Dismiss your pride and be open to learn from other leaders at your level. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Never make them feel that people can’t approach you, and that they can’t tell you something. What is the best use of your time? To succeed as a 360 Degree Leader who leads peer-to-peer, you have to work at giving your colleagues reasons to respect and follow you. John C. Maxwell, in his book 360 Degree Leadership, defined three key principles for middle managers to lead and influence all areas of the organisation. Going back to the first principle of leading up, we need to lead by example and lead in the way we want to be influenced. Maxwell said that, “Whatever actions leaders reward, will be repeated.”.

Bring something to the table. If you desire to become a better leader, get comfortable with change. To gauge such things, you have to read between the lines. If you want to gain influence and credibility with people working alongside you, there are principles that must be followed. Go-To players are the people who find a way to make things happen no matter what.

If you can help them … Good leaders give their power away. For the full read, you can get this book on Amazon, What We Learned From The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Copyright 2019: the10minuteleader.com   -  Designed by Thrive Themes Keep your sense of humour, Be truthful and transparent in your words and actions, Don’t compete for ideas – simply allow them to flow, choosing the best one, Make it a habit of walking your workplace and discussing tasks and work with your teams, Encourage creative thinking and improvement ideas – empower them to identify and implement improvements, Create a healthy balance between personal and professional interest, Actually care – don’t pretend, but care about what they say and how they feel, Find out each person’s dreams and aspirations and help them achieve them through learning and development, Give them the right job in accordance to these strengths, Identify the skills people must have, to be a success in the workplace, Provide world-class training to ensure that people are equipped to win, Never cut corners because its ok for you to do so, Demonstrate the right values and complete tasks in a productive way, Ensure team members understand the purpose, Keep their responsibilities challenging but not unattainable, Motivate and energise them through passion, Focus on the past, present and the future when encouraging team members, Allow them to take control of creating ideas and actions to achieve these goals, Encourage the right behaviour that you set, Create innovative ways to reward and feedback (it’s not just about money), Always look for opportunities to provide positive feedback as the norm. Give a return on your leader's investment. If you would not follow yourself, why. The goal here is not to find a friend, but to be a friend. Be honest with your leader, Stand up for your leader and stand in for them when they need your support, Ask your leader where you can take some of the load from them, Be brave and put yourself on the line, despite the fear of getting things wrong – After all, fear is just an irrational thought that hasn’t happened, Find ways to succeed with difficult people, Admit faults and don’t hide from mistakes with your leader, Perform tasks that may not be part of your job description, but which allows you to grow and develop value, Face change head on – challenge the status quo and find better ways of doing things, Encourage progress and innovation with those around you – take the lead and allow them to follow your example, Work more with intangible factors like helping improve people’s morale, their motivation, energy levels and attitudes.