Before 1670, the Second Rank consisted of ships of the line carrying from 50 up to 64 carriage guns (although there were exceptions); from 1671 this comprised ships of between 62 and 68 guns; in 1683 this was comprised ships carrying from 64 to 76 guns (again with exceptions), and by 1710 even 64-gun ships had been reduced to the Third Rate. Decorations intended for Royal Louis (1743), Model of the fictitious ship Sans Pareil that defined the type of Royal Louis (1758), Scale model of Bretagne, on display at Brest naval museum.

She was taken as a US war prize at the end of World War II, then used to transport US servicemen back to the states, and finally turned over to the French as war reparations. SS France Passenger List - 3 October 1921. Mont Saint-Bernard fitted with Ship Camels. Detail of the model of Triomphant, part of the Trianon model collection, on display at the Musée national de la Marine in Paris. an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. The ship initiated the obsolescence of traditional unarmored wooden ships-of-the-line.

Cassard classThis design by Jacques-Noël Sané was enlarged from the Téméraire Class in order to mount an upper deck battery of 24pdrs compared with the 18pdrs of the earlier class. Explosion of Trocadéro. Initially during the first part of Louis XIV's reign these were designed and constructed as three-decked ships without forecastles and with minimal quarterdecks, although their upper decks were divided at the waist by an unarmed section of deck; but from about 1670 it was ruled that ships with fewer than 70 guns should not be built with three decks, so all subsequent Third Rank ships were two-decked vessels, i.e.

Both were reclassed as 80-gun ships in April 1811. Ships on this Page:-Antilles - 1952-71 De Grasse (2) - 1971-73 Flandre - 1952-68 France - 1962-74 Liberté - 1950-61 Associated … Centaure class (1782 onwards) – Designed by Joseph-Marie-Blaise Coulomb, all built at Toulon. Scale model of Achille on display at the Musée national de la Marine in Paris. Louis-Philippe reigned from 9 August 1830 until overthrown on 24 February 1848. Painting by Michel Bouquet, on display at Brest Fine arts museum. These pages may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion without written consent of Duc de Berry razeed into the frigate Minerve, Suffren class, of the Commission de Paris, 1/20th scale model of Suffren, on display at the Musée national de la Marine, Inflexible as a boys' school, photographed after 1860, Hercule class, of the Commission de Paris. document.write("