For those of you who want to create a contract like this, you can research from a few different sites. Sit down together and talk about the effectiveness of the contract and any proposed changes, and amend the contract as circumstances change. Behavior contracts are especially good for teens with past or current behavior problems, as well as for troubled teens with physical or mental disabilities. When your teen sees that her input is important, she'll be more motivated to uphold her end of the contract. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. It's unlikely that your D-average student will end up on the honor roll overnight, but your contract may help him acquire the study skills and dedication necessary to get him there over time. Example Behavioral Contracts _____ Recommended Resource: Scott P. Sells, Ph.D. (2001). They help children to focus on the behaviour that is expected from them and they remind parents to catch their children being good and pay attention to it. About the Author. I wouldn’t say my teenager participates willingly in this system (grudgingly would be a better description) but he cares enough about having some tech time that he is prepared to do the things necessary to earn it and not to lose it. It’s a really flexible strategy that you can tailor to your own particular circumstances or just use as a short term measure to focus on changing something specific. We all get stuck in a parenting hole from time to time. He can earn additional tech time by reading books and participating in sport too. If he wants extra time, he has to earn it. Updated 10/22/2020.

Instead, they need to show you they can handle more privileges … Required fields are marked *. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Print. The idea of a behaviour contract is that, just like a reward chart for younger children, it sets out clearly what behaviour is expected, what rewards or privileges will be earned by doing that behaviour but also what the consequences will be for misbehaviour. Save. , i love the idea of paying minimal pocket money so they have to top it up with household chores. Teen behavior contracts are formal written agreements on behavior expectations between a teen and a parent and/or school counselor or administrator. For teens, behavior contracts make both the rules and the consequences of breaking the rules clear and can help develop habits of good behavior. Sit down with your teen once you have an idea of what you would like in the contract and explain which specific behaviors you would like to change and why. Consequences could include one or more of the following: Parents can make their own teen behavior contracts, get one from a teacher or counselor, or buy them from companies that provide contracts. And in me remembering to praise and encourage and acknowledge when he gets it right (rather than losing it when he gets it wrong). You want your teen to work hard and stick to the agreement, so lay out what she can expect to receive for her efforts in the contract. About the Author. Featured Behavior Contracts: $19.95 – Visit Today, A clear description of the good behavior expected from the teen, What the positive consequences of the behavior will be, What the negative consequences of not performing the specific behavior will be, What the adults involved are expected to do, A clear plan to help the teen achieve the good behavior, A place for the signatures of the teen and adults involved, Behavior at home, including treatment of other family members, language, or doing chores, Clothing, tattoos, piercings, and other appearance issues, Extracurricular activities or how free time is spent, Writing a report about the rule that was broken and why it is important, National Education Association, Classroom Management, Behavior Contracts [online], Parent / Teen Behavior Contracts, [online], U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “Stop Bullying Now,” Involvement of Law Enforcement Officers in Bullying Protection [online], National Library of Medicine, Health Services/Technology Assessment Text, “Behavioral Contracts in a Treatment Program for People Who Are Deaf” [online]. Here's how to begin negotiations. If the behavior contract involves others, such as a teacher or counselor at school or a law enforcement officer, try to include that person in the meeting as well. Money is obviously an option, and phone credit, or a points system that adds up to weekly prizes (these don’t have to cost money – a bike ride with Dad would do it, if that’s what your teen cares about). Download: Parent-Child Behavior Contracts Download: Sample Fidget Contract Download: Cell Phone Contracts for Kids Download: Homework Contract for Your Child Share. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aim for realistic change and a moderate reward. He is allowed only a very small amount of time playing games on his Xbox or the computer each day. Listen to your teen's input about the details of the contract and make any reasonable changes accordingly.

This is a popular tool for parents dealing with teenagers. Behavior Contracts! 1. Practical tips on how to be the parent your child needs and create happy family dynamics (but still do your job!). The Teen Behavior Contract. Your email address will not be published.