Despite his best efforts, he cannot convince Michael to get involved. Julito McCullum When Namond returns to school he is placed in a special class under the supervision of Howard "Bunny" Colvin. Date of birth Namond Brice Family Members Kids. Namond and De'Londa suffer a major change in circumstances when Brianna decides to cut them off. Roland Brice - Ex-PartnerNamond Brice - Son Namond Brice Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice is a fictional character in the HBO drama The Wire played by Hassan Johnson . Could an Accelerated Offseason Change the Way Teams Are Built. De'Londa Brice Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She actively encourages him to get involved in Baltimore's drug trade and uses Wee-Bey's contacts to get him work. De'Londa Brice is the mother of Namond Brice. Information, interviews, photos and more for Namond Brice on the HBO original program The Wire. De'londa then throws Namond out of their house gaining the attention of Howard Colvin.

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The plan backfires on Namond who bursts his balloon over himself.

He also reveals something of a motive for his disruptive behaviour when he tells the class that he does not believe he should obey the rules when there are so many examples of others profiting from wrongdoing - he states steroids, liquor, cigarettes and Enron as examples. Namond makes Kenard his lieutenant and entrusts him with the package. Ninth-Grade Student De'Londa enjoys regular shopping trips to New York and visits to Atlantic City while leaving Namond to care for himself. Wee-Bey is glad that Namond is working with Bodie and gives him advice on succeeding as a drug dealer including getting a less distinctive haircut. He apologises to Prez of his own volition afterwards. When Dukie is beaten up by a rival gang, Namond expresses a desire for revenge. Although she has adopted Wee-Bey's last name, they are not married. In the eighth grade, he was close friends with Michael Lee and Randy Wagstaff and often bullies Duquan "Dukie" Weems. "Late Editions" First seen Episode count De'Londa owns her own home and spends a relatively large amount on clothes and jewelry compared to her neighbours.

Plus, Week 8 Bold Predictions. ("Late Editions"), September 2nd, 1992 to September 1st, 1993. Last seen Jemele Hill and Van Lathan move on to Episode 2 of the fourth season of The Wire with a character deep dive on Namond Brice (13:10). Get HBO. Cast & Crew.

History Background. The Truth About Nebraska, and Domonique Foxworth on How Tyrann Mathieu Changed the NFL. Domonique also tells some stories from his NFL career and talks about player empowerment, Discussing the fantasy outlook for Cowboys players now that Ben DiNucci is the starting QB, our gut calls and bold predictions for Week 8, and more. Family Members He becomes impatient with Randy while waiting to catch a potential homing pigeon but is quieted when Michael tells him his voice may be scaring away the birds. Namond asks about what Brianna meant about them already having enough money and De'Londa tells him that Brianna was lying.

‘Bachelor Party B-Side’: Yosef’s Blowup, Tayshia’s Introduction, and Do We Like Dale? Namond begins to enjoy the Special Class when the teacher gives him a chance to talk about his ambitions and his views on what makes a successful "corner boy." His young dealers are not impressed with his second choice of territory and their trade slows down. Age

Movies. She is given no choice but to give in though as everything good she has is due to Wee-Bey's place in the Barksdale organization.

Plus Jaime Harrison on the South Carolina Senate Race. De'Londa Brice is the mother of Namond Brice. He suggests using guns but Randy has the idea of an ambush using water balloons filled with their own urine. She visits Bodie and convinces him to give Namond a package to work. How Many Cowboys Can You Start This Week?

Namond's shrewd descriptions of life on the corner in the classroom do not translate into success in his business. 9 Grateful for shielding the rest of the organization by taking the prison sentence on himself, the Barksdales provide for Namond and De'Londa. Learn more about Namond Brice from The Wire on HBO. Namond seems to not have the stomach his father had in the drug game.

When Brianna Barksdale cuts De'Londa off from the Barksdale empire she decides the only way to support her way of life is to have her son work as a crew chief. Cast & Crew . Namond later buys ice cream for all of his friends to make amends, but refuses to buy Dukie ice cream, until Michael urges him.

Namond’s father Wee-Bey Brice is incarcerated for multiple homicides. De'Londa takes Namond to visit his father during his suspension. He acts out, trying to be expelled from the class to begin selling his package but learns that in his new class there will be no further suspensions. Seasons.

Wee-Bey is serving consecutive life sentences for multiple homicides committed on behalf of the Barksdales, having even confessed to crimes he did not commit. Cutty breaks up the fight rescuing Namond from a beating.

Grateful for shielding the rest of th… He taunts Dukie until he attacks him and Michael breaks up the fight. Later in the episode, they pick out some of their favorite scenes (35:35) and, of course, take some time for a Van Lathan sidebar. De'Londa is unimpressed with Namond's attitude towards his work and threatens to withhold money for new clothes until he applies himself.

Wee-Bey is a trusted soldier in the Barksdale Organization . As Baby Yoda reenters our lives, we address what’s to come, who to look out for, and whether the little guy will be put in harm’s way, Content ©2020 The Ringer All Rights Reserved, Analyzing the Character of Namond Brice in Episode 2, Season 4, Tony La Russa Is Wrong for the White Sox, and for the Modern MLB. We-Bey was a “soldier” for the Barksdale organization who, once caught, agreed to cop to several serious crimes he didn’t commit (in addition to one they had him for) under the assumption that Barksdales will care for his family. Seasons Namond and De'Londa visit Wee-Bey regularly at the prison. Namond swaps the job with Michael so that his friend can make money for a time.