An NPN Transistor Configuration . The common base amplifier uses a bypass capacitor – or a direct connection from base to ground to hold the base at Among all these three configurations common-emitter configuration is mostly used type. The input current flowing into the emitter terminal must be higher than the base current and collector current to operate the transistor, therefore the output collector current is less than the input emitter current.

startxref Now using those values we can draw a graph between the value of IE and VCE at IB constant. �� Y�kc���?Wc��*y��'����� �f����~���@4 nr䅻��$�'���B��g���������^a7 ��ɭ�x��9ko�'Ϲf� d���Zߏ��a.ѱ#z!��2����N����[Eo&�!^���.�H�ܒS�n?Y����+ / ����.|]�Q2E�4�^5�İ��;-wvh�]i��r�v���3*5w?ݼ��K�R�( /3׊�;4�[�ON�+�s�^YT=}�[��͊C G���5���^���;C��j�.Ωm����֑ͨ��z�-��h� �N#� a lower power gain than either the common base or common emitter. It provides a high current gain and low voltage gain. Few important features of this configuration are: It is the function of input current IB and input voltage VCB (collector-emitter voltages) at constant collector-emitter voltage VCE. Common Collector. ��c�� A[&S7]�l2R�أWS����11OU���1���812�M�}p/{)^�x0�o!�h��7�|�;p͔`(������?�f��j�jv]��Ү�8CդM�]�ڳ|��Q��+� Few important features of Common Base configuration are: Circuit diagram of Common Base configuration. Unlike the common-emitter circuit, the input and output signals in the common-base Using this property we construct the circuits and these structures are called transistor configurations. 4 0 obj This simply means that a change in base current produces a change in collector current This configuration allows you to handle large loads. It is the function of the output current IC and out voltage VCE and making input current IB constant. collector current that flows through the high resistance reverse-biased junction also H����n�0��y�9�������q"x�UU�H����l�+Uݤ�8��_��X��NI�����p׆���L����E���$�{���8�gJP��f����0�5��\������ � ���? Solution : Q4.

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Best Wireless Routers In this configuration we use base as common terminal for both input and output signals. Q.26 What are the three transistor configurations? Here base is common in both input and output circuit of the transistor. endstream endobj 312 0 obj <> endobj 313 0 obj <> endobj 314 0 obj <>stream The main feature of the B transistor is that the i/p and o/p of the transistor are in phase. Electric Lawn Mowers Since the input signal is applied to the

common-emitter amplifier. For the sake of understanding, let us consider NPN transistor in CB configuration. %PDF-1.5 %���� hޜ�wTT��Ͻwz��0�z�.0��. However, this circuit is used in high-frequency applications because its terminal characteristics at high frequencies are better than those of a common-emitter configuration using the same transistor. This configuration is also known as emitter follower configuration because the emitter voltage follows the base voltage. ratio, alpha (, The common-collector current gain, gamma (, and is related to collector-to-base current gain, beta (, Since a given transistor may be connected in any of three basic configurations, there The below figure show the output characteristics of common collector. (a) will be 0.90 or: Since part of the emitter current flows into the base and does not appear as collector Circuit Diagram of Common Emitter Configuration.

Common Base Configuration Both voltage and current biasing follow the same rules as those applied to the common emitter amplifier. H��T��1��.i�_q���1�� 0000007053 00000 n �C�����'R\)�b���S2�b�X���(����QNJ�e]�u&�K*���zپ̈z;#"����j�Ff��+�P�������j�2��r>����#��Z{1b^��V�����@B��I��`�t��{�M�ӗ�����MXx>� XV��_�m�b�r42�O�7OW�4��e��qP�����7]h Here the input is applied between base-emitter region and the output is taken between collector and emitter terminals. The amplification factor in Common-base Configuration is represented by Alpha (α). The output characteristics of a common collector circuit are obtained between the output voltage VEC and output current IE at constant input current IB. We will learn in detail about different configurations of Bipolar Junction Transistor in this post, as we know that Bipolar Junction Transistor is a three terminal device, hence it can be configured in three different ways and we will cover these three different transistor configurations with respect to their circuit diagram, working, and advantages and disadvantages. output circuits. For common-base configuration, the V o and V i are in phase. To overcome these problems we use one terminal as common for both input and output actions.Using this property we construct the circuits and these structures are called transistor configurations. endstream endobj 136 0 obj <>stream if you liked the article then comment below and share this information with your classmates and friends. y^���_�:�8��È�Q�,G�̀��y��s6�{��Gn�#� �'e This type of configuration has high resistance gain i.e. Best Jumper Wire Kits versus input ratio (gain) to determine whether or not the transistor is working properly common base, except that the current gain is not based on the emitter-to-collector current ^�J%�ũ��A�w�w�G"ʖ�, IK��/Q���HB5.�d�����/0� �D4���v��"ZQ���8ڜ�YDМ0�܂VFK̩�草~,��V4��.�u�ӡ�~���3R��Z�e�=���Zix��=�٧?��t|~s b��J�#��Y֘JkRb��k]�D��6�L�\�x���ƛЌ�!��!���W&.����+R"��ƥ1ru3ߞ�4j�G}mo��]G˸5��1PE�\���z��Ź ͟�W�w�x���vG��y�e���n�!ʕZ6%�J �f��7���l�AR�[f;�rm��r��ԾV8������t�٤s��cK� )� _ Transistor action in the common collector is similar to the operation explained for the output. Led Christmas Lights Finally we need to draw the plot between VCB and IC at constant IE. Likewise, you can verify the rest of the configuration using this concept. F. Najmabadi, ECE65, Winter 2013, Fundamental Amp Configuration (7/26) Same as Common Base (v i does not change) Common-BaseCommon.

326 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[311 30]/Info 310 0 R/Length 90/Prev 1288153/Root 312 0 R/Size 341/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Hence the transistor is connected in common emitter configuration. circuit are in phase. The calculations are: Therefore, a change in base current in this transistor will produce a change in The common collector configuration has high input impedance and low output impedance. And i had a doubt What is meant by Non inverting amplifier circuit ??

723 you should be able to conclude the following: In conclusion, the type of bias, class of operation, and circuit configuration are all In common base connection, we take base terminal as a common between input circuit of transistor and output circuit of the transistor. hޤVmo�8�+��j��-�i������V����!/� �du��ߌCʱWѕ3�wۏǖ�F���� Є))w:)Q