I had a wonderful night there. Not much atmosphere.

Staff are welcoming and helpful. It served with some cucumber, spring onion, sauce and pancake. I would appreciate their suggestion. Plus use our free tools to find new customers. Authentic Chinese food in the heart of the city. Food was fantastic thoroughly recommend dim sum, especially Xiao Long Bao and dumpling!! It was coated in really thick batter, which was not normal for a Chinese ginger and garlic style. It founds 30 years ago! Berkeleyside relies on reader support so we can remain free to access for everyone in our community. Sesame prawn on garlic bread, crispy seaweed, smoked shredded chicken, (Served with‏ pancake, cucumber, spring onion and plum sauce), Slow cooked mixed seafood and smoked ham soup, Served with pancake, cucumber, spring onion and plum sauce, Our first visit to the Kirin restaurant and we had a lovely evening to celebrate valentines, lovely food, friendly and attentive staff and lovely ambience, we will certainly be returning and will bring our friends, thank you to the Kirin staff, Amazing place. Would go back. They will suggest some wine for dining.

I will be sure to re-visit. Sesame prawn on garlic bread, crispy seaweed, salt and chilli squid paper wrapped prawn with sesame seed, soft shell crab in mango sauce, Sesame prawn on garlic bread, crispy seaweed, smoked shredded chicken, capital spare ribs, vegetarian spring roll, Served with pancakes, cucumber, spring onions and plum sauce, Cold mixed hors d'oeuvres (minimum for 4) per person, Beef shank, beef tripe, shrimp with wasabi, jelly fish and arctic clams, Sea treasure mixed hors d’oeuvres (minimum for 2) per person, Kirin mixed hors d’oeuvres (minimum for 2) per person. In a Facebook status posted on Father’s Day, Kirin Sushi Restaurant said one staff member tested positive for COVID-19 and the location would be closed at …

We ate the Duck pancakes for starter and had sharing plates for the main. Will not return and wouldn’t recommend.

For us, we always enjoy the evening and food. Share. Our table was booked for 1pm we turned up at 12:55 to be told they had just given our table to another customer it then took 20 mins for our drinks to be served. shelter in place , we decided to tale pre- cautionary .

Restaurant very quiet on a Tuesday night, only 3 tables in use when we were there so it was very quiet.


One of them hit an elderly gentleman in the head, May said. Try our food service today. Assistant Berkeley Fire Chief Keith May said BFD got the call to Kirin at 11:52 a.m. Friday and was on the scene by 11:57 a.m. As a tradition I always have lobster for my birthday. all in all expected more so will definately not be looking to retunr. Jook available after 9 pm, オアフで一番美味しい中華料理店。日本人には王さんが料理をオススメしてくれますが、言われるままに頼むと高いものが出てきますが、カニやロブスターのにゃんちゃらソースは頼むべし。今回は$80、写真は今しかないって勧められたアワビ$111!これが高かった(*_*), The 15 Best Asian Restaurants in Honolulu, kirin restaurant mccully - moiliili honolulu.

{"baseUrl":"http://www.opentable.co.uk","environment":"prod-ln","hostName":"mesos-agent44-prod-ln.otsql.opentable.com:31001","language":"en","releaseName":"start-page-docker_teamcity_2.0.10339","requestId":"83db43d0-3988-41c6-b2dd-43ee2f2f5bd7"}. Staffs are helpful. They are juicy inside and tasty. Really nice place -- lovely decor, great food, lovely atmosphere.

We love this place!