Thurston recorded some of the album with The Thurston Moore Group -- his former Sonic Youth bandmate Steve Shelley on drums, My Bloody Valentine's Deb Googe on bass and backing vocals, and James Sedwards on guitar -- along with contributions from Wobbly (aka Jon Leidecker of Negativland) on electronics and Jem Doulton on drums, and he did some tracks solo with just guitar and vocals.

Blue Hearts opens with the acoustic "Heart On My Sleeve," a protest folk song about climate change, and from there he grabs the electric, stomps on the distortion pedal, invites Jon and Jason into the room, and delivers 13 ragers that stop at nothing to attack the politicians who are allowing the world to collapse around them. When they clash with the colder, harder sound of artists like Benny, Boldy, and Che, it makes for a thrilling meeting of the minds, and Camoflauge Monk knows exactly how to sew it all together. I could write about this album all damn day. Spillage Village – Spilligion [Review] Praise be to Spillage Village, the US supergroup whose live-in lockdown studio made this year’s best hip hop, soul and gospel offering. 14 trapdoors - EileenHitmaker Music Group. While the cover art (an altered Madonna and Child) and the opening skit point to a Christian version of this, the group explores something more universal. Thurston Moore - By the FireDaydream Library. Eileen is already their third project of 2020, and if you listen to all of it, it seems like they're only getting better and further diversifying their sound.

Spillage Village – Hapi feat. And only God can judge, and that’s only if He still give a fuck‘. It’s what I’ll go to when I need a shot of optimism behind the ear. 20 essential Merge Records releases that aren’t ‘Funeral’ or ‘In the Aeroplane Over the Sea’, 'Upcoming Releases' each week on Invisible Oranges, RELIVE IT: The 2019 Coney Island Mermaid Parade in pics, Ministry shares ‘Everyday (is Halloween) – The Lost Mixes” EP, Grateful Dead Bertha skeleton action figure coming, 1980 Halloween show str…, 26 New Metal & Hardcore Songs Out This Week, Rap/reggae trio The Late Ones protest police brutality with “Babylon Exists…. Griselda has been putting Buffalo rap on the map lately but they’re not the only exciting rap group coming out of that city right now. Robin Pecknold freely admits he let the hype surrounding his band lead to an anxiety-filled career, but as he watched the world burn this year, his personal anxieties took a backseat to global ones, and he came out with the most relaxed Fleet Foxes album yet.

The songs fall somewhere between the crackling R&B of early James Blake, The xx's minimal pop, and the mournful UK hip hop of someone like the aforementioned Headie One, and BERWYN sews these sounds together seamlessly and makes them his own in the process. Cuts like ‘Shiva‘ and ‘Cupid‘ reflect this the most, with the mic passing from artist to artist for verses, while everyone lends a hand on the chorus. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Spilligion follows and builds on Spillage Village's Bears Like This trilogy. Evoking a quasi-religious tone and content to ensure their message reaches deep into listeners’ bones, Spillage Village argues that while we distance ourselves from society to …

4MDvktJxy40. Evoking a quasi-religious tone and content to ensure their message reaches deep into listeners’ bones, Spillage Village argues that while we distance ourselves from society to save our lives, only a sense of community and a deeper belief in each other can save our souls. Abuse of this feature may prevent future contributions from your account. Gospel music permeates the record. Usually solely a singer, Mereba delivers one of the best verses of the album on ‘PsalmSing’ matching contributions from J.I.D., EARTHGANG’s Doc and a guest appearance from Chance the Rapper on ‘Judas’. SPILLIGION ALBUM PREMIERE!! Damn, I don't even know where to start... Really nice neo-soul pop r&b fusion. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Big Rube [Official Music Video] Play Video. For instance, on “Jupiter,” none of the rappers actually rap, despite the band’s membership boasting of lyrical machines like JID and Earthgang. Change ), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), UK Garage: Do you really like it? Went and found a Gemini with a bigger butt Got me center court like a Tyson punch for a million bucks They scared me. Neil Cicierega - Mouth Dreams. His piano was off-key Is it worth what you really givin’ up? In dire times, some turn to hedonism, some to nihilism, and many, to God — or at least to the instruments that purport to bring us closer to whichever deity we think can get us out of our current predicaments. Rarely is an album so well-situated in time as Spillage Village‘s fourth outing, Spilligion. Despite having some nice ideas and some really pleasant production choices and experiments, the project is a bit directionless and never amounts to the highest level imaginable. Spillage Village – Shiva feat.

Multi-talented UK artist BERWYN is a rapper, singer, producer, and instrumentalist, and he first caught our ears when he appeared on four songs off XL Recordings co-founder Richard Russell's new Everything Is Recorded album and then again when he was commissioned to do an official remix of Headie One and Fred Again's "GANG," and his talent became even clearer when he released his debut solo single "GLORY." I'm back, and we're back here again. It’s the first truly hopeful moment of the album, introspective and wishful in its thinking. It's still a rock album, but it's heavy on lengthy, meditative jams like those albums were, and Thurston still knows how to hypnotize like few others. Uniquely a product of 2020 and pandemic lockdown, the album is reflective of the impacts on community and spirituality in hard times. The Everything Is Noise-Newsletter is currently in maintenance. The piano keys on “Hapi” had a vintage feel that can only be compared to a Wild West film. Got my heart broke by a Taurus That song now joins ten other tracks on BERWYN's debut full-length DEMOTAPE/VEGA, which continues to make good on the promise he's been showing all year. “Mecca” had a strong reggae influence featuring rattling drums and horns that roared throughout the song. Hope he had a good long-distance package on his phone plan. He sang to me softly They additionally consist of JID, Mereba, 6LACK, Hollywood JB, Benji., and Jurdan Bryant (formerly JordxnBryant); all artists with their own lane so to speak, but still come together magnificently and rose to prominence with a trilogy of mixtapes I’ve only begun to explore myself. The gunshots represent a threat or disturbing dissonance caused by that loss of rhythm (though not necessarily the same rhythm as before). It seems like it’ll take an act of divine intervention to slow the slide into chaos, but even our demiurges seem to no longer be taking our calls. Just like religion or God, it’s whatever you want it to be, but hopefully whatever it is will be good and gentle to you, bestowing on you a wealth of knowledge and clarity that you can’t find elsewhere. “Spilligion” is the collective’s first full length project in years, with Bears Like This Too Much having been released in 2016.

Spilligion is more eclectic, more atmospheric, more mature. October 5, 2020 All rights reserved. ( Log Out /  Listen to it here. It’s a question that also seems to have weighed heavily on the recording for Atlanta super crew Spillage Village’s new album Spilligion. In an album packed with strong lyricists and crooners, Mereba delivers a standout performance. By the time “Jupiter” rolls around to close the album, the group has called on gods from across cultures, from “Cupid” to “Shiva” to “Hapi,” arriving at the conclusions the final song offers: Nobody knows what’s going to happen, but we’re all in this together, no matter who we pray to. I enjoy the voices of everyone performing on this album, they all have great chemistry and belong to this subculture of hip-hop artists.

And I'm not going to sit quietly this time and worry about alienating anyone." 0. Like any good religious journey, it begins with a baptism, and the one on here makes for one of the hardest songs I’ve heard all year. On tracks like ‘PsalmSing‘ and ‘Ea’alah‘, this is front and centre with layered harmonies and buoyant choruses. ). I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more of the group (individually and collectively) in the future. Guess who pullin’ up to dinner, huh? house.

& Jurdan Bryant [Official Audio] Play Video. I highlight ten albums below, at least a few of which are definite year-end list contenders, and there are a handful of others that deserve your attention too, including A$AP Ferg (ft. Marilyn Manson, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and others), Mozzy, The Menzingers, Mil-Spec, Public Enemy, Dropdead (first in 22 years), Action Bronson, Lydia Loveless, Sad13, Sylvan Esso, Uada, niice., Anna Von Hausswolff, Tim Heidecker (ft. Weyes Blood), IDLES, Chrome Waves, Googie & Henry Canyons, Nappy Roots, Joji, The Ocean, Elzhi, Will Butler (Arcade Fire), Spatial Relations (The Antlers, Port St. Willow), Hen Ogledd (Richard Dawson), A Certain Ratio, Seth Bogart, Night Shop, Maxwell Stern, Attic Salt, Ziemba, Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu, Realize, Profligate, Roger & Brian Eno, Ghost of Vroom (Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing), the Overo/Asthenia split, The Hives live at Third Man, the deluxe edition of Lil Wayne's The Carter V, Lou Reed's expanded New York reissue, and Prince's expanded Sign o' the Times reissue. If times this bad produce music this good, we can’t worry too much, right? Moor Mother's electronic-tinged solo work is great too, but it's a real treat to hear her words come to life over something as natural and human as the music on Circuit City.