Also, the drive is making noises.”, Answer: “Why would you do a thing like that?

10 Funny General Knowledge Questions With Answers 1.

Trick questions put your thinking skills to the test—and we have 125 of the most confusing, tricky and hard questions with answers!

Very funny: Riddles with answers. (P.S. Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal. I think its time to come clean with them, should I tell my parents I’m adopted?”, Question: “If a two-year-old hand you a toy phone, should you answer it? If you drop a yellow hat in the red sea what does it became ? Is there a pill that will make me gay?”, Answer: “Yes there is, it is called gayalot. You can also follow me through website Facebook page .

While the owner of the question was cautioned to “grow up”, below is the answer that got all the attention. Answer: In 1951 for the power generation. 2.

Trivia questions are always fun, interesting, and informative. Mind game by five simple questions.

Even though some of the answers are logical or rely on common sense your first thought is quite often incorrect. If you like to contact me then use contact page form, I will reply to your emails ASAP. Answer: The WWI began in 1914 and ended in 1918.

Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?” Your guess is as good as mine, now let’s abandon the preliminaries here. Answer: “This is funny on so many levels. Answer: Hamlet, the Merchant of Venice, and Taming of the Shrew. No matter how oily it is.

The question got a witty question as a reply. Here the informative fun begins!

Now before you ask your next question, take your time and think it through. Judith.

Yahoo Answers started out as such a great idea.

Since then, his... MacDonald Ndou is a popular South African actor who is easily recognized for starring in the South African television soap opera, Muvhango. By 15 you should be having 40-50 sex partners a year.”, Question: “How to lose 50 pounds in a month?”, Answer: “Amputation, do you really need legs?”, Question: “Does being “pan-sexual” mean you don’t wear pants?”, Answer: “No, it means you are attracted to pots, pans, dishes, etc…I know a girl from my school who is pan-sexual, she just got married to a betty crocker pot (a real gold digger).”, Question: “I don’t fit in the family.

Answer: Sorry, it will not become red but it will be wet.

One thing you could try is sticking a paper clip inside the small hole in the front, that will open the drive.

Keywords: Cool general knowledge questions, funny GK questions, best GK questions, funny and cool general knowledge questions, General Knowledge Questions with answers,  Funny General Knowledge Questions, Funny General Knowledge Questions With Answers, Hi All, I am Ramesh Kumar, author of this blog. An elephant can reach a speed of 40km/hr(25 mph), A Squirrel can reach a speed of 20 mph and a mouse can reach till 7 mph. If you are a human, I would discourage it.”, “I think Sockeye Salmon is a lot nicer, how about Alaskan Cod, or simply prawn for your spawn.”. Answer: You’re “probably fooled, your mate headphones don’t have teeth.”, Question: “if evolution is true then why do pigs not have wings?”, In response, someone asked, “why would pigs need wings?” Meanwhile, the favorite answer says: “Because evolution doesn’t give you wings, Red Bull does.”, Question: “What percentage of water is celery”, Question: “I want to become gay, is there medicine or something for it? We have lots of new fun free trivia questions and answers that will surely keep you entertained if you are bored or looking for fun. Takes longer because he’s a boy?”, Answer: “Yeah, it just takes longer for a boy.”, Question: “Is there any kind of food or drink that’ll make your penis larger in width?”, Question: “One of my friends told me that midget has night vision…I know a little person from my school so I called him up and asked him. 200+ 80’s music trivia questions and answers, 90’s Music Trivia Questions and Answers – 100+ Questions, 120+ General Knowledge Trivia Questions and Answers, 100+ Halloween Trivia Questions With Answers, History Trivia Questions – 300+ Questions and Answers.

!”, Question: “Is Rainbow-Trout a good name for a baby girl?”, Question: “I’ve been calling calling calling YouTube all day to come film me but no answer.

Below are the dumbest questions and answer sessions that took place online. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking itâ. Use your brain as well!). Is it weird my dog likes to watch me pee?“, Answer: “What’s weird is that you don’t close the door behind you.”, Question: “How do I get rid of an oily face?”, Answer: “Getting rid of your face is not recommended. Answer: Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Lighthouse of Alexandria.

(P.S. Question: “My wife change her Facebook status from “married” to “widowed,” Should I be worried?”, Answer: “She’s planning to kill you.

If it doesn’t open, you may need to purchase a new CD drive and install it or have someone install it.”, Question: “Why doesn’t the earth fall down.”, Question: “How do you know if u’re possed by the devil, are their any signs [SIC]?”, Question: “So I was sitting around then I felt a tingling pain on my toe, I looked seeing a very small cut with two small holes…was it a bite? Answer: National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Scanning a mirror doesn’t work.”, Answer: “This is funny on so many levels. Actually, the question is mind-blowing if you take the asker serious. Which word is spelt wrong in every dictionary? What will you do if this happened to you?”. Answer: It is an English translation of the Christian Bible for the Church of England.

Below are the dumbest questions and answer sessions that took place online. Additions to Esther (Vulgate Esther 10:4–16:24) it makes you so gay, it makes you gay times 10 gay times 12…”, Question: “Who is the father of Internet?”, The answer is not far-fetched: “Your mother.”, Question: “What’s better to learn, American, British or English?”, Best Answers: First, the brain behind the question was asked to go “learn about the basics of thinking,” while another remarked thus: “well considering American is English, you should probably jump off a bridge.”, Question: “Was Abraham Lincoln really a vampire slayer?”, Answer: “Maybe but did you know that his supposed ghost haunts the white house. However trick questions can stump anyone.

Some of them are easy but you just have to find the answer by using some tricks. Don’t begin to Google everything. Oh, and I had 2 litters of coke with it.”, Answer: “You have a better chance of farting a hole through your sheets.”, Question: “What kind of bees produce milk?”, My favourite Answer: “What kind of cow produce honey?”, Question: “How do I successfully fool an elephant to go to sea?”, Answer: “Promise ice-cream at the beach!”. Was it just a household spider? ?”, Question: “Whenever I open the door to go into the bathroom my dog comes sprinting across the house and follows me into the bathroom and just sits there and waits for me and stares at me with huge brown eyes.

They can also be in the form of a quiz or something like multiple choice questions.

I am an IT engineer.

Well, there’s no gain proving stupid questions abounds, as you will get to read ridiculous and hilariously dumb questions ever asked online that will albeit, give you a good laugh here. A credit card is magnetically read whereas a CD is optically read.

The face serves many functions and you should not try to remove it.”.

Is that wired?

The issue is that they are so busy that they only answer the phones at 2 am on Sundays and Wednesdays only…this way they know who the serious people are and only send the film crew out to those people. (Plus, they make good questions to ask people, too.)

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It’s a genetic advantage to make up for their lack of height when hunting in the open field, it’s lethal.”, Check Out: Top 20+ Wise, Stupid And Rib Cracking Quotes Of Robert Mugabe, Question: “Hi, does anyone know if it’s possible to use a background that would essentially turn my computer monitor into a mirror? While it is obvious that with Patrice Motsepe, being one of the early beneficiaries of the Black Economic Empowerment laws introduced by the Nelson... DJ Maphorisa is a South African disc jockey and record producer who first came to prominence as a member of the South African musical... You cannot be said to have attained that celebrity status, for most people, until you start driving around in the best or, at least,... A sibling bond is a unique bond most people cherish more than any other thing. How do other people get their videos up there? I can’t believe you attempted to scan a mirror!” 42. Credit cards and computers. Quick, call the cops”, Question: “…Is it true that if you dye your hair a week before your period the dye doesn’t colour as well?”, Answer: “It seems like most of your brain cells are already dead. Answer: 1 November 1993 in Maastricht, Netherlands. On a normal computer keyboard with which number does * share a key? Tease your brain a bit and exercise your laughing muscles.

Answer: Price George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Answer: Rain Also Try: 5 Difficult Riddles That Will Challenge You 2. He didn’t say anything and just hang up so…Can anyone help me?”, Answer: “Yeah they actually do.

There’s no way you can come up with a better answer than what he got.

Answer: Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro.

Outside of having to write, edit, and work on other forms of content, he may keep up with the EPL or listen to everything Eminem and Jon Bellion. Answer: “Have you been eating caterpillars?”, Question: “Do they have toilet paper in Canada? Answer: Something made up of Cauliflower.

On a normal computer Answer: Frequency Modulation and Amplitude Modulation. If you call at any other time you won’t even be connected through to them. Any time a large group of people gathers in the same place on the internet, there are bound to be problems. If you don’t want to read the whole page, be sure to download our PDF of printable trivia questions and answers to take with you to the trivia quiz party.

Answer: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”, Answer: 1. 1 when will a horse have 6 legs. Answer: The Dog Terry played the role of Toto in the movie. In this article, I have provided more than 300 Trivia questions, which are mind-blowing. While some are easy trivia questions, others are more challenging trivia questions.

I mean really, don’t you know that all months in a year has 28 days or more.

Say hi to your dad, I can see he has raised his children right.”, Question: “Which is worse, ignorance or apathy?”.