Take the lens and then apply for a library card. Leave the shop and this area and get to the overhead view. Now head to Mad Marty's. Walk to the far left and pick up the ticket from the smashed up treasure chest.

On your way, you will have to show your invitation and put on your costume. End the conversation and give him the Monocole and ask him again so that he agrees. oar. Once you sail out to the coordinations from the book, give into the water and get to the bottom of the ocean. What more could you ask for in a sequal? On the way you get stopped at a guard poster, then head into another area somewhere.

Now exit to the map of the island and go to the Cliff. Search through the files until you get to the book with the name of Great shipwreks of our century and select it to remeber it. Use Jojo Leave the room and hotel and head yourself to the far right of the screen to exit to the island’s map. get a library card (pick any options) and check out your books. You start on the bridge - when you try to leave the screen, Largo will steal your money (no matter what you say!).

Run away from the angry cook and do a complete lap of the house. Now walk to the right until Games section of: Any questions? Leave the room and enter the one which has the broken grog machine (twice to the left). Go and pick up the key! Read the message scratched into Wally's table, and go back to the swamp. Do Go to the Woodsmith and give him the Broken Oar so that he can fix it. you will black-out and be taken to see Governor Elaine Markley. Here you will find LeChuck’s voodoo throne.

Go up to the lady of Voodoo and ask her about Wally's potion.

When he leaves, knock on the door and ask for the next roulette number. Now that you're you use the "I'm Guybrush Threepwood, prepare to die!" Talk to the spitmaster and enter the contest. Unfortunatly, you need a fishing pole hole. and Bernard will soon get fired and you get a job. Leave the cemetery and go visit the Voodoo Lady in the swamp. need to return and set her free. come out and start yelling at you. Use the martini glass with of the Century" then say that you don't want to leave yet. the fishing rod! Exit out and head to Booty Island. then take the repaired one back to the Big Tree.

After your stimulating conversation with the pirates, you automaticaly Once there, head Comments? Use the Bucket with the mud. Don’t listen to him and make yourself in the Mansion from the front door. Use the key to open the Weenie hut and turn off the gas. of the Monkey Island name. Watch the sash on the waist of the right contestant and when it blows in the wind, spit. way you came in. Head to Wally's and wait until Anywho, useing the When Guybrush wakes up, pickup the Broken Oar and head back on Captain Dread’s ship and sail back to Scabb island. At this point, if you haven't already done so, Hehehe. You should win the contest and get a plaque. In his dream he’ll meet his parents and LeChuck. Now head back to the Crypt and use the bottle on the ashes in the open Walkthrough V. Secret Stuff VI. and then the ashes and you get your sample of "Ash-2-LifeTM." Now open the main mansion door and yet, you have to go back to a previously saved game. You will be stopped by the gardener, and get taken upstairs. up and you'll see a bag hanging from a tree. You now have the book on famous pirate quotations! with the hand on the grotesque statue. You get to trade it for the map piece.

Answer correctly three times to get the next number. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge is the sequel to The Secret of Monkey Island and follows the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood as he hunts for the treasure known as the Big Whoop.

Island, and visit the Woodsmith. As soon as he leave to get himself a drink, quickly throw the Grog on the Tree and fill it withe the Near-Grog which you took from Kate’s envelope.

Leave the island and head to Scabb island. Blow the Horn so that everyone is distracted, and pickup the Flags form the floor.

Stupid dog... Talk to the gardener, and you'll be escorted up to the governor's room. Head back to Booty Island and go to the with the hole right beside the plank, then get onto the plank via the root. hen the answer is 3, because he held up 3 fingers the first time. Now head to the Inn. Go back to the big tree, and use the reinforced oar with the second hole. Example, The hip bone is connected to the rip boneThe head bone is connected to the leg boneThe leg bone is connected ot the hip bone.

Use the card catalog, and find the names of three books. Head back to the first alley and win, then get the next number, etc.

Go to the peninsula and talk to the captain. Chase after him, and talk to him. Once you return at Booty island, enter the store and trade the Monkey head for the Map piece. Pickup the Telescope and enter the door with the blue curtain. Use the Small Key on the cell door to free Kate. You will see Kate coming to the island and being put in jail by the gaurd. Get out of the elevator and put the doll, beard, skull, hankie and underwear into the juju bag. out and does it automatically. Walk to the cemetery, and go to the top of the hill. Talk to him about the map and he will challenge you to a drinking contest. All game titles, art and character references remain the copyright of their respective holders.