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Click here to view it in English. Example - How many meter water column is 2000 Pa? A cross-multiplication for the conversion can be expressed as: x / (132 sq mi) = (1076.39 sq ft) / (3.86102x10-5 sq mi), x = (132 sq mi) (1076.39 sq ft) / (3.86102x10-5 sq mi). abohm [abΩ], megaohm [MΩ], microohm [μΩ], ohm [Ω]=volt/ampere [V/A], degree/minute [deg/min], degree/week [deg/w], hertz [Hz], radians/hour [rad/h], radians/minute [rad/min], radians/second [rad/s], revolutions/day [r/d], revolutions/minute [rpm]=[RPM]=[r/min]=[rev/min] = tours par minute (french) [tr/min] = Umdrehungen pro Minute [U/min], revolutions per second [r/s]=cycle/second [cps], cubic centimetre [cm3], cubic foot [ft3], cubic inch [in3], cubic metre [m3], bel [B], decibel(sound pressure level) [dB SPL], neper [Np], pascal (root mean square sound pressure) [Pa], british thermal unit/(pound degree fahrenheit) [Btu/(lb°F)] = kilocalorie/(kilogram degree celcius) [kcal/(kg°C)], joule/(kilogram degree kelvin) [J/(kgK)], kilocalorie/(pound degree fahrenheit) [kcal/(lb°F)], kilojoule/(kilogram degree kelvin) [kJ/(kgK)]=kilojoule/(kilogram degree celcius) [kJ/(kg°C)], kilowatthour/(kilogram degree kelvin) [kWh/(kg K)], cubic foot/pound [ft3/lb], cubic inch/pound [in3/lb], cubic metre/kg [m3/kg], gallon(US)/pound [gal(US)/lb], gallon(UK)/pound [gal(UK)/lb], liter/kilogram [l/kg], chain [chain], foot[ft], furlong [furlong], hand [hand], inch [in], leage [leage], link [link], metre [m], mile [mi], rod[rd], yard [yd], celsius = centigrade [°C], fahrenheit [°F], kelvin [K], rankine [°R]. british thermal unit/hour [Btu/h], british thermal unit/second [Btu/s], foot-pound force/second [ft lbf/s], horsepower(Imperial) [hp(I)], horspower (metric) [hp(M)]=[hk], kilocalorie/hour [kcal/h], kilopond-meter/second [kpm/s], kilowatt [kW]=kilojoule/second [kJ/s], ton of refrigeration [ton of refrigeration], watt [W], british thermal unit/(square foot hour) [Btu/(ft2 h)], kilocalorie/(square centimetre hour) [kcal/(cm2 h)], watt/square metre [W/m2], british thermal unit(international table)/cubic foot [Btu(IT)/ft3], british thermal unit(international table)/gallon(US liquid) [Btu(IT)/gal(US liq)], british thermal unit(international table)/liter [Btu(IT)/l], joule/cubic metre [J/m3], kilocalorie/cubic metre [kcal/m3], british thermal uni(international table/(square foot hour degree fahrenheit) [BTU(IT)/(ft2 h°F)], kilocalorie/(square metre hour degree celcius) [kcal/(m2 h°C)], watt/(square metre degree kelvin) [W/(m2 K)], abhenry [abH]= Nanohenry [nH], henry [H] = ohm second [Ω s] = joule/square ampere [J/A2] = kilogram square metre/(square second square ampere) [kg m2/(s2A2)], microhenry [μH], millihenry [mH], cable [cable], caliber [caliber], centimeter [cm], chain(Gunter's) = chain(surveyors') [ch], chain(Ramsden's) = chain(engineers') [ch], cubit [cubit], fathom (nautical) [ftm], fermi = femtometer [fm], foot [ft], furlong [fur], hand [hh]=[hd], inch [in], kilometer [km], light year, metre [m], milli-inch = millesimus [mil] = thousands of an inch [thou], micrometer=micron [μm], millimicron [mμ], (Gunther's) link [li], mile [mi], nautical mile [NM]=[nmi]= seamile [sm], perch = pole = rod [rd], pica [pc], pixel [px] point (ATA system) [pt], yard [yd], ångstrom [Å]. day (mean solar) [d], hour [h]=[hr], microsecond [μs], millisecond [ms], minute [min], month[month], nanosecond [ns], second [s]=[sec], sidereal day [d(sidereal)], sidereal month [month(sidereal)], sidereal year [y(sidereal)], week [week], year (calendar) [y]=[yr], foot-pound torque [ft lbf], gram-force centimetre [gf cm] kilogram-force metre [kgf m] = kilopond metre [kpm], kilogram-force centimetre [kgf cm], millinewton metre [mN m], newton metre [N m], inch ounce-force [in ozf ], inch pound-force [in lbf], foot/minute [ft/min], foot/second [ft/s], inch/second [in/s], kilometre/hour [km/h], knot [knot] = nautical mile per hour, metre/second [m/s], mile/hour [mi/h]=[mph], centipoise [cP], gram/(centimetre second) [g/(cm s)] = poise [P],  kilogram/metre second [kg/m s]=newton second/square metre [N s/m2]= pascal second [Pa s], pound/(foot hour) [lb/(ft h)], pound/(foot second) [lb/(ft s)], pound-force second/square foot [lbf s/ft2], reyn [reyn]= pound-force second/square inch [lbf s/in2], centistoke [cSt] = square millimeter/second [mm2/s], square foot/hour [ft2/h], square foot/second [ft2/s], square inch/second [in2/s], square metre/hour [m2/h], square metre/second [m2/s], stoke [St] = square centimetre/second [cm2/s], acre-foot [ac-ft], acre-inch [ac-in], barrel [bbl], bourbon barrel [bbl(bourbon)] = american standard barrel [ASB], barrel of oil [bo]=[bbl(oil)] board foot [board ft], bucket [bucket], bushel [bu], butt [butt], chaldron [chaldron], cord [cord], cubic centimetre [cm3] = milliliter [ml]=[mL], cubic decimetre [dm3] = liter [l]=[L], cubic foot [ft3], cubic inch [in3], cubic metre [m3], cubic mile [mi3], cubic yard [yd3], cup [c], dram=drachm [dr] = fluid dram [fl dr], fifth [fifth], fluid ounce [fl oz] = shot [shot], gallon [gal], gill [gi], hectoliter [hl]=[hL], hogshead [hhd], jigger [jigger], minim [min], peck [pk], pint [pt], quart [qt], spice measure [spice measure], tablespoon [Tbsp], teaspoon [tsp], Abbreviations for areas of use: UK= United Kingdom = Imperical     US= United States of America   dry= dry volumes   fed= federal   liq= liquid volumes    met= metric, barrel/day [bbl/d], barrel of oil/day [bo/d]=[bbl(oil)/d], cubic centimetre/second [cm3/s], cubic decimetre/hour [dm3/h]=liter/hour [l/h], cubic decimetre/minute [dm3/min]=liter/minute [l/min], cubic decimetre/second [dm3/s]=liter/second [l/s], cubic foot/minute [ft3/min]=[cfm], cubic foot/second [ft3/s], cubic inch/second [in3/s], cubic metre/hour [m3/h], cubic inch/minute [in3/min], cubic metre/second [m3/s], cubic yard/hour [yd3/h], cubic yard/minute [yd3/min], gallon/day [gal/d], gallon/hour [gal/h], gallon/minute [gal/min], pint/second [pt/s], quart/second [qt/s], Abbreviations for areas of use: UK= United Kingdom = Imperical     US= United States of America   dry= dry volumes   liq= liquid volumes.