They're barely. CaB-wise, it's a no-brainer: Vicki Michelle and Rene "Gordon Kaye" Artois are on. The first time I saw these 2 was on Seaside Special early Saturday evenings - a classic for seeing bad amateur acts. Page created in 0.109 seconds with 20 queries. *See Little and Large reunited from August 14, at Despite their following at the time ( this show ran on the BBC from 1978 to 1991 ), the two have never really been regarded as comedy legends. The four human body parts in the left half of that image (Syd's head, both his hands and Eddeh's right hand) all look like the work of Louis Tussaud. Extraordinary. The channel also features Jo Brand, John Cleese and Tim Vine. Directed by Ale McHaddo, Everton Rodrigues. As the 70s and 80s go on, other people get into it and it changes, people keep it young.”. FAQ

We went round and the car set fire. The comedy legend, who died in April, aged 78, after catching Covid-19, brought the house down as he and Syd wrapped up a 90-minute look back at their careers at the Bristol Slapstick Festival in January 2019. would love to see all the little and large shows out on DVD why there not on on DVD ill never know but this needs addressing asap. And that was horrible.”, At Eddie’s funeral in South Bristol crematorium, heartbroken Syd, 77, told mourners: “I lost my best friend.”. Little and Large were, along with the almost forgotten Lenny( Bennett) and Gerry ( Stevens), a double act hired by the BBC when Morecambe and Wise defected to ITV in 1978. The overall effect was embarrassing rather than funny, and when this lame ruse failed they fell back - with disconcerting regularity - on such politically incorrect ploys as boxing kangaroos, 'funny foreigners' and topless girls (seen from the back only) which might have been charming in more skilled hands, but which only served to underline the desperation of this cut-price televised cabaret. Syd really does take the straight man role to unheard of levels of just standing there like a spare tool. Found an entire episode of their first Thames TV series (The Little & Large Tellyshow) on Vimeo. Well, legends they may not be ( at least not compared to the likes of 'Laurel & Hardy' ), but they are two very funny comedians ( rather like 'Cannon & Ball' ) who deserve far more credit than they have received over the years. I actually have Challenge TV now.

Syd launches into Rubber Ball, and part of it goes ‘bouncy, bouncy’ so, for something to do, I started bouncing around the stage like a ball. At first I thought it must have been during the time he was contractually obliged. It's a punishing watch, this. Eddie explains: “We were a club act, an aggressive club act. If anyone can upload this uncovered L&L gem to YouTube or Mediafire I'd be very grateful. Everything but nurseries, schools and universities and essential shops could be closed until December 1 to try and stop the deadly spread of coronavirus. The Little and Large Show began on BBC1 in 1978, and ran until 1991. Very Drunken Bakers. It is perhaps due to the fact that they arrived far too soon after the arrival of 'Morecambe & Wise' that 'Little & Large' are not as fondly remembered as they should be. The only benefit of me skimming through this wretched piece of agonisingly unhumorous cultural detritus is that I think I'm now a bit in love with the front row centre one of the women who sing 'Little and Large, Little and Large, Little and Large' before the adverts. Really unfunny double act who regrettably got their break on the BBC after Morecambe and Wise went to ITV. Apologies in advance but I'm watching the darts tonight so. THE best TV shows I have no preferential order. Logged 3-d lobster Re: Little & Large Xmas special 1980. That was when comedy came into it. | They were scarcely even a 'proper' double act - Syd wasn't so much a straight man as a gormless stooge, whilst Eddie did poor impersonations (always of Deputy Dawg, for some reason) and attempted to sing the odd ballad.