I first needed something like this to annotate a bunch of photos and documents that I was submitted for an insurance claim - SO useful.

If your job involves creating informative presentations every once in a while, screen annotation software can really make a difference in terms of how your audience perceives the message of your demonstration. Users usually ignore it as it’s hidden in the deepest recesses of the Start menu. With Live Zoom, you can zoom in and out of the windows, but you can work on the screen at the same time. Yes, you can write or scribble directly on your screen by using specialized screen annotation software. Annotating the documents in your presentations will be far easier with Adobe Acrobat Reader! I set my preferences to always open Annotate when starting my computer, so I can easily click the icon that sits in the toolbar on the top righthand side of my screen. In other words, screen annotation software can also be seen as a mix of presentation, screen capturing, whiteboard and note-taking tools. Perfect for emphasizing on something specific or explaining your thoughts. - You can also choose to highlight only when you move your cursor/mouse.UPCOMING FEATURES=================ANNOTATION - Ability to cut and move annotations - Spotlight feature - Background mode - ZoomMOUSE HIGHLIGHT - New mouse highlight designs and animationsOTHERS - Change the slides of your presentation from your iPhone - And, many morePRESS=====Featured on Hacker News, Reddit, Product Hunt, and various other blogs like ifun.de, igeeksblog.com, etc. Thanks for such kind words. Annotate Pro is quite an ergonomic software, and you can check out its most important features below: In case you have to deal with display errors with arrows and more geometric forms the whole issue will go away after you click twice on the transparency button. Please log in again. This seems like an easy and good fit. You can also automatically upload your images to an FTP server, or you can email them. - You get a Straight Line by pressing and holding the Shift Key while Freehand drawing. You can use captured images to show off your product on the web, and the tool will help you enhance the technical or sales documents.

It will help you in all your demos and presentations whenever you need to offer explanations. Became the common sense way after doing it a few times. Even if the tool is straightforward, it has enough power to take useful screen captures. All you need to do is select the text or the image you want to annotate and click on the Add Note option. Ink2Go is a mix of screen annotation and screen capture software, and it allows to save annotations as images or as *.wmf videos.