Since each pedal is loaded with three sounds per side, this also means that there are a ton of potential configurations depending on how each side is set up and where it is positioned in the stack.

You can save and load Sunset/Riverside drive presets and control all knobs and switches via MIDI.

Dan summed up that, “With the dipswitches on the back you can select which nob you want to assign to the expression pedal.” As a result, you can manipulate the gain structure to roll on or off into different sounds, such as a drive that eases off as a fuzz presses in.

And if, by chance (or certainty), you found a favorite setting on the Brothers and didn’t want to lose it, the Chase Bliss Faves pedal bank grants immediate access to nine saved settings, with more thanks to midi. This week on TPS, Dan & Mick undertook an extensive A-B exploration of the Sunset and Brothers to see how they “stack up.”. ), Dan & Mick were both star-struck with the Strymon. Finding Your Ideal 15-Watt Amp: Blues Junior, Bassbreaker, or AC15?

The most apparent asset of this design is the ability to dial in two separate sounds, each with their own characteristics. But if you don’t like that and actually what you want is just a blend, the parallel is really cool.”, Dan & Mick also showcased how the Brothers was a robust stackable drive in both directions and in parallel. Connect our MIDI EXP Cable to the Expression pedal jack to access these features. If Strymon ever does decide to give Sunset the BigSky treatment and create a stereo-capable version with MIDI control, it will be an absolute monster. If one of the main headlines out of winter NAMM 2017 was tandem overdrive pedals, then the Strymon Sunset and Chase Bliss Audio Brothers were front-page news. 2000); Paul Reed Smith DGT (ca. Amps: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe; Victory V40.

First off, after toying with the directional stacks on the Riverside Dan described, “That’s not even the coolest thing. However, even with the limitations that the Sunset carries, the results easily justify the price of admission. Dan: “It’s so good, it’s so, so good.” Mick: “It’s really, really, really good.” To add further evidence to the case, after blending the Brothers’ JFET Fuzz into its IC Drive, Dan added “I love, love, love that pedal.”. Then last year Strymon released the Riverside, a multistage drive pedal. If the myriad of stackable options weren’t enough, these pedals had another surprise in store.

For all things Strymon and Chase Bliss Audio, be sure to stroll the isles over at Riff City.

Sunsetfeatures six different classic topologies to cover a wide range of boost and overdrive pedal styles.

“Everything, everything, everything,” replied Mick.

Side “a” includes modelled sounds entitled Germanium, Texas, and treble, and side “b” is switchable between 2-stage, hard, and JFET overdrives. The coolest this is, you can have ‘a’ going into ‘b,’ or you can have ‘b’ going into ‘a,’ or you can have ‘a’ and ‘b’ and mix them in parallel.” The level control makes it possible to blend either side of the overdrive to the desirable amount, from barely there, to a nudge of boost, to full parallel. A final noteworthy feature of this pair of pedals is the way certain parameters can be controlled using an external expression pedal.

The Riverside and Brothers allow for stacking in either direction (“a” into “b,” or “b” into “a”). For an in-depth look at the Strymon Riverside digital overdrive, be sure to check out Dan & Mick’s test-drive of it from a few months back ( Cascading mu… For starters, these companies have a history of innovation and never disappoint in delivering top-of-the-line yet accessible effects.