Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440 4-Bay 12 TB (4 x 3 TB) Network Attached Storage STAU12000100 at TOO BAD, the links provided above are not working.

Since you know the IP, just download and install webmin as I say in step #4... Then you have something like a UI (more complex yet more powerful). Not sure how Seagate were able to do it, the SMART status was displayed in some page. after flash sp99 and auto reboot, only stay at system booting now...please wait....this after 1 hour also not responding. Speicherkapazität für die Videoüberwachung: Wie viel ist genug?

The linux kernel image (NAND, partition 4) is compatible with Debian Lenny. Remotely? 1.,,,,, CLICK THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL FILE, NAS 110/220/440 part5: Download manager (Debian). 1. # You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along. HOPE I REALLY HELPED :), Blackamor Nas 110 i follow the steps but there in no /dev/md3 in my system, Run this command: fdisk -l I am pretty dure you will find your md3 sayingDisk /dev/md3: 997.3 GB, 997330911232 bytes2 heads, 4 sectors/track, 243488992 cylindersUnits = cylinders of 8 * 512 = 4096 bytesDisk identifier: 0x00000000, Hi again,Yesterday, when I turn on the NAS it was dead (the system light is blink blue and the hdd one is solid blue).I can't connect with the NAS. Shut down the device, remove both drives, and connect them to a local computer with SATA cables. so I can't understand why it doesn't work anymore.. ? - This modification has been tested on a BA220 with fw 2000.0631. BlackArmor NAS 220 Firmware-Update (manuell herunterladen und installieren) Die hier beschriebene Image-Datei stellt das aktuellste Firmware-Update für den Server BlackArmor NAS 220 von Seagate dar. Update: It works on the BA420 (reported by lnxmnky), Update: It works on the BA110 (reported by tuxmania), Update: It works on the BA440 (reported by Isaac_X), 3. Die Seite für automatische Updates wird angezeigt. Outils en libre-service conçus spécialement pour répondre à vos besoins. so I can run Lenny on the set of hard drives I have in there, without affecting the stock OS loaded by vendor? With a little bit of knowledge about Linux, a soldering iron, and a serial to usb stick... you too can follow the rough instructions here . I've been tracking my location since 2008 and I wrote 100 songs in 100 days. However I understand that the BlackArmor kernel patches have now been incorporated into mainstream. Hoping someone could help me. So, I opened Chrome and put in the address bar, Go to Networking > Network configuration and change that to your needs (I put a static IP as I wanted to map the smb drive and in routing and gateways I added my router's IP/gateway and egiga0 as the interface). really appreciate your help! Click on the Manual Update link provided in the left column of the Web UI. UFSD version 7.04 (Jun 5 2009, 15:37:57) Version sg2000-2000.1331 Firmware Notes (PDF). 0. I only installed the patch that allow SSH access.

One of them is bound to be your NAS (that in case it forgot about static IP and has switched to DHCP).Other than that, i don;t know what the problem would be.

debian-armel:~# ;), Ok, I asked there and I'm waiting for reply.Is there a way to format completely the hard drive without unmounting the NAS?Thanks and regardsLorenzo. has done this laborious work (forward port Seagates h/w-specific patches. Add the following line to the file /mnt/md0/etc/inetd.conf: Unmount the drives and shut down the array: Put the drives back in the NAS device and turn it back on! Glad that you could find the solution yourself as I don't have the 3TB NAS. Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer, Firefox 2.xx or newer

You will be returned to the Login page where you can authenticate again to access the Web UI. Exploiter toutes les capacités de vos produits. The SP modifies the NAND flash of your NAS. Dieses Image sollte nur angewendet werden, wenn Sie Ihre Firmware-Updates manuell durchführen. The BlackArmor Discovery Software, when installed, will locate (discover) Seagate NAS devices on your current local area network (LAN) segment.

It will be much appreciated! We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. Storing Big Data in Smart Cities Applications. This image should only be applied if you have changed your firmware update settings to Manual. Warning: with 'async' mode, data integrity is not guaranteed anymore! Maybe if it had a beefier CPU like an Atom CPU instead of a 800Mhz Marvell. I tried the RESET button but nothing at all.

So today I decided to go ahead and install debian. However, you are, free to install additional packages via the Debian package management, system.

Learn more. 2. For configuration, you'll have to use your favourite text.

It's now a working, updated, and albeit slow NAS (has a sucky CPU and low RAM).

I want to ease your burden looking, so I am just giving you the real download link.CLICK THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL FILE CLICK THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL FILE I JUST WISH YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY AND ENJOY! Preface • About This Guide • Kit Contents • System Requirements • Finding More Information About This Guide This User Guide provides all the information you need to successfully set up and use your Seagate BlackArmor® NAS 440/420 (BlackArmor server). I can't get http (web interface) access anymore. Also for: Stav6000100, St320005lsa10g, St340005lsa10g. After it boots, you'll be able to ssh in as root with the password you set from the web interface. NTFS read/write support included Download my 'unofficial' service pack (SP42) and use the manual: firmware upgrade process through the web interface: sg2000-2000.1337.sp42.img (do NOT rename the file!) ae42b8695c5179f261adbf74a3c1807c custom-rootfs_full.tar.gz, # Misc notes on the Seagate Blackarmor NAS, V1.15, #, # This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify, # it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.0 as. Geben Sie Benutzername und Passwort für Administratorberechtigungen an, wenn Sie dazu aufgefordert werden. Download my customized Debian GNU/Linux image (2 files): Upload both files to the 'Public' share of your NAS. kindly help me??? Hello Nick,I follow the steps but there is no /dev/md3 in my system.In skupu say something about mdadm but it didn't work.Can you try to help me (send a mail to Das neue Firmware-Update ermöglicht einen völlig neuartigen Remote-Zugriff auf den BlackArmor NAS, denn es bietet neue Tools, mit denen der Benutzer Inhalte auf dem BlackArmor NAS von einer Website, einem Smartphone oder einem Tablet aus abrufen und verwalten kann. Video Surveillance Storage: How Much is Enough? Bump. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. You can play with those later on. Anyway I just found the service and restarted it solved the problem a while ago. execute (TFTP/NFS server setup not described here. Afficher/modifier les informations de votre profil. If not, see . I can only access the NAS via SSH.

Sign in to vote. You signed in with another tab or window. - Suggested additional Debian packages: nfs-kernel-server samba, - Do not *upgrade* the Debian system. Seagate Central NAS - 3 TB.

Update: You have to rename the file to match the major model number. Seit ich auf Windows 10 gewechselt bin, kann ich das NAS nicht mehr … I hope you haven't deleted the md3 partition. You have been warned! BlackArmor NAS 220 Firmware Update (Manual Download/Install) The image file described here is the most current firmware update for the Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220 Servers.

Enable SSH on the Seagate Blackarmor 220 NAS - the easy way: 1. 1. Which gives me the impression that nothing changed I then decided to check to see if the webinterface is still running and guess was the seagate webinterface is still there. owning your data,

$Id: ufsdvfs.c,v 2009/05/14 14:37:07 shura Exp $ (LBD=ON) On the Seagate site you can find a factory reset program that should do the trick. Similiar devices: QNAP Turbo NAS (TS-119, TS-219 and TS-219P), The following pinout has been published by user Mike (BA440) on. Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 oder höher, Firefox 2.xx oder höher Release Notes. The NAS 220 I have has a single ethernet port. debian-armel:~# dmesg | tail -n5 This is normal behavior. MacOS: Safari 3.1 oder höher. I too ran into the same problem, but mine is a BA 110. apt-get not found. I help people learn about video production and livestreaming. Download my unofficial 'fw upgrade' service pack (SP99) and use. Hi, ich bin seit langer Zeit im Besitz und Nutzung eines BlackArmor 220. The image file described here is the most current firmware update for the Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220 Servers. ufsd: module license 'Commercial product' taints kernel. After that, I would suggest you check your router for the IPs it has assigned. the manual firmware upgrade process through the web interface: 3. ssh root@ with password 'root', aptitude install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl apt-show-versions python, (I assume you have installed "aptitude install  nfs-kernel-server samba vsftpd iscsitarget), Now your webmin will be at an IP given by your router (check your router for newly acquired IPs) with the port 10000 or 20000.