In addition, regular VSI testing of the proprietary security mix is performed.

Unlike regular concrete used in construction, the concrete for bank vaults is so thick that it cannot be poured. Vault Structures, Inc.  |  3640 Work Drive  |  Fort Myers, FL 33916  |  Telephone: 239-332-3270  |  Toll Free: 800-226-3990  |  Fax: 239-332-5593. a wrecking ball and a mounted jackhammer to completely flatten historic bank vault, demolition experts at DT Specialized Services. An alternative is to wrap the column in steel plate welded together and to the vault ceiling and floor.

Other sections of the walls, floors, and ceiling can have the cement hammered away with a mounted jackhammer. It won Top Fintech Startup worldwide in 2016 at Silicon Valley Forum’s World Cup hosted by Microsoft. If you do decide that the job of removing a vault without professional help seems to much of a risk please do not hesitate to contact us. The lorry will need to be fitted with a heavy duty crane arm to make it possible to load the panels, conventional tail lift lorry’s would simply not be able manage this load. The sales cycle reduced from 10-months to 10-minutes, at 10x the price per user, and 1/10th of the cost of delivery.

The construction of the vault itself is built by the manufacturer at their location.

Every client is guaranteed absolute privacy and discretion.

It also sets very quickly, drying in only six to 12 hours, instead of the three to four days needed for most concrete. To be honest, since every bank vault is different, demolishing a bank vault is a huge undertaking, which leads us to our next conclusion. Alternatively you can call our office to discuss your requirements.

These are installed in accordance with U.L. These are made from concrete with zero ‘slump’, a quality that means it is super-strong and sets very quickly when put into the moulds. Either a pored concrete room with reinforced walls and a large vault door and frame fixed into the entrance of the room, or a prefabricated room made up of large panels filled with steel and hardened concrete welded or bolted together. The door is also filled with this same nearly-impenetrable concrete. The angle is secured to the vault floor and the vault panels are secured to it. Our safe custody service enables customers deposit important documents and prized possessions securely, protecting them from theft, natural disasters and other threats.

Either a pored concrete room with reinforced walls and a large vault door and frame fixed into the entrance of the room, or a prefabricated room made up of large panels filled with steel …

Overall, there is no reason why a vault in your new space can’t be a great conversation starter. Each safe has bond boxes within, which has provision for optional locking by the box owner who solely holds the keys to the bond box. Angle iron may be eliminated if the contractor embeds steel in the slab to allow the vault panels to be anchored.

The pored concrete vault will be much harder to remove.

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Our strong Vault system takes care of your Gold/Jewelries Storage. Due to the ongoing change in the banking sector and the continuing closures of high street bank branches we are seeing an increased amount of ex bank premises being redeveloped by landlords. These standards require retesting for each class every seven years, which allows U.L. It was 1,000x leverage and team re-branded as BankVault to focus on cybersecurity.

Many people believe that there is a scrap value of these vault rooms however they are made up of mostly concrete so scrap dealers are not interested in taking them. We offer a purpose-built vault, safe, protected by cutting edge security and sophisticated technology, which surpasses the standards set by banks.

Make sure that the vault is inspected by a licensed professional.

Overall ceiling height is the only restriction, as the size of the I-beam increases. It can be deployed in hours where competing solutions require weeks or months. Modular support walls support the I-beam, and the vault panels are inserted into the beam channel and welded. Does anyone know of any codes or standards governing the structural design of bank vaults? In fact, it’s amazing to see how many creative uses people have found for old bank vaults, converting them into everything from coffee shops and restaurants, to dressing rooms and art galleries.