Rather, I was a guy who played the trumpet. That, coupled with fact that it can be difficult to know what we even need to practice in the first place, it’s easy to get bummed out and off track. From time to time I receive emails from trumpet players wanting to know what a typical practice day looks like. Title: This Is Trumpetology Membership has its privileges. I use the metronome at 60 bpm and like to hold out the lowest note of each triad, softly, for a few measures.

Please enjoy part one of, “The Embouchure Change Chronicles.”. I groove on the entrepreneur one the most regularly. The green lines above illustrate the subdivision I was playing over the metronome. The 16th-note subdivision was fun for the rhythmic challenge of singing a triplet pattern in duple-meter. And yeah, videos are long overdue! This was in-part because I knew it was going to be insane – eight adults, six kids under the age of seven, two dogs, two horses and six cats – and, I bought some of those cheap flights where you can’t bring more than a backpack. Ten months later – and no additional trying required – I’m at 208 notes per minute. However, in the three weeks since getting home from our family reunion my embouchure started feeling. , offers a fresh perspective on the way American jazz is presented. I put together a doable routine combining my two favorite pedagogies – the teachings of Kenny Werner in his book, Effortless Mastery, and the curriculum passed down from Lennie Tristano to Warne Marsh. Albert Heath and James Mtume along with Herbie Hancock and Ed Blackwell – Kawaida (1969) Steve Hillage – L (1976) Collin Walcott – Grazing Dreams (ECM, 1977) Latif Khan – Music/Sangam (1978) Johnny Dyani – Song for Biko (1978) Masahiko Togashi - Session In Paris, Vol. At first, it’s kind of like pulling weeds, but then after awhile the melodies start coming through. Keep going until you are awesome. Before, anytime I’d hear something I liked, I’d run to that lick or stylistic nuance and noodle around for awhile. Learn more. Your Choice From the MoonJune Records Catalog. I’m also being more caught off-guard by the sound of a note when picking up the horn to play. Even though saxophonist Bob Mintzer 's name rests alone atop the marquee, the All L.A. When I decided to truly apply myself to this beast, even at the risk of failing, I had already been playing for 17 years.

The trumpets perform harmonized passages of legendary trumpet solos, such as Kenny Dorham: Prince Albert, Chet Baker: Autumn Leaves, Miles Davis: So What & Milestones, Lee Morgan:  Sidewinder. I’ve listened to some of Snell’s interviews but this is the first I’m hearing about the other ones.

Here's the address: 30 Pier Avenue Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. They evolved from something that messed my chops up to something I love as a warm-up. Five Videos To A Stronger Trumpet Embouchure, Range Building Routine (Intermediate / Advanced), Beginning Lip Slurs & Exercises (Beginner / Intermediate), The Ultimate Comeback Kit (Comeback Player), Concepts for the Advancing Trumpeter (eBook), Terry Gibbs Dream Band vol. It took some time to get it feeling right. Enjoy! I left the horn behind for an eight-day family reunion in outside Cody, Wyoming. Wayne Bergeron: trumpet James Blackwell: trumpet John Thomas: trumpet Chad Willis: trumpet Michael Stever: trumpet Bob Shepard, Adam Schroeder: saxophones Bob McChesney: trombone Erik Hughes: trombone Julianne Gralle: trombone Craig Gosnell: bass trombone Russ Ferrante: piano Larry Koonse: guitar Edwin Livingston: bass Peter Erskine: drums Due to recent success switching from a dry to wet embouchure in the pedal register, I’m just about ready to do that for my entire range. Stick with each until it is mastered. You know, what to work on, length of practice sessions, how many sessions…that kind of thing.

I also know that they have questions about the general process of an embouchure change as well as how to deal with continuing to perform during that time. I find a lot of inspiration in your blog.

Of course, there have been some utterly psychotic, stressful and depressing moments as well, but all-in-all things are good and I’m grateful to be alive. I kind of realized this at the time, but failed to acknowledge the power of doubling. We currently have it on sale for our early release! READ MORE HERE. We're always thrilled to play at this historic Los Angeles jazz venue.

This graph shows the tempo bumps of the diatonic triad pattern I began practicing this past January. This past year has been a special one. That’s a 548% increase, feeling as easy as day one. It was awesome. If my best G’s and A’s are behind me, I’m probably good with that. So the thing with the mouthpiece buzzing is that it makes my chops feel all crappy the way the pedals used to. During the first month or so I was double-buzzing like crazy. However, I got burned out and took a little break. This led to a somewhat drastic embouchure change and a few tough years. Sometimes, this is after a long string of consistent practicing and performing, and other times it’s a comeback after many years of not playing at all. TRUMPETOLOGY is an ensemble of 5 trumpets and rhythm section led by emerging jazz trumpet player, arranger, and composer, Walter Simonsen.

The tooth never really felt ‘loose’ but had more of a throbby/achy sensation. It’s a nice drill. Here’s “RoutineTracker: Spring 2019.” Continue reading →. Autumn Leaves; Milestones; Sidewinder; Anthropology; Blues Walk; Skydive; Prince Albert; So What; Unit 7; Summertime; I Wish. The tune has solo space for Tenor 1 and Flugelhorn 4.

Blackwell Real Estate is a full-service residential brokerage firm serving the entire Maryland/DC/Virginia real estate market. — Bob Mintzer, Saxophonist, Composer, Educator, WDR Conductor, — Jay Saunders, Lead Trumpet - Stan Kenton, DFW Studio Trumpet, UNT Professor of Trumpet, Director - 1 O'Clock Lab Band, — Bill Bing, Trumpet Player, Educator, Director of Bands, CalTech, — Jazz Access Podcast, sponsored by AllAboutJazz.com, — Maxwell Dartey, host Due Diligence, KPFK 90.7FM, Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Educator, Composition & Arranging, Conducting, Brass/Horns Contractor for live performance & recording sessions. Move around and explore each of the these as you see fit.

I regret that decision now as after awhile I started getting seriously paranoid that the tooth was shifting. If you don’t know what I’m talking about with the high note breath-attacks, check out this past summer’s.