Throughout the episode, their relationship progresses, until Beverley (played by Jo Enright) reveals to Brian that she works for the DSS and was sent to investigate him for fraudulent disability claims. The show is a spin-off from the "In the Club" episode of the spoof documentary series That Peter Kay Thing, and in turn was followed by the spin-off Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere.

Potter also christens them Ant & Dec (after the famous Geordie duo). Known for his no-nonsense approach he claims to be a serious bouncer and a bit of a hard-man, which in reality is far from the truth. I have a dream, people, I have a dream.

Although Jerry is arguably the closest the show has to a 'straight man', he is also prone to blunders. Quieter than Les, he is somewhat the "sidekick" of the duo. View production, box office, & company info, Peter Kay announces comeback with Dance for Life charity shows, ‘Top Gear’: British Entertainers Paddy McGuinness and Freddie Flintoff Replace Matt LeBlanc In Car Format, BBC Preps Gameshow ‘Catchpoint’ With Paddy McGuinness From Team Behind ‘The Weakest Link’ and ‘5 Gold Rings’. When Max and Paddy returned from France with two Chinese immigrants who had stowed away in their lorry, rather than report them, Brian immediately put them to work in the kitchen. |, The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Please read the following before uploading.

In what was to become an iconic moment for the series he calls Max and Paddy as they are driving elderly Asian gentlemen to a mosque and singing at the tops of their voices to "Theme from 'Minder'".

Les (played by Toby Foster) forms one half of the club's backing band, Les Alanos (whose name they explain comes from the two members – "Les, Alan: us"). Brian Potter (12 episodes, 2001-2002) Dave Spikey. 18 facts; 18 facts; Brian Potter. He is a warm character at heart, and bad luck does seem to follow the hapless wheelchair-bound Brian wherever he goes. He runs the entertainment at The Phoenix, which includes his very own Free 'n' Easy Night.

Spencer: Gormless but enthusiastic young barman. Les is the house guitarist and drummer who is just looking for a way into the entertainment business. Brian Potter devises ideas for the club to attract more customers, usually to the disapproval of Jerry "The Saint" St. Clair. He uses the stage name, "Jerry St. Clair", both on and off the stage, although Brian Potter is occasionally known to refer to him by his real name. Max and Paddy spot the man they were meant to kill in town, and are later confronted by his angry wife, who hints that she has put a hit out on them. Jerry St. … On 8 May 2007, another announcement by Kay was made promising another series will be made. He also claims to have had more life experience than he has actually had; for example, he claims to have had a stint in the army. He finds Les working as a butcher, Kenny Senior as a lollipop man (constantly lying to the kids crossing the road), Ray Von at a fairground, and Holy Mary in church. His name – possibly a stage name – is a play on "Rave On!". Kenny isn't the sharpest knife in the draw and this shows when, in the second series, he gets his face painted like a tiger at the 'Phoenix Fun Day' and can't get it off so attempts to cover it with fake tan and foundation. Ray first starred in series one after he helped keep the club open following a power cut by rigging the electrics up to a street lamp. A superclub, a King of clubs only this time we'll have it all.

Phoenix Nights is a British sitcom about The Phoenix Club, a working men's club in the northern English town of Bolton, Greater Manchester. However, the event they re-open for, the psychic night, forces Brian to refund all his guests after Clinton Baptiste tells a bit more about the future than the guests would like. Marion replaced Joyce as Mary's cleaning partner at the Phoenix and, as hard as it may seem, makes Mary look bright! Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Lists of British television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing cleanup from December 2009, Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field from December 2009, Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from December 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. She also reveals to Paddy that she paid Max £8,000, of which Paddy only received £1,000.

Although Kay admitted in the commentary that this was a mistake, the first series of Phoenix Nights did have a couple of minor hints that Potter was faking his disability (for instance, in the first episode he moves from his shop mobility to his wheelchair off-screen in a matter of seconds with no assistance).

Like many of Peter Kay's main characters, Potter is often cast in an unsympathetic light.

He is also willing to resort to bribery and blackmail, as he did to ensure Keith Lard gave the club a glowing review by threatening to show a manipulated picture supposedly of Keith naked with an Alsatian (knowing Keith's penchant for bestiality would ensure the picture would be believed). The club's doorman, the Captain, dies, possibly as a result of inhaling smoke from new DJ Ray Von's home-made smoke machine. He suffered from illness in the first series and became addicted to herbal medication in series two. At times you may not notice, but Peter Kaye plays several of the characters. He claimed that the character Keith Lard in Series 1 Episode 3 was based on him.