The 28-Day dual meal package you'd get consists of two cycles: The food in the first cycle are mild to aid your digestion. Some of their signature ones are: You can also customise well with Richfood’s menu plans especially if you prefer low or no salt and to omit ingredients like pork, beef, chicken, seafood, pig’s liver, pig’s trotter or eggs.

Search for halal confinement meals at $7 - $10/pax from best caterers in Singapore.

Others have noted that Tian Wei is also very accommodating to personal dietary requests, so if you request to omit or change any ingredients, they will substitute with another or change it to a different dish.

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Every mother in the confinement phase not only needs an adequate amount of rest but also regular nutritional meals to speed up recovery. Thomson Baby is affiliated to Thomson Medical and each meal is developed by their team of Nutritionists, TCM and lactation experts, infused with fresh ingredients and herbs. Previous customers took a liking towards her home-cooked style,  and have commented on the Asian and Western flavours incorporated into her food.

Love love love the sayur and the sweet potato balls”, “Yummy yet nutritious.

Other perks would be that you can register for a FREE food tasting session to decide if the food tickles your taste buds. All rights reserved.

Do note that it is NOT halal certified. No MSG or artificial flavouring is added. Good for recovering mothers and also milk supply.”.

A fusion meal comprises rice, meat/fish dish, dessert, and red date tea. Our Halal confinement food is particularly formulated such that they enhance healthy lactation and boost the supply and flow of breast milk. While most caterers deliver both meals at lunch and require mothers to reheat for dinner, we deliver them separately.

We also cater to those who crave for halal Chinese confinement food. Like Chilli Padi Catering, the standard package is made up of 2 weekly menus that alternate through the month. So if you’re more health conscious, you might not want that. Parenthood Budget Tips: Where you can save thousands as a parent-to-be! The list goes on! Richfood has a menu that changes almost daily which makes it something exciting for customers to look forward to, wow! We pack the meals in thermal bags so that they can be delivered and eaten fresh.

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That mean's you don't have to wash them! 100% HALAL. Featured: NST, NTV7