Bill Stewart Interview. [8][9] Stewart presented official press credentials issued by the office of the Nicaraguan president. [8][13] He was buried in Ashland, Kentucky. Archives, U of endstream endobj 188 0 obj <>stream

University BILL STEWART! [19] Hackman's Alex Grazier and Nolte's Russell Price are amalgamations of Bill Stewart's life and career as a journalist and war correspondent. [4] When they were a few meters away from the soldiers, cameraman Jack Clark began filming from inside the van. Released: 2020 Track listing: She Was Young; Falling Grace; Portsmouth Figurations; Awful Coffee; Eiderdown; Hullo Bolinas; Away; In F; Radio.

2 very interesting and genuine players. Type. ... Be sure to check out the various interviews that Bill has given over the years. Interview: Brent Keefe DRUMMER Magazine. Library Services, News &

Stewart, William B. Pflaum, Ann M. Issue Date 2001-03-19. Services, Digital PABLO HELD INVESTIGATES: CHRIS POTTER – Pablo Held Investigates, PABLO HELD INVESTIGATES: BILL CARROTHERS – Pablo Held Investigates, PABLO HELD INVESTIGATES: JOHN SCOFIELD – Pablo Held Investigates, THE TRIO MEETS SCOFIELD (audio commentary). It was Gary Burton who brought Steve Swallow—with electric bass in tow—into the teaching ranks of the Berklee College of Music in the early 1970s. Filmmaker Joerg Steineck's Top Ten John Scofield Albums, Your Choice From the MoonJune Records Catalog. In his All About Jazz interview, Berlin-based filmmaker Joerg Steineck discusses the making of his documentary Inside Scofield. M Web Archive, Copyright

3 recommend. The renowned jazz drummer Bill Stewart discusses his latest release Space Squid, the art … work without it. We cover a lot of ground here, talking about his records, composing, practicing routines,  memorable concerts, his influences and a lot more. Some features of this site may not This article was originally published at All About Jazz in November 1999.

Touring this summer As is often the case I've been touring Europe during the dreaded festivals. [11] Brenes testified that the private related to him that he had killed Stewart "because he tried to run away". a series of interviews. [8] A soldier approached him, kicked him once in the ribs, then stepped back and shot him behind his right ear, killing him instantly.

On June 20, 1979, Stewart was traveling in a press van in the eastern slums of the capital city of Managua with his camera and sound crew when they were stopped at a roadblock run by the Nicaraguan Guardia, President Anastasio Somoza Debayle's main force. A group of analysts was assembled to pursue an investment philosophy similar to the one that earned Bill’s clients over 16% a year after fees for the 38-year history of W.P. Previous Next

All rights reserved. You’ll see me geeking out here a little in my conversation with master drummer & composer Bill Stewart. [14], The news crew smuggled the footage out of the country and sent it to New York. "[16], Shortly after the killings, the Nicaraguan national guard reported that they had arrested Corporal Lorenzo Brenes ("Brenis" in some reports), the corporal responsible for Stewart's murder, and that he would be "brought before legal officers". While at Ohio State, he was active in many extracurricular activities including the Student Senate and the Sphinx honorary society, as well as a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.

Bill Stewart’s loose-limbed, post-bop fusillades have been turning instrumentalists’ heads for close to 20 years. Self-taught on drums, Stewart is also a capable pianist, the instrument on which he composes. As the title suggests, the film takes a look at guitar icon John Scofield's career and life on (and off) the road as a touring jazz musician. Percussionist Bill Stewart made his name as the rhythmic force behind guitarist John Scofield 's band, working with him for five years between 1990 and 1995. [20], "ABC Reporter and Aide Killed By Soldier in Nicaraguan Capital; Carter Calls Killings Barbaric", "Slayer of newsman died in battle, soldier testifies", "Correspondents Decry Killing of ABC Reporter in Nicaragua", "Nicaragua war victim forgotten but not by mom", "Self-interest demands intervention in Nicaragua to stop Marxist threat", "Central American situation changing, but the U.S. press is missing the story", "Bill Stewart Statement on the Death of the ABC News Correspondent", "Watch Days of Fury (1979) on the Internet Archive", President Carter's statement on Stewart's murder,, 20th-century American non-fiction writers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Murdered by the National Guard (Nicaragua), This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 18:49. BY TIMOTHY ORR. [9] Pablo Tiffer López was driving the ABC van, and he testified that a soldier remarked of Stewart, "I'm sure he's no journalist. At 50, the saxophonist has found acceptance in a wide variety of musical settings, having performed with pop stars like ... From the 1995-2003 archive: This article first appeared at All About Jazz in May 2002. Bill Stewart Interview Internalising The Form.

[2] He came to ABC News from WCCO-TV in Minneapolis.