As the AC Tone is an Amp sim shouldn't it come after the echo? Ma déception vient du fait que dans un ampli à lampe le son est confus avec du bruit/souffle des qu'on monte le gain. Please Read Before Applying To Join This Site, Of particular interest is his description of how the unit produces various amp sounds at the twist of a knob. Joyo AC Tone Amplifier Emulation Pedal (Vox Tones) - YouTube Joyo AC Tone Amplifier Emulation Pedal (Vox Tones) - YouTube I know it can be used either way round, so it might be worth trying it both ways. A guitar amp will add further colouration -- so you are right to set the tone of the guitar amp as flat as possible. I've had a lot of practice with my own '64 VOX AC30/6TB and VOX AC15H (EF86 channel), so I must point out that the tone-stack on the real thing is highly interactive -- wiggling the knob marked "Treble" affects a. Pour commencer cette pédale est la Joyo JF13 AC-tone (rebrandé Harley Benton) elle même clone de la Tech 21 Liverpool. You are right Len, DavC ‘s note has certainly given a good insight into the workings of the Joyo AC unit. Thank you to you all for your input i will spend the next week trying out the various settings. For your info if you go on line and put  Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series Owners Manual  they show various settings for the ace tone. Hi to you all has anyone got the best settings on the Ace tone pedal to achieve a Hank Marvin late sound .I am going from the Ace tone pedal into my H & C  unto straight into my mixing desk with all the tones on the desk set at zero any help would be appreciated . The AC Tone is a complete amp/cabinet simulator and ideally should be fed straight into a full-range acoustic amp or PA/mixing-desk. Le son n'est pas tout à fait équivalent à la Tech21 Liverpool les valeurs de composants ayant un peu changé. Please Login or Register. Welcome Guest.