And if the bigger fish gets bigger and bigger all the way to infinity, logically, there must be a fish that is INFINITELY large."

(The original version of this story was published May 15 and can be found below.). The heavy bass, combined with Staples’ confident delivery, creates an intimidating tone that makes “SAMO” feel like a warning to other artists. Vince Staples' upcoming album Big Fish Theory will feature a number of guest appearances. He speaks on multiple topics that will reappear later in the record, such as success, race and how he views his own music. - What is the Big Fish Theory? Tous les téléchargements de jeux sont 100% sûrs et sécurisés. Yeah Right 08. Listening to the opening few moments of the song makes the listener feel like they are submerged in deep water. "Summertime '06" marks the official arrival of a new voice in hip-hop that demands to be heard. Joji’s New Album ‘Nectar’ Hypnotizes, But It Lacks Depth, Socially Distanced Music Festivals Try Making the Most Out of COVID-19, Quarantine Collaborations Are Blowing Away Electronic Dance Music Fans, Dance and Anime Are Shaking Up Standard Music Videos. Aucune pub, aucun spam - juste de grands jeux à jouer ! Similarly to how some people may separate themselves from their problems with drugs, Staples uses his ability to control a crowd to escape from his problems, even though it never actually solves anything.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Is a Glimpse Into the Inclusive World We Should Strive For. In the same vein of 'Yeezus,' 'Big Fish Theory' finds Vince challenging the very idea of what a rapper can create. It was not until May 18 that Staples confirmed that he would be releasing an album, titled “Big Fish Theory,” on June 23, as well as dropping the second single from the album, “Big Fish.” In the lead up to the release, Staples released a third single, “Rain Come Down,” and a track list for the album. This would be fitting from the viewpoint of a black entertainer cognizant of his expendability, especially one who was once trapped in a cycle of violence by both the state and rivaling gangs. There’s also the big-fish-little-pond effect as a framing of the album. The Def Jam signee’s second studio LP is made up of 12 tracks, also including “BagBak” and “Big Fish.”. As a result, you get moments like “Yeah Right,” where, sprints through New York slang and a Dana Dane reference after a trance breakdown, and, harmonizes within the deep house of “Love Can Be…” Gothic closer “Rain Come Down” unfurls like a soot-covered “Fade,” except with a more serrated baseline, spastic clatters, and less Post Malone (but more. Both Summertime ‘06 and Prima Donna personify the projects; both say a lot and very little. Party People11. A prima donna is defined as, “a temperamental person; a person who takes adulation and privileged treatment as a right and reacts with petulance to criticism or inconvenience.” In many ways, it fits the description of a diva. June 23rd.' The closest thing we get to a political manifesto is “BagBak,” where he disses the president and calls for more “Tamikas and Shaniquas in that Oval Office.” The rest is a collection of allusive experimentations chiseled by Vince’s laser focus. In the film, Edward tells that he was a big fish in a small pond, indicating that he had to get out of his small town. Big Fish Theory represents that sort of fight against suffocation, but with added neon lights. The project marks the Def Jam Recordings artist’s second studio album and is the follow-up to 2016’s Prima Donna EP. Big Fish Theory tracklist: 01. It’s tomorrow. Big Fish Theory Vince Staples; 12 videos; 10,250 views; Last updated on Apr 15, 2020; Play all Share. So far, the only single from the album is “Bagbak,” which was released in early February.

Prima Donna, the seven-track follow up, was another abstract adventure, but one that followed a narrative based on a more present-day Vince. Upvote +9 Downvote. Loading... Save. Speaking of water, since Vince hails from Long Beach, it’s possible Big Fish Theory is about returning home after becoming a fairly successful rapper. The 12-track project is out June 23rd. Make sure you typed in your email correctly. top new controversial old random q&a live (beta) Want to add to the discussion?

Kyle Kramer, the Vice journalist who conducted the interview with Vince, described the album’s idea as, “Conflicting expectations, mixing, for instance, ‘holy water with the Voss. The outspoken MC comes through with his latest offering titled Big Fish Theory.. I have a feeling that the subject will be similar to an ocean―shallow enough to stand in but only when you move deeper do you get into the infinite depths of the water.

If Vince is basing his album’s concept around the scientific meaning, I believe it’s coming to terms with the fact that there will always be someone bigger than you. Vince Staples is one of the only rappers I believe when he says he doesn't want to be famous. Instead, Staples borrows a hook from Rick Ross, and says that no one is going to stop him from being remembered as a legend.

Over the weekend, he posted an Instagram photo of a large fish in a small fishbowl with the caption “5.19.17 12AM.”. Alyssa Interlude 04. The fraught dynamic and the dizzying aesthetics make.

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Vince's attention to detail is why the concept album medium is perfect for a wordsmith who is able to crafts worlds to live within; songs that are meant to complete a picture, instead of songs that are meant to stand alone. But Vince’s preoccupation with death and the transience of Internet-era celebrity hasn’t softened all that much: The album is aware that after the bodies stop gyrating, the sun must come up. On “Big Fish,” Staples takes a moment to reflect on his success and how far he has come at this point in his career. RZA Dug Up An Old Lyric Book To Work On Long-Awaited Album 'The Cure', Action Bronson Auditioned For A Role In The Upcoming 'Matrix' Movie, Mike Tyson Reveals His Daughter Confronted Boosie Badazz Over Transphobic Comments Amid Podcast Interview, Cardi B Co-signs Ciara & Baby Future’s 'Invasion Of Privacy'-Inspired Halloween Costumes, Lil Yachty’s TV Show Based On His Life Moves To HBO Max Following Quibi's Demise, Westside Gunn Continues Relentless Release Schedule By Announcing 'Sincerely Adolf' Project, Dr. Dre's Estranged Wife Wants 3 Of His Alleged Mistresses To Testify In $1B Divorce, 50 Cent Has Something To Say About Lil Wayne's Donald Trump Endorsement, Common Finally Addresses Jaguar Wright's Sexual Assault Claims, Busta Rhymes Wishes He Would’ve Collaborated With Mac Miller, Griselda Affiliate Kane Wave Talks Benny The Butcher Inspiration As He Drops '2x' Video, King Von Says Akon Can Never Be Forgiven For Working With 'Rat Ass N-gga' Tekashi 6ix9ine, French Montana Says He's Sitting On Nearly A Project's Worth Of Songs With Pop Smoke, Westside Gunn Makes His Feelings Clear About Eminem's Tweet Promoting The Alchemist's Album, Ebro Darden Declares Tekashi 6ix9ine Is 'Completely Finished', Nick Cannon Says Eminem Has Best Flow Of All Time: 'Salute To You King', Royce Da 5'9 Reacts To Lil Wayne's Donald Trump Endorsement As Expected, Lil Wayne Endorses Donald Trump & Touts His Platinum Plan At The White House, 50 Cent Says 'Fuck Donald Trump' After Ex Chelsea Handler Entices Him With Sex, Drake Recreates His Album Covers To Announce 'Certified Lover Boy' Release Date, Offset, Diddy, Common, De La Soul & More Join The Anti-Trump Wagon, Lil Pump Endorses Donald Trump Over Joe Biden's Tax Plan: 'Fuck Sleepy Joe Nigga, Trump 2020 Bitch', Tory Lanez Promises 'Flood Of New Music' Following 'DAYSTAR' Album, Sada Baby Wants To Trade Eminem For Nickelback Because He Hates His Raps & Persona, 50 Cent Says 'Vote For Trump' After Seeing Joe Biden's Tax Plan: 'I Don't Care Trump Doesn't Like Black People', Diddy On 2020 Election: 'WE ARE ON THE VERGE OF A RACE WAR', Ice Cube Defends Trump Association During Interview With CNN's Chris Cuomo Then Calls Out Don Lemon, Mac Miller Fans Outraged Over TDE's REASON Name-Dropping Him On New Album, T.I. Staples claims that his entire persona is “false bravado all masked by wealth.” The track is an interesting commentary on how people expect artists to be entertaining regardless of what may be happening in their lives. Suicide is committed in the first song, and the EP slowly take listeners backward from riches to rags―the genius of Prima Donna is how reversing the tracklisting will tell his tale from rags to riches. Yet, his ability to articulate these ideas in multiple different ways is one of his strengths as an artist. "Any fisherman will tell you that although you may catch big fish in your time, there is always one slightly bigger. Big Fish Theory out June 23rd btw !!!! The struggle of adjusting is a reminder there's no guidebook to handle success and fame. ’s core tension.

Big Fish03. Scientifically, the Big Fish Theory is a concept that states the universe is a fish—a big fish. Unlike Summertime ‘06, there’s no telling whether Prima Donna represented Vince’s psyche, or if it was simply a project embodying the feeling of going crazy during intoxicating popularity. Features. Does he feel people love his music, or what the music illustrates? Staples is declaring on this track that he is done doing anyone favors, and is all about himself from now on. Finally, the features on “Big Fish Theory” all fit perfectly and don’t feel out of place.

Corey Smyth (Staples’ manager) told “LA Weekly” that, “If you can wake up every day and know that rent is paid, and you don’t have to worry about where your next meal is coming from, and you know that if someone you love and care about asked you for something, you can give it to them, it changes perspective.”  Smyth says, “Those are three things I know for sure he had to deal with that he doesn’t have to deal with now.”. Vince Staples is not a gangster-rapper, despite what many have labeled him following his critically acclaimed debut studio album, “Summertime ’06.” The album acted as a lens into Staples’ psyche, and it established him as a legitimate contender in the competitive hip-hop landscape. They don’t accept death by lying prostrate; they spasmodically swim about for life. The beginning of “Alyssa Interlude” includes a snippet of an interview with Amy Winehouse. Try any game, free and #playinspired! The very same hook that started the song instantly has a different connotation, as it is clear that Staples is essentially begging for approval from this woman that he is talking to.