I believe if students feel they are involved in the workings of the classroom, they will be more motivated to engage in the class and in turn, learn. Therefore, when making my classroom environment safe and orderly, I must make accommodations to have certain spaces to be multipurpose. I will work to enforce the guidelines and policies so the students can see that I am consistent. d. Use eye contact, gestures, and touches to supplement verbal messages If a student has a problem with the policies, I will talk to that student one-on-one outside of class time to exchange views on the issue. Belkis Rodriguez I have found there are many different causes of disruptive and inappropriate behavior.

o Passes should only be given at times when Mr. Kafka is not lecturing or addressing the class.

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Finally, the last way I will communicate with parents is by talking to them face to face. If I were communicating with the parent because of a problem their child is having in my class, I would first tell them the issue at hand and then offer some possible solutions. Assertive Approach Then I will ask groups to get their backpacks and put away all of their materials. Be calm and consistent, avoid emotion threats ” However, having routines in which dents can predict what will happen can ease the transition from the bus, car or the walk to school to the classroom. The effectively managed classroom is one where a process of planning in several key areas begins before the school year starts. Being able to have the skills to handle situations like this takes practice and experience. Also, I will greet my students as they enter the classroom, talking to each student as they get settled for their day, ensuring that I get to see each student and have contact with each one first thing in the morning. I want to work with them In all circumstances so that we can achieve together and they do not feel Like I am spoon-feeding them Information.

I will post an end of the day wrap up list on the overhead for students to use a guide to get ready to go home. Placing all these in a proper perspective will help me have an effective experience in the classroom, which will then create a positive learning environment for my students. I must also tie the time and/or place of the misbehaving to the consequence. Task 1

These different areas will be defined by what activities will be taking place in them. Classroom Management The author's behavior management plan is for primary school grades (1-3). j. The format I will use is to first introduce the lesson. Essay, 35 pages. When it comes to the teacher’s supplies and materials, I will keep them up and away from the children so that they cannot access them. When I communicate with the children in my classroom I will use “l” statements instead of “you” statements. Choral responses: This is a teacher centred; activity since the teacher is the one who decides what students should repeat with a transactional purpose . Albert recommends informing and involving the students’ parents in class decisions as well. This should help to keep all parties in check with what was agreed on from day one. I believe that in order for my classroom to be an effective learning environment the students need to feel comfortable. If I set goals for my instructional planning, that gives me a start in what direction I need to go in my lesson planning. I believe that teachers should encourage their students. Albert states that the teachers and students should work together to determine consequences for when a student does not follow the class code of conduct. Some These passes will be kept track of in the “pass binder” on my desk. 1.

Essay, Use multiple resourses when assembling your essay, Get help form professional writers when not sure you can do it yourself, Use Plagiarism Checker to double check your essay, Do not copy and paste free to download essays. The second thing was to attend a couple of lesson supervising his performance and figuring out his weak points I know I can’t force a child to change his or her way of behaving, I can only change the way I behave with the child. It is during this time that I will relay what I expect to the students and hopefully find out what it is they expect from me.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Teaching will provide the right environment for all students to learn. Classroom management is imperative for teachers. Instructional strategies will be taught to the best of my ability.

This so called “soft area” is very important for young children because it is important to their mental health and it promotes positive behavior because children who spend long hours in a group environment need time to themselves where they can rest.

f. Give and receive compliments genuinely Type: This reactive is introduced by Thomas Gordon in his theory of Discipline through Inner students in a non-threatening way.

I believe that having a class code of conduct in the classroom allows the students to know how they are expected to behave. COFPMTFL727491 When you have the right control, the classroom will benefit. Blondiney Mendez. Use of low furniture also helps define work spaces that help children concentrate because they will not be distracted by other activities taking place in other areas. I will play quiet music that sets the tone for the day: a warm and relaxing learning environment where we are safe and ready to learn. (Restroom, drinks from the fountain, locker) The following points will be explained to the students and should be followed as the hall pass procedure: o If a pass is needed, the student will be required to fill out and submit the school PASSPORT book to use a pass. Students will get a chance to voice any concerns they might have ahead of time. The Wings Pragmatic Classroom Management Plan supports this belief. Classroom Management Plan.

Approaches to Classroom Management I also would give them other possible people to talk to if they feel that they need to. Classroom management requires a lot of knowledge and skills, and you will also need a classroom management plan for your lessons. I believe any rule thought up by a child can fit into one of these four basic principles. h. Set limits on students and enforce them I want to encourage all students to participate in class so that they can learn from each other as well as me. c. Use a firm tone voice m. Establish positive expectations for student behavior, eliminate negative expectations about students

Therefore, when a child is not following the rules I will state what they are doing wrong and how it relates to one of the four principles. I believe in using “I-messages” to communicate my feelings to the students. I believe that all students should be given this courtesy of knowing what is going to be happening during the school day by reading a daily schedule of the days activities. With either definition there are several things that go into classroom management. Talking will be common place in my classroom, along with group work.

There are two types of logical consequences. Also, I want to find a good balance between teacher directed instruction, independent work and cooperative group work. They define it as “a set of techniques and skills that allow a teacher to control students effectively in order to create a positive learning environment for all students” (2002, p. 384). I will have a policy stating that any student who cannot demonstrate responsible behavior and reliably complete their job will have to give up their Job title and a different student will get their Job. The classroom is a dynamic environment wherein nothing is constant except change and the need to continually adapt. When it comes to supplies and materials in the room, they should be displayed on low shelves where children can reach what they need. our expert writers, Hi, my name is Jenn Having a well managed classroom makes learning more productive and allows the teacher to do her job more efficiently. This belief incises with Linda Labelers Cooperative Discipline as well. ECFPMTFL839534 On the other hand I will use diagnostic forms of assessments when it comes to planning on how far I have to go to get my students to reach the goals or in meeting the standards. I do not believe in forcing the students to do anything. Group Guidance Approach Clearly defined interest areas will allow young children to work best in small groups where they can learn to relate to other children, establish friendships, and solve problems together. | | Very Necessary | Necessary | Not Necessary | Upon returning to class, the student should quietly return to his/her seat and continue working on the lesson or listen to the classroom instruction. The following is how I would explain those four tenets to my class. 1. I hope to have a room with big windows that allow for natural lighting. I believe in creating a code of conduct cooperatively as a class. Running Head: Classroom Management Plan Classroom Management Plan PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY OF CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT My personal philosophy for classroom management focuses on four main tenets that I plan to explain to the students. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. I feel that students should play an active role in the classroom, and that students are capable of making good decisions.