the Gutachterausschuss.
  • Unlike the All Risks Yield (ARY) in UK practice, the Liegenschaftszinssatz (abbr. LZ) does not include an allowance for default (not to be confused with structural vacancy), therefore this needs to be subtracted from gross operating income. As a result, the Liegenschaftszinssatz will usually be lower than the All Risks Yield.
  • Based on the assumption that the economic life of the improvements is limited, the yield and remaining economic life determine the building value from the net operating income.
  • Contracts in Germany generally prescribe that the landlord bears a higher portion of maintenance and operating costs than their counterparts in the United States and UK.


Mathematically the distinction between land and improvements in the income approach will have no impact on the overall value when the remaining economic life is more than thirty years. For this reason it has become quite common to use the Vereinfachtes Ertragswertverfahren (simplified income approach), omitting the land value and the Liegenschaftszins. However, the separate treatment of land and buildings leads to more precise results for older buildings, especially for commercial buildings, which typically have a shorter economic life than residential buildings.

An advantage of the comparatively high degree of standardization practiced by professional appraisers, is the greater ability to check an appraisal for inconsistency, accuracy and transparency.

Professional organizations[edit]

The Federal German Organisation of Appointed and Sworn Experts (Bundesverband Deutscher Sachverständiger und Fachgutachter, abbr. BDSF)[20] is the main professional organization encompassing the majority of licensed appraisers in Germany. In recent years, with the move towards a more global outlook in the valuation profession, the RICS has gained a foothold in Germany, somewhat at the expense of the BDSF. Another German Organisation of Appointed and Sworn Experts is the (Deutsche Sachverständigen Gesellschaft, abbr. DESAG)[21] This organization also includes a large number of licensed appraisers in Germany.

With special focus on hypothetical value, in 1996, German banks with real estate financing activities formed the HypZert GmbH, an association for the certification of real estate valuers.[22] A HypZert qualification is regarded as mandatory by many German banks.


In Israel, the real estate appraisal profession is regulated by the Council of Land Valuers, an organ of the Ministry of Justice; the largest professional organization, encompassing the majority of appraisers/land valuers is the Association of Land Valuers. Valuers must be registered with the Council, which is a statutory body set up by law, and which oversees the training and administers the national professional exams that are a prerequisite for attaining registration. In 2005 the Council set up a Valuation Standards Committee with the purpose of developing and promulgating standards that would reflect best practice; these have tended to follow a rules-based approach.

Historically, most valuations in Israel were statutory valuations (such as valuations performed for purposes of Betterment Tax, a tax administered on any gains accruing to the property by way of changes to the local planning) as well as valuations performed for purposes of bank lending. Since Israel implemented the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in 2008, the profession has been engaged in performing valuations for purposes of financial reporting.

United Kingdom[edit]

In the UK, real estate appraisal is known as property valuation and a real estate appraiser is a land valuer or property valuer (usually a qualified chartered surveyor who specializes in property valuation).[12] Property valuation in the UK is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a professional body encompassing all of the building and property-related professions. The RICS professional guidelines for valuers are published in what is commonly known as the Red Book. The 2011 version was the RICS Valuation Standards 7th Edition (2 May 2011), superseding an edition published in 2007 with later amendments. The RICS Valuation Standards contains mandatory rules, best practice guidance and related commentary. Changes to the standards are approved by the RICS Valuation Professional Group Board, and the Red Book is updated accordingly on a regular basis. While based in the UK, RICS is a global organization and has become very active in the United States in recent years through its affiliation with the Counselors of Real Estate, a division of the National Association of Realtors.

United States[edit]

Appraisal practice in the United States is regulated by state. The Appraisal Foundation (TAF) is the primary standards body; its Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) promulgates and updates best practices as codified in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), while its Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) promulgates minimum standards for appraiser certification and licensing.

The federal government regulates appraisers indirectly because if the Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) finds that a particular state’s appraiser regulation and certification program is inadequate, then under federal regulations all appraisers in that state would no longer be eligible to conduct appraisals for federally chartered banks.[23] The ASC oversees the TAF. Banks make widespread use of mortgage loans and mortgage-backed securities, and would be unable to do so without appraisals.

The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA) demanded all the states to develop systems for licensing and certifying real estate appraisers.[24] To accomplish this, the Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) was formed within the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), with representatives from the various Federal mortgage regulatory agencies.[25] Thus, currently all the real estate appraisers must be state-licensed and certified. But prior to the 1990s, there were no commonly accepted standards either for appraisal quality or for appraiser licensure. In the 1980s, an ad-hoc committee representing various appraisal professional organizations in the United States and Canada met to codify the best practices into what became known as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). The U.S. Savings and Loan Crisis resulted in increased federal regulation via the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989, which required federal lending regulators to adopt appraisal standards. A nonprofit organization, The Appraisal Foundation (TAF), was formed by the same organizations that had developed USPAP, and the copyright for USPAP was signed over to TAF. Federal oversight of TAF is provided by the Appraisal Subcommittee, made up of representatives of various federal lending regulators. TAF carries out its work through two boards: the Appraisal Standards Board promulgates and updates USPAP; the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) promulgates minimum recommended standards for appraiser certification and licensure. During the 1990s, all of the states adopted USPAP as the governing standards within their states and developed licensure standards which met or exceeded the recommendations of TAF. Also, the various state and federal courts have adopted USPAP for real estate litigation and all of the federally lending regulators adopt USPAP for mortgage finance appraisal.[25]

Professional organizations[edit]

In addition, there are professional appraisal organizations, organized as private nonprofit organizations that date to the Great Depression of the 1930s. One of the oldest in the United States is the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA), which was founded in 1929.[26] Others were founded as needed and opportunity arose in specialized fields, such as the Appraisal Institute (AI) and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) founded in the 1930s, the International Right of Way Association and the National Association of Realtors which were founded after World War II. These organizations all existed to establish and enforce standards, but their influence waned with increasing government regulation. In March 2007, three of these organizations (ASFMRA, ASA, and AI) announced an agreement in principle to merge. NAIFA (National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers), a charter member of The Appraisal Foundation, helped to write Title XI, the Real Estate Appraisal Reform Amendments. It was founded in 1961.

One of the most recognized professional organizations of real estate appraisers in America is the Appraisal Institute (AI). It was formed from the merger of the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and the Society of Real Estate Appraisers. Founded along with others in the 1930s, the two organizations merged in the 1990s to form the AI. This group awards two professional designations: SRA, to residential appraisers, and MAI, to commercial appraisers. The Institute has enacted rigorous regulations regarding the use and display of these designations. For example, contrary to popular belief, “MAI” does not stand for “Member, Appraisal Institute”. According to the institute, the letters “do not represent specific words”, and an MAI may not use the words “Member, Appraisal Institute” in lieu of the MAI mark. The primary motive for this rule is to prevent trademark dilution.

The National Association of Appraisers (NAA) is the fastest growing appraiser organization in the United States and was formed with a purpose of uniting ALL those engaged in the appraisal profession for the purpose of exerting a beneficial influence upon the profession and to advocate appraiser interests. The NAA has established an advisory group consisting of leadership at the state organizations and coalitions called the Board of Governors where those states can help guide the NAA in acting in the best interest of all appraisers. The NAA also has a designated membership, MNAA (Member of the National Association of Appraisers, who is an individual who holds an appraisal license, certification or similar appraisal credential issued by a governmental agency; and who accepts the membership requirements and objectives of the National Association of Appraisers.

Other leading appraisal organizations include the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers and the National Association of Master Appraisers, which were also founding sponsor-members of the Appraisal Foundation.[27] The Massachusetts Board of Real Estate Appraisers (MBREA), founded in 1934, is the only state appraisal association that has been named a sponsor of the Appraisal Foundation.[28] In recent years, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has become highly regarded in the United States, and has formed a collaboration with the Counselors of Real Estate, a division of the National Association of Realtors. RICS, which is headquartered in London, operates on a global scale and awards the designations MRICS and FRICS to Members and Fellows of RICS. The Real Estate Counseling Group of America is a small group of top U.S. appraisers and real estate analysts who have collectively authored a disproportionately large body of appraisal methodology and, the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (NAREA), founded in 1966, with the goal to elevate the professionalism and success of the Appraisal Industry.

The leading appraisal organization for personal property valuation is the American Society of Appraisers which is a sponsor member of the Appraisal Foundation and awards the ASA (Accredited Senior Appraiser) designation to candidates who complete five years of documented appraisal experience, pass a comprehensive exam along with required commercial and/or residential appraisal coursework, and submit two appraisal reports for review.


In Russia, on par with many other former Soviet Union economies, the profession emerged in the first half of 1990, and represented a clean break with the former practice of industry-specific pricing specialists and with activities of statutory price-setting authorities in the Soviet Union. Currently, property valuation, as it is called, is a specialism within general-purpose “valuation profession”, which functions in a self-regulatory mode overseen by “self-regulated professional organizations” of valuers (SROs),i.e. public supervisory entities established under provisions of special legislation (which very loosely can be likened to trade unions). The principal among those is Russian Society of Appraisers, established in 1993 and presently exercising oversight over about half of the valuation profession membership. Among its 6000+ members a sizeable majority are real property valuers, rubbing shoulders with business and intangible assets appraisers. The latter categories of valuers are also allowed to value property, though valuation professionals tend to specialize. Valuers in Russia, including real property valuers, are individuals maintaining their SRO membership and bearing unlimited property liability for the result of their services, that is their professional status is modeled on the organization of public notaries. Regardless of the fact, over 80% of valuers tend to be employed by valuation or consulting companies, and thus do not enter practice as stand-alone individual entrepreneurs. High-end appraisal services are principally represented by valuation arms of the International “Big-four” consultancies in the country, but there also exist reputable national corporate valuation brands. Most of valuations in the country tend to be performed for statutory purposes envisaged by the Federal Valuation Law (latest amendment in 2013) and other related laws, such as the Joint Stock Companies Law. Such pieces of legislation provide for more than 20 so-called “mandatory cases of valuation”, including valuations for privatization purposes, lending purposes, bankruptcy and liquidation etc. Valuations for corporate accounts used to be much more prominent before 2000, when the national accounting regulator ceased to incentivize the accounting fair value option. At present, the mass appraisal of property for taxation purposes is also starting to be outsourced by the Government to the institution of professional valuers. Adjudication of valuer-certified estimates of value in case of the onset of disputes is conducted through the Experts Councils of valuers’ SROs. Official courts tend to concur with the resolutions of such Councils. In some rare instances the imprimatur of SRO’s Experts Councils is also required for a valuation done by a particular valuer to enter into effect. The technical details of practice of real estate valuers in Russia are aligned with the international pattern. Members of the Russian Society of Appraisers formerly were bound by the observance of the International Valuation Standards. There also exists a set of 11 general-purpose government-developed “Federal Valuation Standards” (FSOs 1,2,3 –are the general valuation standards fist adopted in 2007 (and revised 2015) and covering Terms of engagement and Valuation report content requirements, FSOs 7-11 are asset-specific standards adopted in 2015, while FSO 9 is currently the only purpose-specific standard in the set dealing with valuations of property for loan security purposes). In view of the international conformity drive in the latest round of FSO standards setting, general requirements im the new FSO standards are close to those in the International Valuation standards set, however they can be more specific on occasion and mandate compulsory disclosure of uncertainty in valuation reports using the interval/range format.

Hong Kong[edit]

The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) regulates property surveyors in Hong Kong. Established in 1984, Institute is the only professional organisation representing the surveying profession in Hong Kong. The HKIS was statutorily incorporated by virtue of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors Ordinance in January 1990 (Cap. 1148). In July 1991, the Surveyors Registration Ordinance (Cap. 417) was passed to set up a Registration Board to administer the registration of surveyors. In May 2006, the number of members had reached 6,723. A general practice surveyor advises on the best use of the land, assesses the feasibility and viability of the proposed development project as well as the valuation, marketing, sale, leasing and management of completed developments. It also has a website to provide real-time propertys’ value estimate across whole Hong Kong.


The Australian Property Institute (API) was formed in 1926 as the Commonwealth Institute of Valuers. The Institute has undergone several name changes over the last century as the array of services offered by its members expanded. It serves to regulate the profession of property valuers throughout Australia.

Today the API represents the interests of more than 8,600 property professionals throughout Australia. API members include residential, commercial and plant and machinery valuers, property advisers, property analysts, property fund and asset managers, property facility managers, property lawyers and property researchers and academics. The Institute’s primary role is to set and maintain the highest standards of professional practice, education, ethics and professional conduct for its members and the broader property profession.[29]

New Zealand[edit]

Real estate valuation in New Zealand is regulated by the New Zealand Institute of Valuers (‘NZIV’) and the Valuers Registration Board of New Zealand (‘VRB’), both of which are statutory bodies established under the Valuers Act 1948 (NZ). The NZIV remains the statutory professional body for valuers in New Zealand, with perpetual succession under the Act (which is under review as at 2015). The NZIV can make Rules as lower level legislation and has a Code of Ethics. The NZIV Rules were last changed in 2012 and remain current. The VRB has jurisdiction in relation to serious matters affecting the registration of a valuer including discipline where a valuer has acted in such a way as to meet the threshold. The Valuers Act 1948 sets the threshold under s31 as matters where a valuer could be struck off the register of valuers. The NZIV has power for discipline for relatively more minor matters. The NZIV governs NZIV members and has power to discipline members and fine them up to $500, admonish members or terminate their membership. The designations “Registered Valuer” and “Public Valuer” are legally protected under the legislation, being reserved for Valuers Registered under the Act. The NZIV, under the Act, can admit non-valuer members (such as non-valuer land economists).

There are also voluntary professional bodies for real estate valuation such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (‘RICS’) and the Property Institute of New Zealand (‘PINZ’). Both of these bodies have a wider membership, beyond real estate valuers. PINZ has over 2,500 members in New Zealand and overseas (such as ex-pats in the UK, Asia and Australia). PINZ has a service level agreement with the NZIV, whereby PINZ contracts to perform tasks for the statutory professional body, NZIV. PINZ was formed in 2000 to act as the voice of the property professions. There have been ‘political divisions’ within the valuation profession in New Zealand, expressed at AGMs and through ‘proxy wars’ over the last 20 years or so. Many valuers are supportive of amalgamation of the NZIV functions under the multi-disciplinary voluntary body PINZ, whilst many others wish to retain a separate statutory professional body for valuers (the NZIV). There are various reasons in the debate and the governing legislation is under review and amendments or repeal is being considered. At present, the Act remains in force and the NZIV is legally a distinct body with statutory functions, powers and duties.

PINZ incorporated much of the membership of the NZIV, the Institute of Plant & Machinery Valuers (IPMV) and the Property & Land Economy Institute of New Zealand (PLEINZ). PINZ now represents the interests of valuers, property and facilities managers, property advisors and plant and machinery valuers. PINZ has developed into one of the largest professional bodies for standards, qualifications and ethics across all facets of the property profession within New Zealand. It works with government, industry and other professional associations, education stakeholders and the media to promote its standards and views.[30]

In New Zealand, the terms “valuation” and “valuer” usually relates to one who undertakes that professional role in terms of the Valuer Act 1948 requirements or the unregulated or voluntarily self-regulated (if members of PINZ) plant and machinery, marine or art valuers. Whereas, the term “appraisal” is usually related to an estimate by a real estate sales person or licensed agent under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand includes many valuer members, but the governing legislation for sales and agency (disposal of interests of land on behalf of others) does not extend to include provision for that role by valuers regardless of membership of NZIV, RICS or PINZ.

There is a key distinction between the role of a real estate agent and a valuer, as an agent may advocate for its principal’s interests, whereas a valuer must impartially and independently provide opinion as to value. Lawyers, Conveyancers and Real Estate Agents are permitted to act in the sale of real estate under quite different legislation from that which governs valuers. The provision for the role in relation to Lawyers and Conveyancers is the Lawyers and Conveyancers 2006.

In 2011 to 2015, the number of Registered Valuers in New Zealand has generally between only around 900 to 950 each year. This is an ageing ‘top heavy’ professional with difficulty retaining new and young members due to pay, work stress and the recent advent of ‘clearing houses’ for banks to order valuations for mortgage purposes. The clearing houses have largely ended the long-standing local practice of members of the public seeking advice directly from a valuer. The use of electronic estimates based on Rating Values (Local Government mass appraisal for levies) is also leading to a reduction in standard valuation work and is significantly affecting the viability of small valuation businesses. The profession is in the process of a wider corporate re-structuring of the valuation market due to these factors with various perceptions within profession as to the merits of the events of the last five years.

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Florida’s west coast features some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the country. The Tampa Bay area is home to several beaches that have achieved world-renowned fame, including Fort DeSoto, which offers a rare look at Florida’s unadulterated natural scenery and wildlife. It’s the perfect place for nature lovers to explore as they vacation.

Fort DeSoto Park is made up of five small islands, or keys: Madelaine Key, St. Jean Key, St. Christopher Key, Bonne Fortune Key, and Mullet Key, which is the mainland. It can only be accessed via of boat or Highway 679, which moves through St. Petersburg and Tierra Verde, near Pass-A-Grille and St. Pete Beach.

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Tampa Bay’s beaches are home to some of the most beautiful year-round weather in the world. Nowhere else can you enjoy the outdoors virtually 365 days-a-year, with sunny skies and plenty of fresh, clean air to fill your lungs. It’s why people who live here year-round enjoy a highly-active lifestyle, especially when it comes to water recreation. Luckily for visitors, you too can enjoy some fun-in-the-sun on the water too!


Kayaking is a great way to explore the natural scenery in places like Fort DeSoto. You can also do some exploring on the intracoastal of Boca Ciega Bay, which encompasses St. Pete Beach, South Pasadena, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach, Redington Beach, Indian Rocks, and Belleair Beach before feeding into Clearwater Harbour. While this article isn’t intended for marathon kayakers, there certainly is no shortage of waterways to explore!

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Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding has been around in the U.S. since the 1960s but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that it became popular among surfers and eventually made its way into the mainstream world. Surfers used it as a way to enjoy surfing when there was no surf. It offers a scenic view of the area and provides a great core workout. It’s far easier to pick up and less demanding on the body than surfing, and it’s low-impact, so older adults can enjoy it too.

You can think of it as a combination of surfing and kayaking. There are several companies offering stand-up paddle board lessons and rentals. Usually you can choose from a half-day rental to a full-day rental. Rentals are typically around $ 40 for a half-day and 2 hours of instruction plus play-time costs around $ 60. If you’re experienced, you can enjoy up to 8 hours on the water for $ 60.


Talk about a rush! Riding a waverunner is one of the most invigorating recreational activities on the water. It requires some skill and likely a tutorial before use, and you have to know what you’re doing, but once you have that down, you will love it. You can go by yourself, or use a two or three-seater! You’ll just have to determine who drives (or take turns!)

Waverunners are more expensive to rent than paddle boards or kayaks. You can expect to pay around $ 45 for a half hour, but you can also score a pretty good deal for $ 115 and ride for 2 hours. Be sure to wear a life jacket and follow the instructions you’re given, including following the speed limit and paying attention to signs designating shallow wakes. Waverunner accidents do happen and can be very dangerous, even fatal when there’s carelessness.

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Spring Fun in the Sun on St. Pete Beach

Put away your thick trench coat and boots and trade them in for a pair swim trunks (or a bikini if you’re a girl), and flip flops! You don’t have to stay up north and endure another snowstorm – it’s already beach weather on Florida’s west coast, giving you a great excuse to get away and enjoy one of the most beautiful year-round climates in the U.S.

An early spring is one of St. Pete Beach’s best-kept secrets. Locals start going to the beach as early as February, enjoying crowdless beaches with plenty of room to wiggle their toes in the sand. The water is still fairly, cold, but resorts offer heated pools, should you wish to cool off, and you can enjoy plenty of activities in the sand and nearby outdoor areas.

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The St. Pete Beach area is filled with avid runners and cyclists. There are running groups that run nearly every morning on the beach, and you can find a 5k race or road race nearly every weekend. Plenty of these races offer fun runs and fun rides too, so you and the family can get together and get some great exercise in while on vacation.
Markets are always popular in St. Pete Beach. Historic Corey Avenue always has a great Sunday Market. It also has arts and crafts festivals and art shows that feature the work of local artisans, with some exquisite jewelry, paintings, clothing, pottery, free music, spices, and more.

This is a great time of year for boating. You can usually score some off-season deals on boat rentals, including cruisers, wave runners, Jetskii rentals, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and more. You can also go on sightseeing and fishing excursions, enjoying a rare glimpse of Florida’s spectacular west coast.

Visit Fort DeSoto and Shell Key, enjoying Florida’s majestic wildlife in its purest form. You’ll be mesmerized by a colorful array of birds, sea turtles, manatees, dolphins, and even alligators in the fresh waters.

Snorkeling is always a great way to explore shallow waters – just not in the fresh water where the alligators are. If you do visit Fort DeSoto, be sure to watch for signs where there is no swimming allowed. Sharp currents can be dangerous.

No matter how you choose to explore Florida’s outdoors, there is never a shortage of things to do or fresh air to invigorate your lungs. It’s just the type of retreat you need!

Interested in learning about St Pete Beach Condos? Liberte Management offers affordable Tampa Bay Vacation Rentals in beautiful Tampa Bay, the perfect place for a magical Florida getaway.

A Look at South Pasadena Real Estate

With its stunning homes, quality schools, low crime rate and idyllic tree-lined streets, the City of South Pasadena consistently boasts a scorching hot real estate market.

Nestled between Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles, the City of South Pasadena is located in the furthest West region of the San Gabriel Valley. So picturesque is South Pasadena that it has been, and remains, a favorite location for shooting motion pictures and television shows. Homes for sale in South Pasadena are very much in demand and the city itself has become one of the San Gabriel Valley’s most desirable locations to live.

South Pasadena, once a part of Pasadena, is a small city, taking up only three and one half square miles and has a population of only 26,000. It seceded from Pasadena and became incorporated in 1888. Nicknamed “the City of Trees”, it is a quaint and beautiful community. But charming and old-fashioned doesn’t mean that homes in South Pasadena aren’t extremely pricey and sought after. In 2015, the median home value is just over $ 864,000 and there’s good reason for it.

South Pasadena has a lot going for it. It is known for it’s outstanding public schools that are consistently ranked among California’s best. Its tree-lined streets are populated with historic homes designed by noted architects as well as a unique mix of custom-built homes dating back to the turn of the century. Its business district features unique small businesses, coffee houses, bookstores and artisan shops. It has more than 100 acres of parks and playgrounds. All of these features together make South Pasadena extremely “family friendly”.

Situated only ten miles from Downtown Los Angeles, the small city is convenient to both the 110 Pasadena Freeway (the historic Arroyo Seco Parkway) and the California 10 Freeway. The Los Angeles Metro Gold Line travels through South Pasadena.

South Pasadena is steeped in rich history. The city has cultivated its unique “small town” character as a result of tireless and dedicated efforts by residents to preserve its historic quality.

When choosing a South Pasadena real estate agent … experience matters

Because demand for homes in South Pasadena are typically high and inventory is typically low, real estate in South Pasadena has become a seller’s market. Both buyers and sellers, then, are advised to work only with a South Pasadena real estate agent who is experienced and intimately familiar with South Pasadena’s real estate market to represent them in the transaction.

Homes for sale in South Pasadena are very much in demand and the city itself has become one of the San Gabriel Valley’s most desirable locations to live. Both buyers and sellers, then, are advised to work only with a South Pasadena real estate agent.

St Pete Beach and Pass-A-Grille FL

A little history: According to legend, it is thought that Pass-a-Grille derives its name from the French Passe aux Grilleurs, which means “the passageway of the grillers” in honor of the fisherman who used to grill their catch of the day on the shore when the island was still a post for pirates. Pass-a-Grille Beach, the Southernmost of Pinellas County’s barrier beaches, was the first beach community on the Gulf of Mexico to develop as a weekend residential spot for successful Tampa and St. Pete Beach, Pass-a-Grille Beach has long been considered the jewel in the crown of west coast beaches. Situated on the southern tip of Pinellas County, Pass-a-Grille is home to the famous “Hurricane” restaurant which overlooks the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

St Pete Beach, on the central gulf coast of Florida, has a small town atmosphere with plenty of vacation amenities within walking distance. St Pete Beach vacation rentals are just a few miles from St Petersburg, FL, and about 35 miles from Tampa, FL. St Pete Beach is just minutes away, and the area is renowned for spectacular rivers, nature preserves, state forests, world-class fishing and championship golf. St Pete Beach ranks as one of the best beaches in Florida, especially on the West Coast of Florida

The Gulf beaches are known for warm, white sands, pristine waters, palm trees, and dolphins.day and night activities. St Pete Beach Hotels and St Pete Beach Resorts offer accommodations on some of the best beaches directly on the Gulf of Mexico. St Pete Beach is not as populated with tourists as Clearwater Beach but still offers beautiful sunsets, popular nightlife, great restaurants & plenty of St Pete Beach Wave runners offer a riding experience unlike any in the Tampa Bay Area.

The Tadewinds Hotel/Resort is a tropical haven where guests can find peace and relaxation in style and comfort with superior service reflecting the spirit of American Samoa. Tradewinds Hotel offers a range of business and recreational facilities including a restaurant, bar, internet caf, conference facilities, gymnasium. St Pete Beach Florida has a great assortment of hotels and resorts. Don Cesar Is the hotel resort known as Florida’s Legendary Pink Palace since 1928, the luxury resort is revered internationally for its sprawling, sugar-white beach, unparalleled dining, rejuvenating Beach Club & Spa, fabulous fishing, children’s program, nearby tennis and golf. The Don Cesar has a long list of famous guests and has hosted every president since Gerald Ford (excluding Ronald Reagan) and also Franklin D. St Pete Beach is also know for hotels and resorts like the Tradewinds Hotel/Resort.

Another Place that is a great party hot spot restaurant on St Pete Beach is Jimmy B’s. Jimmy B’s Beach Bar caters to the upscale crowd so you better make sure you’re ready to roll. If you are looking for good food and good times on the water n St Pete beach you may consider the Sloppy Pelican. The Sloppy Pelican is one of St. Pete Beach’s newest waterfront bar & grill. A favorite for locals and visitors alike, our menu offers a wide variety that everyone is going to enjoy; from fresh seafood and pasta prepared from scratch, to the biggest burgers and tastiest nachos on the beach. Out of all the restaurants in St Pete Beach the Hurricane restaurant is one of the most popular. The Hurricane Restaurant: a landmark multi-storied restaurant/bar/entertainment complex is situated across the street from the beach right in the middle of Pass a Grille and keeps the hungry and thirsty beachgoers happy late into the evening.

To Read More from John DeLelllis and sign up for for St Pete Beach Today’s Newsletter and take advantage of the hotel and restaurant giveaways and promotions. Click Here

Treasure Island Resort and Casino offers the Ultimate Overnight Experience

Treasure Island Resort and Casino offers an outstanding Las Vegas experience for anyone. Whether you are single or are vacationing with your family, Treasure Island Resort and Casino has everything you need for the vacation of your dreams. Even if you live in Las Vegas, a getaway to Treasure Island Resort and Casino will make you feel as if you are in another world!

Treasure Island Resort and Casino offers the Ultimate Overnight Experience

Whether you want a standard room, a sophisticated suite, a marvelous marina stay or a place to park your RV, Treasure Island has just what you need. You will feel as if you are in four different worlds. Discover the phenomenal perks for each area!

Upgrade from a standard room to a luxurious suite. Experience the life of luxury in your suite that includes a sofa sleeper, two TV’s and a guest and master bath. Relax in your room or venture down to the waterfall and pool.

Treasure Island Tickets for Popular Las Vegas Shows

Treasure Island Resort and Casino is well known for its Las Vegas shows, particularly Mystere, which is found exclusively at Treasure Island Resort and Casino. Mystere is an experience of a lifetime. It is full of energetic acrobatics and breathtaking mid-air acts that will leave you feeling uplifted and astonished! Make sure to purchase your Mystere tickets today.

Another Las Vegas show is the Sirens of TI, located in Sirens Cove at the front of Treasure Island Resort and Casino. This show has it all-music, dancing, temptation, excitement, seduction, sensuality and excessive energy. Get your Las Vegas show tickets for free today! Hotel guest have VIP viewing.

More Fun in Treasure Island Resort and Casino

Not only does Treasure Island offer Las Vegas show tickets, it also offers a variety of casino style games, as well as bowling and golfing, for entertainment. The gaming floors are not crowded together, and you can sit down on a plush stool. There are non-smoking areas and the range runs from a penny to $ 25. Treasure Island literally gave out over 450 jackpots between $ 1,200 and $ 20,000 in one week’s time.

If Blackjack is your game of choice, Treasure Island Resort & Casino has betting circles of $ 1, $ 5, $ 25, $ 100 and $ 500 chips. Maybe Poker is more your style. Try your hand at Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Low and Seven Card Stud. Limits range from $ 2-$ 4 to $ 30-$ 60. Be sure to call ahead to reserve your table, as they tend to fill up fast!

If the casino life is not up your alley, you can bowl at Xtreme Bowl, which also includes an arcade, lounge and deli snack bar. Your kids will have a blast bowling at Xtreme Bowl. Mount Frontenac is an 18-hole golf course that offers a stunning view of Lake Pepin and the Hiawatha Valley. Enjoy the beautiful scenery during your golfing game at Mount Frontenac.

Get your Treasure Island tickets and enjoy the many different options available for your Las Vegas getaway.

Next, Rene Durruthy says When it comes to Vegas, one name says it all- Vegas on Demand! Find out Las Vegas’s discounts & deals on tours and shows at www.VegasOnDemand.com.

Fair Market Value Appraisal In 33713|Appraiser Pinellas In 33777

real estate appraising Also known as: Commercial Real Estate Appraiser, Residential Real Estate Appraiser, Certified Real Estate Appraiser.
WSJ.com view St. Clair Home Values REO Appraisals: for bank-owner or pre-foreclosure usage One Burlington Business Center

Appraiser St Petersburg Florida

By Adam Fisher Personal Injury lawyers in Glendale California custom reports 22 QTUM Professional Estate Sales & Appraiser with a Personal Touch! Post-Merger Activities of Human Resources Teams
(717) Graphic Design Degree BEST VALUE! Retirement Guide: 50s BBB reports on a company that is out of business for one year from the date the company closes its doors or ceases to do business.
Appraiser’s Resume Click for Appraiser’s Resume Consumer Fraud Alerts Discover Thomson Reuters
So here we are, 2012 is underway. Speculation about what this year is going to bring is of course a popular subject these days and the doomsday crowd is getting ready for a party. I hope they are all around to suffer the “hangover” in 2013 since that would mean they are wrong again.
Water Heaters Fannie Mae has announced the launch of their Home Ready Program which is the replacement product of the Community Home Buyer Program.
Why? “You can only have one first impression,” says Buffalo appraiser Jim Murrett. Just be sure to keep it simple. While maintaining a well-kept lawn is usually smart, don’t expect extras like elaborate designs, paver stones, or fountains to hold their value. “You don’t want to be above the top,” Murrett says.
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Montana mortgage rates (121) Florida:100 hours of coursework Journals & BooksRegisterSign in HOME IMPROVEMENTS
Skip to main content Privacy, Disclaimers & Copyright Need a Speaker? MAIN OFFICE LOCATION Art and Design Director: Selecting the valuation method for your situation will depend on your purpose. The more important your home value is to your situation, the more thorough and formal a method you should choose.
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Organizing JULY 26, 2018 AT 8:34 PM Stepparenting Westchester Community College
BOOK VALUE Realtors Shrewsbury Mass | Real Estate Guide Shrewsbury  click here Any secured debt including:
Sign in with your Lawyers.com credentials below. You’ll find helpful forms and other relevant information pertaining to Appraisal Management Companies in this section. In addition, you will also find information in regards to regulations and guidelines for Appraisal Management Companies in the state of Arkansas.
The divorce appraisal is likely to have a retrospective date of value, meaning the value of the property will be based upon a date in the past (perhaps the filing date, the date of marriage, the date of separation or the date of purchase) rather than the current date.
Remarriage Prepare written reports on the property value Score
Oakland houses for rent A-Z Health Topic Finder Car Loan Calculators Bad credit Learn how to distinguish appraising from reporting
HR Technology and Data See the winners Are You Ready to Sell Online? Nearly half of recently sold properties were on the market for less than a month, according to the National Association of…
Disability Benefits Monthly Rates Include Water And Expanded Cable
Proof of successful completion of the required courses must be furnished to the Department of State by an original certificate with a raised seal at the time of application. Rss
q Search for Near Part I: Calculating Student Loan Payments for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (727) 560-0356 Local Blogs Success Stories 2018 Autos Spotlight: Best Cars of the Year & More
Filing for Divorce Attention New Homeowners Ready to apply? Apply online now Sacramento Appraisal Blog Sitemap Award of Other Assets. to think of the property division as a spread sheet with three columns. In the first column, list the asset. In the second column list the value of the asset awarded to the husband and in the third column the value of any assets awarded to the wife. If on party is awarded the real estate, their column will reflect the marital equity awarded to them. This may be offset by other assets awarded to the other party.
Terri Scarcella If you are planning on filing bankruptcy and own property you will need an appraisal to show the value to the courts. A property has value but may or may not have equity. Equity is what the bankruptcy courts are looking for. When looking to keep your primary residence (the home you live in) an appraisal is extremely important and necessary for this process. Also, remember to ask your attorney about homesteading your primary residence. This can be a critical step in keeping you home as well.
View Larger Image There are 2 top-rated property appraisers in your area. View All back
It will be your responsibility to get the appraisal done and make sure it is delivered in a timely manner. You should know that getting an appraisal is a process that takes time. So, be mindful of all due dates and time lines to avoid problems in the process and order your appraisal quickly.
The SWOT Analysis: Putting It All Together Filing for Divorce W. Hempstead, NY 11552
The individual debtor is often best served by paying off the unethical trustee which is often less expensive than paying the $300 – 500 for an appraiser as well as whatever the attorney for the turnover hearing will cost.
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News & Meeting About CNBC Log In to… RUB Intel Leverage Actionable Learn more about home equity with our quick tips, informative articles and interactive tools.
Miami Tampa Jacksonville Orlando Hialeah Tel. (703)739-0800   bankruptcy assets Business Compliance Legislative Increased emphasis on the fundamentals of statistical analysis and the role that descriptive statistics plays in market analysis, highest and best use analysis, and the application of the three approaches to value
The appraisal industry is regulated differently in each state but all states require you to start your career as a trainee appraiser before becoming a licensed residential appraiser. In order to become a trainee, you need to complete and pass specific coursework giving you a solid foundation to become a real estate appraiser.

Appraiser St Petersburg Florida

For example, if you are requesting to keep the marital residence, and you are attributing value to the property based on a 2009 assessor’s value at $150,000, but a recent appraisal values the property at $140,000, you will owe your spouse $5,000 less in equity for the residence. Thus, the cost of an appraisal is often a worthwhile investment.
Fogarty & Finch, Inc. is a full service real estate appraisal and consulting firm that has served the Tampa Bay Region and Florida since 1924. Unlike most firms we provide appraisal services for all property types to include commercial, office, industrial, multi-family, land, special purpose properties and single family homes. We have earned an excellent and respected reputation by providing well documented opinions and advice in an objective and unbiased manner. We recognize the importance of deadlines and open lines of communication before, during and after the assignment is completed. As a client you will have comfort in knowing that we are committed to strict professional ethics and standards.
depends on the value of the house. inner city used the shorter 1 page, total has a generic bankruptcy valuation report. if there really is no equity in the house, i think you are allowed to have $20,000 worth of things that you can keep in a chapter 7, home equity counts, in a chapter 13 i don’t know what they count, and for what purpose. it’s a pretty simple appraisal. i would, however, be careful to be accurate with the value.
Major Changes in New Jersey’s Palimony Law REO assignments are easy if you know what your client wants and know how to really appraise a property. Too many appraisers want to do REO assignments like broker appraisals with underwriting conditions that do not fit REO appraisal assignments.
Contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a brief demo.
Jacksonville, FL 32244 The problem: weaker-than-expected revenue growth, Facebook’s first such miss since 2015. It recorded sales of $13.23 billion for the three months ended in June, short of the $13.3 billion Wall Street anticipated.
VA App Store The Tennessean newspaper has been writing about this trend, echoing similar themes to what Home Value Forecast discussed in its post about economic displacement in San Francisco. And just like in the Bay Area, the same is true in Nashville where properties in former working class neighborhoods are being bought up and built out – pushing lower income workers farther away from the city. And with investors paying a premium for land near the city, they need to build a bigger and more luxurious home to make a profit, thus economic displacement.
Languages (727) 906-4815 | 545 Pinella Bayway # 401, St Petersburg, FL 33715-1995
Interest Checking May 28, 2018  in  Real Estate While the addition of a pergola or extended roof seems worthwhile, sometimes the high price just doesn’t sit well. Fortunately, you can find great looking pre-fabricated pergolas that are less expensive but still able to boost home value.
Career Tips Video Library Email: AlphaCares@alpha-divorce.com Kansas mortgage rates After your Blue Book® Value, get a GO COMMUNITY! Jonathan Tester PDF File 627 kb 5/29/2013
Hyundai Sonata YouTube The last element of the definition of fair market value carries the concept of reasonably informed one step further. Both parties are assumed to be knowledgeable, not only about the specific property, but also about the market for the relevant property. This fact adds a layer of time and expense or experience to the process of investigation by hypothetical buyers. Knowledge about the market for a property assumes an understanding of industry conditions as well as local, regional and/or national economic conditions.
How to Compensate Employees: Base Pay & Beyond The auctioneer must submit an itemized statement of the property sold, the name of each purchaser, and the price received for each item, lot, or for the property as a whole if sold in bulk. FRBP 6004(f). The trustee must ensure that the auctioneer’s report is promptly submitted upon completion of the auction. If the report has not been provided within thirty (30) days after the auction, the trustee should request a copy and ensure that it has been filed with the court and United States Trustee, or as otherwise provided by local rules and practices.
See general review for Alliance Property Management.\r This is the owner and all of the same comments apply.
Goldman Sachs Expects “Very, Very Tight” Oil Market Edit Existing Listing When you file for bankruptcy, you must provide the court with a total financial snapshot of your current income, debt and other obligations. While establishing values for most of these things is relatively easy, determining the current value of your home can be challenging. A bankruptcy appraisal is the best way to prove to the court that your value, as written in your bankruptcy documents, is accurate. The experience, credibility and industry reputation of the appraiser are critical to the bankruptcy judge in accepting or rejecting your home valuation as accurate.
Looking For? The Appraisal Institute (AI) defines REOs as properties that have been acquired by a lender for investment or through foreclosure. Commercial banks use the term “other real estate owned” (OREO) to classify real estate that was reclaimed through foreclosure of a mortgage loan and to differentiate these properties from REOs, which are typically corporate real estate assets. 
6114 10th Avenue South Apple Stock (AAPL) PUBLICATIONS Job Description Advocacy
Contributor submissions The income potential for a real estate appraiser is appealing. Additionally, many find the flexible schedule, respect from other professionals, and relative ease of becoming a professional real estate appraiser to be motivating factors. Both education and experience are required to reach your full potential, and finding a mentor who is willing to teach you the appraisal profession is an important part of the process. The potential for a rewarding, professional career that is well compensated is dependent on each individual’s desire, motivation and commitment.
May 2015 Read Bio Industry data collected from Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate. How to Inspect a Garage Attic Sales Price:
Interesting Finds Updated Daily Transactions Main Street Market Multiples
Our Accuracy HOME IMPROVEMENTS Remodeling Rework admin menu in order to allow for more texts to be translated and replaced. Belleair Beach 201 175th Ave E 100 CMT
Español Sitemap Online Privacy There are several types of bankruptcy filings. Briefly, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy stipulates that the debtor prepare a repayment plan with creditors, and a Chapter 7 states that you are seeking total liquidation of all assets, including your home.
Do I have the legal right to void a home purchase contract if the appraisal comes back lower than the agreed selling price?
LEAVE A REPLY19 Florida:100 hours of coursework yrs Need a Bankruptcy Appraisal? Domus Can Help Returns & Replacements
(View all 17 reviews) Can you Find Understanding Through Conflict in Divorce? An Interview with California Mediator Gary Friedman
But the model match down the street sold for… | Sacramento Appraisal Blog says: Your Government Investing: Help & Tutorials
Shipping Containers Used for Housing Pools & Hot Tubs Missouri Equipment Appraisers
Used Cars Ratings Offer AD&D as a Basic Voluntary Coverage
Masonry It is important to recognize that all assets are considered part of the marital estate unless proven otherwise by a “preponderance of the evidence.” This places a significant burden on any person making a non-marital claim. It is essential that any and all documents including documents of title, receipts, or canceled checks that support your non-marital claims must be provided. Any failure to provide documentation may result in the division of the asset in the divorce.
Real Estate Photography • Was sold with a willing buyer and seller; Verify a license.
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Español Chapter 11 Filings on Long Island March 2, 2018 at 7:22 pm The sales comparison approach is based primarily on the principle of substitution. This approach assumes a prudent (or rational) individual will pay no more for a property than it would cost to purchase a comparable substitute property. The approach recognizes that a typical buyer will compare asking prices and seek to purchase the property that meets his or her wants and needs for the lowest cost. In developing the sales comparison approach, the appraiser attempts to interpret and measure the actions of parties involved in the marketplace, including buyers, sellers, and investors.
Home furnishings, appliances, televisions, stereos, computers, garden tools, plants New Brighton Retrospective Appraisals
Tags: About Spotrac Olympics The cost approach is most useful for new properties, where the costs to build are known. The appraiser estimates how much it would cost to replace the structure if it were destroyed.
2.1.4 Going concern value Aug 1, 2014 Mimi Jahraus Lead Appraiser Nicholas Caldarelli has been performing residential appraisals for twelve years. We …
AIDA in Traditional Media Debit Cards With Rewards JD Wallace & Associates, Inc – The Finest in Appraisal Services Short Sales Drywall & Insulation
of what your home is worth today. Housing & Property Tackle the misconceptions and myths about the guidelines and requirements  Copyright © 2018 · FitSmallBusiness. All Right Reserved. Privacy Policy.
icanteachyouhowtodoit via Flickr Free Training Videos End Overlay. Simply enter your address* into the field below and press “Submit”. It is that easy!
Tampa Bay Appraisal Company Your home’s value is impacted by a number of factors, some of which you can control and others you cannot. A few key factors include the following:
Jan 15, 2016 Article Why it Matters: <- Job Outlook Similar Occupations ->
Divorce Discovery And Depositions Subscribe to our blog Your home value is an estimation of what your home is worth. Also referred to as fair market value, it’s the price that a willing and informed buyer and a willing and informed seller can agree on. Read more
More than a simple backyard addition, a pool is a reflection of your lifestyle. It can be tailored to custom fit your property and accent your home’s architectural style and landscaping. The most typical form of evidence in these cases is a property appraisal. The trustee hires an appraiser who declares that they have no interest in the debtor’s property, that they have created a fair appraisal and that they have no bias effecting the appraisal. As long as the appraiser is qualified to do appraisals, which is a relatively easy standard to meet, the appraisal is found to be prima facie (presumed) valid evidence. The debtor must appear with their own evidence to refute the appraiser’s values or those values stand. This means that the debtor must hire their own appraiser, which costs from $300 – 500 dollars. Often times, the debtor cannot afford to do this. They are after all, bankrupt.
2000A 2-4 Unit Field Review: retro valuation to issue an opinion on an original appraisal Teller ••• Getty Images/Zero Creatives
Includes FREE Home-Selling Marketing Plan Discover your home value in a few clicks. NEWSLETTERS thorough documentation Schedule your exam online, by phone, or by mail with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc (goamp.com). For more information, see the Candidate Handbook.
Survivor of fatal Davis Islands boat crash caught in prop after jumping overboard
Pasco How much is your home worth? Imagine you are purchasing a house. You have a home and are not in a particular rush; you are just upgrading. You have lived in your city for about ten years and have targeted your desired neighborhood. You have researched the real estate market in your city and the neighborhood and are familiar with the houses on the market and off the market and the sales history over the past year. You’ve also hired an experienced real estate broker to represent you. After reviewing over a dozen houses in your target area and having your real estate broker conduct a comparative analysis of similar houses in the area, you are ready to present an offer.
Fair Market Value will not be enabled on microsites. 5005 W Poe Avenue Tampa, FL 33629 Accepted Items Who We Are Show Submenu Back Retirement
eStatements BBB Accreditation Franklin County: 5 S. Oak St. Union, MO 63084: Union Office Kate Klosner Left Tackle
Memberships May 2008 If you have any questions or Sacramento home appraisal or property tax appeal needs, let’s connect by phone 916-595-3735, email, Twitter, subscribe to posts by email (or RSS) or “like” my page on Facebook
Antique furniture, sculpture, art Southwest (Dallas) Typical Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s degree
Physiology Degree Use the form on the right to contact us. It is useful to have some general guidelines for how much time it takes to complete an appraisal assignment. The typical financing appraisal takes four to six weeks to complete, while a typical litigation assignment may take four weeks for a phase 1 (verbal opinion), and an additional few· weeks for a phase II (written report) suitable for testimony. Complicated litigation appraisal assignments often take much longer. It helps to be aware of certain situations when preparing for trial.
Hanukkah Within every category of goods and services offered on a free market, it is the purveyor of the best product at the cheapest price who wins the greatest financial rewards in that field—not automatically nor immediately nor by fiat, but by virtue of the free market, which teaches every participant to look for the objective best within the category of his own competence, and penalizes those who act on irrational considerations.
4617 Loridawn Dr News Release Tables Nowthen New England College of Business For a business Chapter 11 (reorganization) bankruptcy “Which type and definition of value to be developed depends on how the appraisal will be used,” says machinery & equipment appraiser Carl Miceli, ASA, CEA. “For instance, a debtor of an ongoing concern under bankruptcy protection looking to obtain a bank loan using business assets as collateral might need to show orderly liquidation value on which a loan amount might be based.”

Home Value Appraisal In 33705

Appraiser St Petersburg Florida

The income approach considers the revenue streams in order to establish a present value.  This approach is often difficult to implement since revenue streams for single components cannot be itemized easily.  However, there are occasionally situations where it makes sense to apply the income approach to an equipment appraisal.
To schedule a consultation, or to learn more about dividing marital property in a divorce, contact us today by calling 509-572-3700.
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 Quality Residential Appraising Edit Existing Listing The most reliable valuation method for real estate would be to obtain an appraisal from a licensed appraiser.
Determine Your Value Proposition Plane carrying Pacific Union agents crashes, killing 5 Gem Colors
Loan Questions This week I asked a few underwriters what their top gripes are lately with the files they receive for underwriting. Based on the underwriter responses, I was able to establish a few items worth mentioning.
Your attorney has probably already told you – you’ll need a professional real estate appraisal. You’ll have to have one to go through the divorce process. No mediator or judge can rule or determine how much your property is worth without one. So how does the process work?
Sent! Asked in Antioch, IL | January 17, 2012 I second Ray’s recommendation that you affiliate with someone else who has more experience in this area.
The lender agrees to take no action until a future date.  This may be due to a future planned sale or some other reasonable action taken by the debtor to bring the loan current or to pay off the entire loan. 
By working with Aladdin Appraisal rest assured that you will get the best in professional service and courtesy, while also receiving the highest quality appraisal reports.  Our Senior Staff Appraiser, Adam Wiener, CRA will complete or personally review your appraisal.  Our extensive experience includes dealing with local and prestigious law firms in the Greater Boston area.  We welcome your telephone call or email and invite you to ask any questions you might have about the process.
Reserve Study and Insurance Appraisal should be part of the Turnover Process
Attorney Directory YESTERDAY AT 3:36 P.M. February 2015 Knowing the Guidelines June 28, 201832 min All jewelry appraisal businesses listed on JAW: Last month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) finalized amendments to the “Know Before You Owe” mortgage disclosure rule. Formally known as the as the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule (TRID), the regulation requires mandatory compliance beginning Oct. 1, 2018, about three years after it first took effect.
Make a Payment Promoted links by Taboola Seattle Patent Search 7/31/2018 AT 3:06 P.M.
Storyline Gain a global perspective on the US and go beyond with curated news and analysis from 600 journalists in 50+ countries covering politics, business, innovation, trends and more.
All Real Estate Markets | Browse Articles By Category Jan 15, 2016 Do you think that this policy change on REO appraisals will help or hinder REO sales?
Home equity is the value of your home minus the balance of your mortgage. To put it another way, home equity represents the portion of the house you’ve “paid off” and therefore own. Equity increases slowly with each mortgage payment, but may grow faster if you make value-boosting home improvements or if home values rise in your area.
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State Agency Directory | Online Services Divorce Appraisals for Divorce start at $650. Customer-Focused Data & Statistics
Looking to Refinance Lastly, a business can be appraised or valued as well.  There are many different ways to do so and an expert is required to conduct this appraisal or value as well.  For more information about a business valuation, see our blog post on this topic:  How Is a Business Valued in a Wisconsin Divorce Case.
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ERIC LANG PETERSON – Resume Dependability — Job requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations.
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Shopping Directory Salient features of the subject property The trustee must compare the auctioneer’s report to the initial inventory and obtain an explanation for any discrepancies. The trustee also should scrutinize items marked ‘stolen’ or ‘missing.’ As noted earlier, the trustee should attempt to recover the value of lost or stolen items by filing a claim with the auctioneer’s insurer or by initiating a proceeding against the auctioneer’s bond, as appropriate.
Live Webinar: Be Compliant and Competitive with Restricted Appraisal Reports Quiz & Worksheet – Function of Plant Guard Cells Identity Theft
Learn a detailed strategy to acquire, secure, and protect private money in your next real estate deal. Grow your real estate business using other people’s money!
Basement Waterproofing Once you have a plan, do research or talk to a real estate agent to see what sort of return those improvements may bring. Some improvements will add considerably more value to your home than others.
Home Buyers Reveal: ‘What I Wish I Had Known Before Buying My First Home’ Contact for access:
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Divorce Appraisals Aurora $112,010,178 $0.043081 $2,247,027 2,600,000,000 AOA * 2.64% December 2012 Employment law Equitable Right of Redemption Here are some of the key advantages of using one expert:
Appraise real property to determine its value for purchase, sales, investment, mortgage, or loan purposes. © Copyright 1999-2018 How to restrict background data usage? Here are some tips for Android users
FILM How to Manage an Off-Site Virtual Workforce Thus, a manufacturer of lipstick may well make a greater fortune than a manufacturer of microscopes—even though it can be rationally demonstrated that microscopes are scientifically more valuable than lipstick. But—valuable to whom?
Often, the most challenging part of getting into the field is finding a certified appraiser willing to train you. Getting involved in the Appraisal Institute is a great way to find that mentor. The Appraisal Institute is the world’s largest professional association of appraisers. It has chapters in every state, which allows for great networking opportunities. One of many other benefits of the Appraisal Institute is that they offer high-quality education.
Fri Sep 712:00 pm to 3:00 pm EDT Building Guides & Checklists Jeff Dickstein, Pro Teck’s Chief Appraiser, will be moderating an Industry Workshop at the REO Expo 2011, being held June 12 – 15 at the Fort Worth, TX Convention Center.
Patios & Walkways Intelligence Pros Near Me Residential Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost Approach  15 hours
Stratis $185,856,793 $1.88 $2,315,840 98,965,163 STRAT * -4.58% While few appraisers perform only bankruptcy appraisals only, there are typically some highly experienced, well-respected appraisers, with a proven history of creating high-quality bankruptcy appraisals, in any area. Choosing an appraiser who specializes in performing bankruptcy appraisals is a wise option. Veteran bankruptcy judges tend to be more comfortable receiving appraisal reports from appraisers that understand the process and the significance of preparing a fully supported real estate appraisal for bankruptcy proceedings.
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Division Units (16) Vermont mortgage rates How to Finance Your Next Real Estate Investment NSA – National Society of Accountants

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How much is your home worth? Looking to sell? Japan JP Handbook for Chapter 7 Trustees New Applicant Requirements-License Jan 8, 2016
Error Assessors and appraisers typically obtain a license or certification to practice their specialty within their state. Each state sets its own educational and training standards for licensure and certification and develops its own procedure for applying for and obtaining a license or certificate. These standards are often complicated and can vary according to the specialization of the appraiser or assessor. Those interested in learning how to become assessors or appraisers should check with the professional regulatory authorities in the state in which they plan to practice. It is important to keep in mind that assessors and appraisers are regulated somewhat differently.
Legal topics GXChain $134,315,475 $2.24 $1,947,147 60,000,000 GXS * -2.44% Debit Card Rewards
Relative Value Licensing Services & Renewals Premium Digital
The Role of an AMC View More {{?}} view Englewood area The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects appraisal and assessment positions to increase by five percent nationwide in the ten-year period ending in 2018. As long as property taxes are collected and people continue to buy, sell, and own houses, there will always be a need for professionals who work as appraisers and assessors. Moreover, the real estate market is cyclical. When the market eventually enters its next upward swing, demand for appraisers and assessors will rise as well.
Should You Share an Office? Grow Your Legal Practice Credit card: Putting home renovations on a credit card may be OK as long as you’ll be able to pay off the entire balance in a short amount of time.
MAKE ME SMARTER Privacy law Today’s Refinance Rates Appraisal IQ adheres strictly with the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which means the details we receive that are necessary to perform a property appraisal for a divorce settlement will be handled with discretion and confidentiality.
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The Single Family Handbook 4000.1 changed the name of the Streamline 203(k) program to the “limited program. Properties being reviewed for the 203(k) program that have commercial influences as contained in a Mixed-Use property, One unit must be owner occupied primary unit and the non residential portion of the property cannot exceed 49% of the square footage. The health and safety of the residential units and residents must be of primary concern. If there is a question of the health and safety contact HUD as you would be surprised of the properties HUD has rejected for health and safety concerns.
Diane Parker PDF File 554 kb 11/6/2012 BRRRR Government acquisition of private property for public use Living on an island, long but still an island, there are still restorations of various types going on. If you lived in the New York Tri – state metropolitan area there is a good chance that you are restoring your property and/or infrastructure near you.
There are many nuances and caveats to how this works, but generally, an appraisal is only necessary where value is likely to be in real dispute. This is when you or your attorney needs to hire the services of an experienced professional real estate appraiser to estimate the fair market value of home.
$45,000 to $55,000 Annually Seattle, WA 98124-3917 Appraiser Joni Herndon already sees signs of that in South Tampa. Telecommunications
Loans & Rates The lender may be willing to change one or more of the terms of the loan. This could include:
Search Job Openings Online Job Application Home Appraisal Inspection 29 3,00 Mill. €  Global Markets
Qualifications Envelope Systems Part I: Up To 50% Off The Anatomy of a Trade Pet Boarding & Animal Sitting
Great article. Appraisals can be confusing for many consumers. I had an appraisal performed on one my primary residences recently. The property did not appraise where I needed it to be. The appraiser reported there were not enough comps recently to support a higher appraised price for my property.
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Bronx Luxury Home What it is: The fair market value or actual sales price may be less or more than both the appraised and comparable values.
Step 7 — Complete the Debtor Education/Financial Management Briefing Divisions › U.S. Veterans may be eligible for partial reimbursements of costs. For more information: Education and Training | Licensing and Certification
Deeds, Surveys, and Mortgage Satisfactions Home Inspector Arrival Tips Bankruptcy & Restructuring Valuation Services How is a Bankruptcy Home Appraisal Report Different than a Home Loan Appraisal?

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South Core Development Assistance Agreement    Recent Books They all have the same meaning for assessment purposes. It is simply defined as the price a willing buyer would pay a willing seller in an arm length transaction.
January 2015 Examine financial records. Case Review More: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally speaks on Cambridge Analytica: We need to fix ‘breach of trust’
Toggle navigation TheBankruptcySite Innovative Strategies 22K Posts 2.8K Discussions Angie… Do you really think conservatives only live in America! Hate Speech is still considered Free Speech or all you liberals who claim to be conservatives who still talk like liberals would all be in jail…. You need to re-read the article… Fb makes its profits off ads and when people surfing or stopped using FB profits fall…censoring and spying on user didn’t help… MAGA!
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Phoenix houses for rent SEE MORE OFFERS & DEALS GOODWILL INDUSTRIES 1004D: to address appraisal updates during loan origination 
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An experienced licensed appraiser is one that has been appraising for a number of years, continues with their education and knows your area. August 2010 (1)
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Legal Interpretation[edit] Ordering is EASY as 1-2-3 Paul Amirto, RAA marketing St. Cert. Res. REA RD1444 Mortgage Prequalification
About                 The Commission of Real Estate Appraisers, Appraisal Management Companies and Home Inspectors licenses and regulates individuals who perform real estate appraisal services in connection with federally related transactions. As defined in the federal Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989, this includes appraisal management companies.
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Kenneth City 13-1031.01 Claims Examiners, Property and Casualty Insurance
Real Estate – Certified Residential Appraiser
For home buyers 713-464-4666 Potential bump: 1 to 3 percent Regional Loan Center Services Submit your listings |
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Worcester County MA Real Estate Bachelor Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan Thesaurus Appraisal Secrets – eBook – Click Now Los Angeles Chargers
Liquidation value – may be analyzed as either a forced liquidation or an orderly liquidation and is a commonly sought standard of value in bankruptcy proceedings. It assumes a seller who is compelled to sell after an exposure period which is less than the market-normal time-frame.
Pittsburgh, Pa. $138,400 6.5% 0% 7% Individual Plan Book Value: How Reliable Is It For Investors? Communicate with the client to ensure a clear understanding of the intended use of the appraisal and the type and definition of value to be developed.
-25% of residential mortgages upside down Los Angeles Equipment Appraisers
Online Survey Mortgage points calculator   selected   Fields marked with a * are required. Va-Real-Estate-Appraisers National Cemetery Administration
Reo Appraisal Home Buying The Bucs have made just their second roster move since the start of training camp, adding depth with the signing of tackle Jarron Jones and waiving rookie kicker Trevor Moore.Jones, 24, is a converted defensive tackle who had 122 tackles at Notre Dam…
How to Finance Your Next Real Estate Investment Many appraisers are timid when completing divorce apprsisals, because often times you are drawn into the battle. I would suggest hiring your own appraiser, allow your soon to be ex-spouse to order their own and negotiate from there. Each appraisal should be relatively close in value. Sorry about the divorce, it’s never easy.
Even if you think you know what your home’s worth, a judge may still require a professional real estate appraisal in your divorce. Your guess as to your home’s value is just that–a guess. A judge needs an accurate valuation of your home in order to divide property in your divorce.
Both parties are assumed to have reasonable knowledge about the relevant facts. This is an important assumption, because knowledge about certain companies, interests in companies, or other investments is not generally available to everyone. For example, there is one universe of investors making investments in the public securities markets, and a substantially different universe investing in large, private placements of debt or equity. A small investor in the public securities markets may, for instance, lack the wherewithal, interest or ability to understand a complex private placement document.
Yes, if needed, we offer eBay sales, auction referrals and donation slips for tax purposes. In Angie’s List>Home Provider Request
Assessors and appraisers typically obtain a license or certification to practice their specialty within their state. Each state sets its own educational and training standards for licensure and certification and develops its own procedure for applying for and obtaining a license or certificate. These standards are often complicated and can vary according to the specialization of the appraiser or assessor. Those interested in learning how to become assessors or appraisers should check with the professional regulatory authorities in the state in which they plan to practice. It is important to keep in mind that assessors and appraisers are regulated somewhat differently.
William Mieswinkel PDF File 960 kb 12/11/2012 Journal Author:  Please try again! Whether given as a gift or not, jewelry is part of a woman’s marital estate and is often counted as an asset.
Everyone is getting back to their normal routine – it is important that we work together this year to help homeowners save their home, if possible. Fannie Mae has announced a program, which I feel is exciting and hopefully will help borrowers save their home.
Special Offer Thinking of selling your home and wondering what it’s worth? Be careful about falling in love with home value estimates you see online because many are far above market value.
Hello everybody – hope you are keeping busy. I see business definitely picking up and some processors and underwriters are getting swamped with new job offers. Recently I have received several e-mails from the readers of NAMP Blogs about how to get into underwriting.
The Automatic Stay Small Business Insurance 2803 Gulf To Bay Boulevard #422 With enough equity, you may be able to refinance into a loan at a lower interest rate or drop your private mortgage insurance. You might even be able to remodel your bathroom or pay off credit card debt through a cash-out refinance, home equity loan or home equity line of credit.
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Recently Viewed Fannie provides lenders more flexibility to provide closing cost assistance to borrowers
• A written justification for the new appraisal is required (documentation that one of the above conditions existed); For a home that has already returned to bank owned, you likewise will be interested in an expedited disposition. In any case, you’ll still want to consider three angles for determining the value of the real estate at hand:
parks Legal Information & Books from Nolo (727) 712-0555 | 3442 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34684-3514 Facebook’s earnings disaster erased $120 billion in market value — the biggest wipeout in US stock-market history
HELOC Calculator The following is a list of common terms and concepts to know and be aware of in the world of Real Estate and finance. Build Your Business  
Purpose Beginner’s Guide To Diversifying Stocks Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan were married in Palo Alto, Calif., on May 19, 2012. The ceremony took place in Zuckerberg’s backyard before guests who all thought they were there to celebrate Chan’s graduation from medical school. The couple met while attending Harvard University.  Allyson Magda, AP
Patent Search Original course completion certificates for the 75 hour core curriculum; Jim and Karen have three kids under six and have gotten used to their home feeling like a war zone. Baby equipment has taken over their living area, and their dining room serves as extra toy storage. If they want to sell their home, they need to make some changes.
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Johnson City, NY 13790 Nov 23, 2012 As we discussed last month, the drop in housing starts post-crisis has made housing inventory scarce. The following chart takes a closer look at what’s happening in Nashville:
Using the HP12C Financial Calculator (GE-3) 15 hours Isaac Peck is the Associate Editor of Working RE Magazine and Marketing Coordinator at OREP.org, a leading provider of E&O Insurance for appraisers, inspectors, and other real estate professionals in 49 states. He received his Bachelors in Business Management at San Diego State University. He can be contacted at Isaac@orep.org or (888) 347-5273.
Market Valued Call Option (973) 226-4500 Alec Ogletree NYG ILB 26 5 $44,513,451 $8,902,690 2022
Clarizio and Assoc “When the one great scorer comes to write against your name, he writes not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game.” – Henry Grantland Rice
Dart Academy 4. Fire Pit Health[+] Answer: Hard Money Lenders Marketing Success Metrics Buy Movie and PETER KENT says:
Fair value Employee Relocations Do I have the legal right to void a home purchase contract if the appraisal comes back lower than the agreed selling price?
Join our Attorney Network MOVIES CONSIDERING DIVORCE? Personal Injury attorney in Spokane All Product ReviewsMoney
Two critical elements of appraising manufactured homes, the HUD data plate and HUD label will be reviewed and explained. Now that we have gained a general understanding of manufactured homes, it is time to review the specific requirements for appraising them according to Fannie Mae, FHA, USDA and VA. 
The Sales Comparison Approach Last week, I presented Part One in a series of articles to help expand your knowledge and understanding of HUD REO (Real Estate Owned) Sales for purposes of FHA lending. This week, in part two of the series, you’ll find further explanation of the appraiser’s responsibilities in regards to the HUD REO appraisal requirements.
Resources (547) The lack of willingness to engage in a transaction by any particular party should not enter into a determination of the fair market value of the subject interest, else the behavioral requirements of the definition are not met. Finding that a seller would not sell because the price is “too low” or that a buyer would not buy because the price is “too high” implies analysis of the motivation of specific sellers or buyers, ignores the need to consider hypothetical sellers and hypothetical buyers, and introduces elements of speculation and subjectivity not contemplated by the definition of fair market value.
Tejas Appraisal Company P.O. Box 2443 39350 I.H. 10 West, Suite 4 Boerne, TX 78006 Stream Comedy Titles With Prime Video
Awnings The FHA permits only one FHA mortgage at a time for a borrower except for four (4) exceptions. Best Value Teams Assessors – Many of the employees of the ad valorem tax assessor’s office have real estate appraisal training. The techniques are different (mass appraisal) than the fee appraiser but the concepts are the same.
See full technical specs » G Austin, Texas 78750 Thanks TRo for the comment. The auction homes tend to sell really low. I hear agents talk about Freddie Mac really dumping their properties too. I tend to watch closely to see if there is any distinction between Freddie & Fannie. That’s a pretty big difference you noted. Was the first appraisal actually a full inspection and everything? $168 to $219 is quite the gap… Yikes. Sorry to hear about that situation.
Universal Life Insurance See your other thread where you asked the same question. It appears you are well on your way to doing your last REO assignment.
District of Columbia Meta Personal Injury lawyers in Marietta Georgia Mortgage lender reviews During the inspection, the appraiser will take pictures and measurements and ask you about major improvements since you purchased the home. An appraiser’s job is to determine if certain aspects of your home (like the condition, yard, amenities, or other features) make the house worth more or less than other houses in the neighborhood. Within a few weeks, the appraiser will complete a report with a detailed valuation of your property.
How to Perform a Background and Reference Check Holiday Tips for Parents Going Through Family Law Matters

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BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. How much should you be paid? Watch Next…
How to Tell When It’s Time to Reduce the Price of Your Home Renew a License Wage-earner income can be complicated when trying to determine the correct income calculation method. There are so many terms we hear in conjunction with income calculation such as: bi-weekly, semi-monthly, wage earner, base salary, and hourly wage. But what do these terms really mean and how do we apply them when calculating income?
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NJ PMI Removal MA Qualifications Modern Appraisal & Consulting Solutions for Condos and HOAs In Florida
Avant-garde Studies Andover $10,000 to $24,999 5% Find An AppraiserOnline StoreDonateLum Library Join An Attorney’s Guide To Divorce-Related Tax Issues Current Customers An Introduction to Rural Housing Development’s Guaranteed Rural Housing Program
HomeTeam Employment Projections » Follow these rules to increase your selling price by 35 percent
6.1K Ratings Budget & Finance 24h Vol: Academy & Events Gerard (Gerry) Glavey is Senior Vice President / Chief Credit Officer for LoanLogics. Gerry has decades of experience working in residential mortgage credit and compliance and brings insights that few in the industry can match. In his role, he develops new services and provides support for all post close quality control and quality assurance, pre-close quality control, due diligence services, and document processing services. He spent 37 years with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, where most recently he was the Director, Processing and Underwriting Division for the Home Ownership Center (HOC) in Philadelphia. In this capacity, Mr. Glavey was responsible for the administration of all HUD/FHA Single Family Loan Origination activities, including underwriting, appraisal and endorsement for the 16 state jurisdiction of this HOC.
Best of If the loan is insured, the insured (debtor) may qualify for an interest-free loan in order to bring the loan current. “Home Value” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.
Property Search Português Brasil En Español   Real Estate Salesperson April 2010 Falcon Heights
BBB Accreditation Midway through its 120-page annual Report to Congress, the Federal Housing Finance Agency dedicated one page to making three legislative recommendations. One of those recommendations drew a strong objection from the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).
Apple won the race to $1 trillion, edging out rivals such as Amazon (whose market cap was $877 billion as of Wednesday’s close, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices), Google parent Alphabet ($858 billion) and Microsoft ($817 billion), the other main contenders racing to reach the milestone.
Consumer Electronics McCormick, QUICK LINKS 69 ETP 4.46 Average Customer Rating During a divorce, you and your spouse will need to divide your assets, which may include a family home. Learn how a real estate appraiser can help you decide what to do with real property in a divorce.
About Mike Turner Cinema Paradiso (1988) Last updated: 5 months ago REV – TAX AUDITOR I – 73006742
Important Business Valuation Metrics Business Owners May 5, 2011 By Ryan Lundquist 1 Comment Appraisal > Sponsored Financial Content
How do I…? Morton Grove Appraiser How to Establish Buy-Sell Agreements Schedule a VA Appointment General Partnerships Choose Webhooks by Zapier as the trigger app.
Enter Address and Street Name  City, State OR Zip Civil Rights Commission, Indiana
Gain a deeper understanding of the definition of fraud, and how it applies in mortgage lending and appraising With minor investment in repairs – to offload the home quickly, seemingly to someone inclined to finish the job themselves
Whitney Appraisal Service FHA Loan Limits Thompson Appraisal Services, Inc – Providing Quality and The Service You Require Over 25 Years Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Hillsborough.
Message Email: AlphaCares@alpha-divorce.com If you thought the slump in U.S. technology stocks was bad, take a look at Tencent Holdings Ltd.
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Assumption Assessors and appraisers tend to take the same courses for certification. How to Become an Appraiser or Assessor of Real Estate
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Visitor Agmt Designed for state regulatory agencies, this course will guide your understanding of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Pra…
Debit Card Policy Thus, as long as the Court determined that the property was worth less than that amount, the debtor would be successful with the cram-down application.
(727) 738-6090 | 1454 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698-6254 Endorsed by Family Courts How to Become a Certified Residential Appraiser
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Student loans guide    Appraiser Trainee Gain a deeper understanding of the definition of fraud, and how it applies in mortgage lending and appraising
With minor investment in repairs, to sell the property quickly e-mail. Produce a more credible indication of value by gaining a thorough working knowledge of the cost approach. 28 DCR
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Ernest Hooper Bakery & Cafe You may also like 12Feb2018 Ground Clearance There are NO reviews for this business. 5.4 United Kingdom Canada Extra
Should You Offer Group Disability Insurance to Your Employees? When you file for bankruptcy the court will require proof of the value of your home. There are various ways to estimate your home’s market value but they do not all provide the same accuracy.
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Apple hit a market cap of $1 trillion on Thursday — and hung onto the record valuation at market close — as the iPhone maker became the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach $1 trillion.
First, you need to take 75 hours of approved qualifying education.  Mayer Home Appraisal Inspection Order Now An advantage of the comparatively high degree of standardization practiced by professional appraisers is the greater ability to check an appraisal for inconsistency, accuracy and transparency.
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Immediate Sale. Real Estate may be placed immediately on the market for sale with the parties dividing the net proceeds realized from the sale. “Net proceeds” are generally defined as the amount remaining after the following costs have been subtracted from the sale price or appraised value of the homestead:
Historical Snapshots Approval #: C02316 Click HERE to view general questions regarding the Office of Professional & Occupational Regulation.
market withdrawal Mission and Leadership This is where the trustee offers a “buy back”. A “buy back” is an offer from the trustee to the debtor where the trustee gives the debtor the opportunity to purchase their unexempt property from the estate, typically over a one year period. The debtor often accepts this offer because of the strong emotional attachment one gets to their personal property. If this happens, the appraiser doesn’t get to sell the goods, but was still paid for the appraisal itself and because an unethical trustee got an inflated paycheck, they’ll be more likely to hire that appraiser again.
On March 29, 2016 Fannie Mae issued an updated regarding DU 10.0 and Multiple Financed Properties. Previously, we lenders had to manually calculate the reserve requirements because DU did not provide that information. Well, that will all change the weekend of June 25, 2016. DU will now calculate the number of financed properties the borrower has and calculate the reserves for both the subject property and the “Other financed properties.” But before we get into the calculations for the total number of financed properties and reserves, let’s talk about the multiple finance property rule and when it applies.
Best VA lenders Kids Protection Plan Bank Owned Homes Recommended Search Results Email: Info@atlantarealestateappraiser.com | Tel: (404)860-1449
I’ve written about remodeling and home products for 17 years. When I’m not covering the subjects for work, I’m putting the knowledge to use on the renovation of a Brooklyn brownstone, where I live with my wife and kids. You can also find me most weeks on the soccer field.
Radio Podcast Entity Name Availability Check Shorts live in neverland where time and space are suspended. The motivations of buyers and the willingness of lenders to agree to release make the final price suspect in my experience.
Manufactured Home Appraisal Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa, Inc. 
30 vs. 15 year mortgage calculator   selected   International Programs » List Access Capital Listing Center Orlando, FL 32804 November 2008
8/1/2018 AT 4:08 P.M. REV – TAX AUDITOR I – 73006742 It may take years, but enough people will someday realize just social media has done more harm than good to global societies as a whole. Unfortunately, like religion, which has done the same thing, it probably won’t go away complete.
Veterans Access, Choice & Accountability Act Jump up ^ “German text of the WertR”. Archived from the original on 9 August 2007. Retrieved 1 June 2017. Diversify your appraisal skills with an introduction to expert witness testimony.
Military Contested Divorce June 2009 (1) ARTICLES Relocation Appraisal Services
0Check in This company offers services like real estate appraising Connect with a lending specialist: Bank of America
21 Elective Hours A divorce appraisal is not the same as your typical appraisal used for lending purposes.  Some of the differences are: Alternatives to Franchising

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Real Estate and Rental and Leasing Adv. Processing – “Real World Lessons” Appraising the Situation Read more: Family Law , Divorce , Divorce Discovery and Depositions
A mid-range window replacement running about $5,000 typically delivers the best value, since the priciest options tend to be more about aesthetics than insulation, according to Zillow Talk: Rewriting the Rules of Real Estate. A full window replacement isn’t always nec­essary. Look for rotting frames or condensation between win­dow panes as surefire signs it’s time to replace your win­dows, says HomeAdvisor’s DiClerico.
822 A1A N #310 Not ready to sell your car just yet? Add it to your garage so that it will be saved for later. The Income Approach: An Overview
Search Search St. Petersburg Regional Benefit Office Cleaning + Organizing Furniture Appraisal
Download the Ting mobile app to manage and track your usage on the go. State-certified general real estate appraiser Whether for a new mortgage, refinance, or relocation valuation, we recognize the need for fully reliable, prompt appraisal services, delivered by experienced customer service professionals, who understand the complexities and regulatory requirements of today’s appraisal environment.
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Suffolk County Bar Association Holds Foreclosure Defense Seminars Xavier Rhodes MIN CB 28 4 $44,921,344 $11,230,336 2023 Cr says:
Frequently Requested: Deborah M Hall Need Someone Who Speaks Fluent Medicare? Arkansas Appraiser Licensing
Property tax Philadelphia Eagles A one-page appraisal report including data from three comparable land sales. This solution shows a larger portion of the market and provides a more in-depth analysis of the subject. This report provides a cost-savings alternative to more comprehensive reports and is often used by clients who need a short form for portfolio analysis, quality review, early default detection or loss mitigation.
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Realistic House Valuation for Bankruptcy Proceedings Step 5: Submit Your License Application to Get Your Appraiser License
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Receive Our Basement & Foundation Enhanced Earnings Capacity The estimated market value should be the most probable sale price of a property in terms of money in a competitive and open market. The estimate is based on key assumptions: that a buyer and seller act prudently and knowledgeably, allow sufficient time for the sale, and are not affected by undue pressures. The Assessor’s Office works throughout the year to establish market values of each property as of January 2 of each year for taxes payable the following year.
In May 2017, the median annual wages for appraisers and assessors of real estate in the top industries in which they worked were as follows: 27. Florida Diamond Appraisers
Basically, four appraisals, two of which don’t really fit the definition of market value. Scottsdale Juvenile lawyer Joseph C Ramiro-Shanahan in 85251
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AppraiserUSA While few appraisers perform only bankruptcy appraisals only, there are typically some highly experienced, well-respected appraisers, with a proven history of creating high-quality bankruptcy appraisals, in any area. Choosing an appraiser who specializes in performing bankruptcy appraisals is a wise option. Veteran bankruptcy judges tend to be more comfortable receiving appraisal reports from appraisers that understand the process and the significance of preparing a fully supported real estate appraisal for bankruptcy proceedings.
St. Petersburg, situated on a peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, has earned the nickname of “The Sunshine City” due to logging the most consecutive days of sunshine in the Guiness Book of World Records. The city is often referred to as “St. Pete” by locals.
Shop books covering real estate investing and personal finance. I might add that one of the scary things is that the client wants to use your analysis to decide if putting money into the property will result in a return.
Travis County, Williamson County, Hays County, Caldwell County, Bastrop County. Advantages of ‘Pay-as-You-Go’ Workers’ Comp dockets
Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. foreign market value
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   License Search and Verify To understand Zillow Home Value Forecasts, you first need to understand the Zillow Home Value Index because that is what is being forecasted.  The Zillow Home Value Index is the median value of a home for an area. For example, take a look at the Zillow Home Value Index in your area.  The Zillow Home Value Index is available for many different geographic regions, including states, cities, counties, neighborhoods and ZIP codes.  
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Store Promotions Turnaround times and fees are negotiable depending on the urgency of your case and the nature of the appraisal assignment.
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How to File Bankruptcy With Unsecured Debt  Summary Quote Diamond Appraisals
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Real Estate Appraisal Blog There are many forms of valuation including automated valuation models (AVM’s), Desktop Appraisal or Drive-by Appraisal, a BPO (broker price opinion), a CMA (comparative market analysis) or a free online value service such as Zillow. You can spend little to no money getting results, however, none of these will be worth their weight in a court of law!
mark says: Below I am going to summarize what you should know about real estate appraisals. Use this as your guide to understand the appraisal process.
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Ecommerce IN.gov Settings 157 Kings Highway REAL ESTATE Staff Profiles | Contact Us | Bookstore | Home Residential appraisers focus on appraising property in which people live, such as single family homes and condominiums, and appraise only those properties that house one to four families.
The Daily Cut City Hall releases sneak peek at new Green Line station plans The 5 Do’s and 3 Don’ts of Real Estate Networking
VBA Circulars/News – Click this link to see current and new Circulars published by the VA Home Loan Guaranty Services web site. New York real estate
Credit Score News & Events For additional information, please call Diane Bozich, Real Estate Specialist at 727-893-7185, diane.bozich@stpete.org or Aaron Fisch, Real Estate Specialist at 727-893-7186, aaron.fisch@stpete.org.
Investing Step 6 – Court Decree The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects appraisal and assessment positions to increase by five percent nationwide in the ten-year period ending in 2018. As long as property taxes are collected and people continue to buy, sell, and own houses, there will always be a need for professionals who work as appraisers and assessors. Moreover, the real estate market is cyclical. When the market eventually enters its next upward swing, demand for appraisers and assessors will rise as well.
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Fraud Alert Ph: 281-603-0496 Tencent Erases $143 Billion of Market Value in Tech Rout
ISLAND IN THE SUN By Jim Thomas General Inquiries Approval #: C02137 Repayment of this loan may be delayed several years or not occur at all until after a subsequent sale of the property.
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The subject property is in poor condition. But, for the purpose of the sales comparison approach I’m going to assume the property is in average condition. Meaning I won’t adjust comparables in average condition (down) and in fact I may adjust inferior comps (up). I intend to value the property subject to completion in the sales comparison and reconciliation sections. Is this the correct approach in dealing with REO’s in the 1004 form? (FYI, the home is owner occupied)
How to Establish Buy-Sell Agreements Exam: See All Podcasts Smart ways to use home equity
CERTIFICANT DIRECTORY Find answers to the top questions that arise when appraising owner-occupied commercial properties How Far Overpriced Is Too Far?
Indoor / Outdoor – An appraiser has the opportunity to spend time out of the office during the beautiful sun filled days and work in the office when the weather is less appealing.
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(727) 517-3400 | 12651 Walsingham Rd, Largo, FL 33774-3627 Choosing an appraiser is not always easy. Simply choosing a name from a bank or accepting the recommendation of someone can be dangerous. Even if the appraiser is good as a valuer, there are other important considerations, such as the availability of litigation support from the appraisal firm, the understanding of value concepts, having an adequate staff, and the ability of the chosen firm to perform a good audit with good descriptions of the assets.
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Appraiser St Petersburg Florida

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Lawsuit could blast a $250 million hole in county budget Cliff Lee’s Earnings Capacity Is At Its Peak. Would He Be Able to Keep It All If He Divorced In New York?
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Hello to everybody and sorry for the mix-up of last week’s blog, I missed the deadline because my mind was still on a holiday mode. Well this will be the final blog for this series on Mortgage Fraud and Red Flags.
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Top South Carolina Lawyers The sales comparison approach (comparing a property’s characteristics with those of comparable properties that have recently sold in similar transactions).
I can appreciate your financial situation. Many of us have been there or are close to being there, and certainly we all know someone who has been there.
Estate Appraisal 6701 W 64th Street The market value of variable renewables: The effect of solar wind power variability on their relative price☆☆☆
× Hello All – Last week I covered the basic guidelines for the HECMs (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage). As outlined the guidelines are very basic since there is no credit qualifying; and could make an excellent source of additional income for seniors on fixed income. However, there are many questions that seniors as well as their heirs need answered before deciding to commit to the HECM.
landscape-tablet-and-medium-wide-browser pinterest Journal Article:  Under the current RICS Valuation Standards, the following bases of value are recognized:
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Collectibles Owning a Home Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter+1 us on Google+ Ch 4. Raising Capital for Business: Help… Atlantic-City-Nj-New-Jersey High-efficiency windows. Energy Star certified windows can lower your home’s energy bills by 7 to 15 percent.
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The whole point of having an appraisal done is to provide an equitable distribution or settlement-one that is fair, impartial, and unbiased.  Having the right appraiser will instill trust in the process and credibility in the final outcome.
Article: Careful Selection of an Appraisal Management Company Partner Can Help Lenders with Regulatory Compliance
Valuation Services Inc RELATED FAQS For example, single apartment buildings of a given quality tend to sell at a particular price per apartment. In many of those cases, the sales comparison approach may be more applicable. On the other hand, a multiple-building apartment complex would usually be valued by the income approach, as that would follow how most buyers would value it. As another example, single-family houses are most commonly valued with the greatest weighting to the sales comparison approach. However, if a single-family dwelling is in a neighborhood where all or most of the dwellings are rental units, then some variant of the income approach may be more useful. So the choice of valuation method can change depending upon the circumstances, even if the property being valued does not change much.
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This free mortgage training video discusses definition of IRA & 401(k) Income, required documentation, additional requirement, effective income calculation and more. Ideal for loan processors, officers and underwriters.
Check Your Phone 5.1 International Other than child custody, one of the most hotly contested issues in a divorce is often disposition of the marital home. In addition to your emotional investment in the property, you and your spouse have probably spent years paying for it. You must make a choice between selling it, or deciding that one of you will keep it. A fluctuating real estate market can make the decision even more difficult.
Loan Processor Training : Self-Employment Made Easy – Part 2 of 2 Dart Appraisal Grows Washington Panel to Meet Demand Dentists
Realtor Tips + 100.0% City GuidesMore Cities » Learn About HomeValue Marketing New York NY 10001 (767) For home buyers and home sellers, knowing current market value helps you make smart decisions about how much to offer on a house you want, or how to price a home you’re selling.
Alexandra Leichter, Practical Tips on Preparing and Trying Child Custody Cases, Leichter Leichter-Maroko LLP, (2013), http://llmfamilylaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/practical-tips-for-custody-cases.pdf/.
Conditions of Use New Orleans real estate Do you think that this policy change on REO appraisals will help or hinder REO sales?
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GOODWILL INDUSTRIES Local Government Finance, Department of * Required Field Salvador Dali Images and Works © Copyright 2018 Salvador Dali Employment and Fellowships Gain a better understanding of the sales comparison method of site valuation and the common types of adjustments that illustrate this methodology 
2.1.1 Liquidation value Before you do anything, we encourage you not to throw anything away. Estate sales are our arena. We can find and sell that rusty old coffee tin in the garage for $1,000.
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Market-Based Instrument On the appraisal the sales type of each comp is listed. The appraiser listed an REO sale as an arms length transaction. She is required to list it as an REO sale even if it was an arms length transaction. The house sold for about $30,000 less than the 6 homes in the same development that were arms length transactions. Even if she refused to make an adjustment since foreclosures sell at a lower price than non foreclosures, she still has to list that it was a REO sale.
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Personal Injury attorney in Des Moines Again, we understand your timeline and the specific situation of an REO house, as well as the special data you’ll need – competing listings, market trends, and the like. You can rely on Widener Appraisal Inc. to take on the appraisal of your REO professionally and efficiently. Contact us today.
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Don’t try to low-ball an appraisal if you are filing for bankruptcy. An appraisal that is not professional, or appears to be slanted in favor of the debtor, is unlikely to find favor with the court. It’s illegal to file a dishonest appraisal with the court, and some debtors have been prosecuted for doing so. That’s another reason to have an appraisal done by a reputable company. The Read & Kelley appraisal firm in Florida advises a debtor to obtain an appraisal report that is printed and signed, with a complete description of the appraised property, and a description of the methodology used to determine the valuations.
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Realtors.com Do you Need a Tax Pro? St Petersburg Fl Commercial Property Appraisals, St Petersburg Florida Strategies For Family Law Illinois
Legal Help Articles We Have Also Performed Discounted Gross Sellouts for Subdivision Development and Condominium Conversions. We Have Also Appraised Rural Farms and Ranches. We Are Also Available for Appraisal/Consultation Assignments.
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An Amazon.com company. The Basics of Expert Witness for Commercial Appraisers (7 hrs)
When a case is filed, a debtor must list all of the property they claim is exempt. The trustee then has thirty days to object to the debtor’s claim of exemptions, otherwise the trustee’s right is waived and the exemptions stand. If the trustee files the objection to the claim of exemptions, the objection must be justified by some kind of measurable facts. Typically, the trustee states that they disagree with the value assigned to the debtor’s property. For instance, if the debtor lists his car’s value at $1,000, which he’s allowed to keep but the trustee feels it’s worth an amount closer to $2,000. This would be a valid ground for the trustee’s objection. The debtor would then have to either amend their list of exempt property or attend a hearing in front of the judge and argue the evidence with the trustee.
Refinancing your mortgage The HomeAdvisor Community Rating is an overall rating based on verified reviews and feedback from our community of homeowners that have been connected with service professionals. See individual business pages for full, detailed reviews.
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The various U.S. appraisal groups and international professional appraisal organizations have started collaborating in recent years towards the development of International Valuation Standards. This will facilitate global real estate appraisal standards, a much-needed adjunct to real estate investment portfolios which cross national boundaries. Some appraisal groups are already international organizations and thus, to some extent, already incorporate some level of global standards.
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Learn how to get started with or without money, If your workfile comes under examination, every “i” must be dotted and “t” crossed to avoid trouble. This course will give you t…
Branding vs Marketing vs Advertising Local Podcast Marketing/Surveys How to Become an Appraiser or Assessor of Real Estate About this section
Multiple percentage rates: A lease agreement in which the percentage rent rate changes at various increments of sales. Chapter 13 Training and Info Contact Information for Frequently Called Numbers
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Home Estimates Search Coates PDF Producer: IMDb Everywhere NJ Prescription Monitoring Program North Carolina
Pre-Listing 2019 Kia Sportage Google Marketing Strategy: Sometimes a property does not generate interest as a short sale, but that does not mean it is not worth the listing price or more. Short sales tend to have a stigma among buyers, so they often need to be priced more aggressively to generate interest. Moreover, it is very common to see short sales generate very little interest at a certain price, but the same property will sell quickly as an REO at that same price. The listing agent and/or home owner need to understand the market in order to set the right price for the property, whether a short sale, REO or traditional sale.
15-year fixed rates DIY The amount of people working as a real estate appraiser has declined significantly. For example, 78,500 real estate appraisers were working in the U.S. in 2015, but this is down 20 percent from 2007. A big part of this change can be attributed to an aging population of appraisers. In fact, 62 percent of all appraisers are 51 or older while only 13 percent are 35 or younger. That may mean that there will soon be a need for more qualified appraisers.
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Email: victoriaring1958@gmail.com Are You Breaking the Law?
When you’re ready for a professional home-value assessment, a Redfin real estate agent can evaluate your home in person and give you pricing recommendations based on its unique characteristics. Talk to a Redfin Agent who specializes in your area for a free consultation.
Home Equity Loan vs. Cash-Out Refinance How AFSCME sabotaged the Illinois economy The income approach is an approach through which an appraiser derives a value estimate for income-producing property by converting anticipated benefits – for example, cash flows and reversions – into current property value. This conversion can be accomplished in two ways: 1) one year’s income expectancy or an annual average of several years’ income expectancies may be capitalized at a market derived capitalization rate, or at an overall rate that reflects a specified income pattern, return on investment, and change in the value of the investment; or 2) the annual cash flows may be discounted for the holding period and the reversion of the sale price, several years later, at a specified yield rate.

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Explore over 20,000 real estate-related companies Thinkstock An evaluation of the overall real estate market in the area. Putnam County Gain a greater understanding of the lending and foreclosure processes leading to properties becoming real estate owned (REO), and the ro…
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What is my home worth? –2015 Mortgage Insurance Update– Appraisers may have strong feelings about Appraisal Management Companies, but with about 80% of the mortgage appraisal volume engaged through AMCs, working with an AMC is almost a necessity as an appraiser today. Join appraisal instructor Tony Pistilli as he explores the best practices for working with AMCs and growing your business. Learn techniques to help you maximize the benefits of your AMC partnerships, including the best questions to ask when interviewing potential AMC clients and how to improve your appraiser score with AMCs.
Industry data collected from Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate. How to Manage an Off-Site Virtual Workforce Employee
»Home Value Estimator Tampa Bay Appraisal Company 1945 Northfork Cir Clearwater, FL 33760-1250 (727) 328-7475 | 4566 26th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33713-3227 Interested in being a part of our team? View our current openings by clicking below.
Excellent service to capture seller leads and an amazing back-end support. I had issues at first getting it to work, but I contacted support and they got it up and running in no time!!
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