I assume you're trying to learn the English language as perfectly as possible aren't ya, Dfg? Rodders has grown some sense and jowls. Del has a shipment of Latvian alarm clocks he can’t shift and his home improvement grant has been rejected. Faced with the opportunity to buy 250 18-karat gold chains from retired jeweller Arnie, Del can't resist.

Mini-episode produced for the 1982 Christmas show, The Funny Side of Christmas, presented by Frank Muir, which also featured mini-episodes of Yes Minister, Last of the Summer Wine and Open All Hours. How Only Fools and Horses Changed the World Only Fools and Horses actually shaped the way we live now. It’s Rodders’ birthday, and Del buys him a cheap gold bracelet inscribed ‘Rooney’. Del's heart is in the right place; pity about his brain! It's been gripping. After 15 years of poverty the Trotters finally make it rich! Del, Rodney and Albert arrive at Drury Lane in London, thinking they are delivering dodgy goods to Chunky Lewis, a nightclub owner in the West End. But memories of the past, particularly of the infamous Freddie Robdal and the romance he shared with their beloved mother, Joan, threatens to divide the brothers. Most of their deals are too dodgy to succeed and usually end up backfiring, an important factor in generating sympathy for the characters. On location at 127 Nelson Mandela House and at the Nag's Head, we discover the behind-the-scenes stories, the stars reveal their own favourite memories and we learn just how they went about making us love Britain's biggest plonkers. The voice of reason, yin to Del's yang. With iconic performances from David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, John Sullivan's comedy is a strong contender for the title of Britain's most-loved sitcom. Sign up. Then the glittering attractions of the Monte Carlo Club beckon... Streuth! Trouble is, he hasn't reckoned on a touch of gang warfare. Here's how. Rodney's in love with Debbie from the newsagents. Armed with his filofax and briefcase, he's ready to take on the city - well, Peckham anyway. I remember this. And put Peckham on the map". All he has to do is get hold of a poxy statue. Performed on 24th November 1986. He unwittingly replies for a job advertisement, posted by Del to alleviate Rodney’s workload.

The one-off episode was produced by the Maureen Oilfield Consortium as an educational video to be shown in British schools.

Only Fools and Horses Episode Guide. It made cockneys out of everyone born within earshot of BBC1. Sign up. Maybe he'd better go along with it after all. A Touch of Frost, Goodnight Sweetheart) before the duo come out of character and make an appeal to camera for donations for Comic Relief. D.I. Stuck for a solution, the Trotters decamp to Sid's burger van. So it's going to require some nifty plotting by Rodney and Uncle Albert to get Del to visit the dreaded 'D' word!

Only Fools and Horses Series 7 Episodes Episode guide. They wind up in Les Nick, arrested as The Gary Gang! Cassandra and Rodney are finding their love life is a little flat, so they spice it up by role playing their fantasies. When Del Boy's hooky 'louvry' door deal, financed with Denzil's redundancy money, falls through, the boys attempt to repay him by catching a rare butterfly. John Sullivan's comedy is a strong contender for the title of Britain's most-loved sitcom. After flogging one-legged turkeys from the back of a three-wheeled van, Del's confident at last he's onto a winner with Trigger's consignment of Old English vinyl briefcases. The following is an episode list for the BBC One sitcom Only Fools and Horses.The show is about two brothers who live in Peckham, London.It was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC One on 8 September 1981. It's time for the latest moneymaking scam, Trotter's Ethnic Tours. Does Mickey's trip to the Costas mean that the duo are opening a Spanish branch already?

Christmas is coming and money is tight in the Trotter household. Unfortunately they take a wrong turn and end up walking into the middle of the Royal Variety performance, where they mistake the Duchess of York (Fergie) for Chunky Lewis.

This Only Fools And Horses prequel transports us back to south London in the early 1960s. If you think a video is in an inappropriate Topic, report it to us . Del introduces the Dresden-collecting aristocracy to some North Korean porcelain and his chandelier-cleaning service. We look at the best (or should that be worst?) After a relatively slow start the show went on to achieve consistently high ratings, and the 1996 episode "Time On Our Hands" holds the record for the highest UK audience for a sitcom episode, attracting 24.3 million viewers (over a third of the population), Well, I like watching stuff and I will hopefully give this a try.

But revenge should certainly be sweet when Rodders volunteers Del for a spot of hanggliding. 21 years after first appearing on our screens, audiences (which reached 24 million) are still devoted to the antics of Del and Rodney and their muckers. Raquel has an audition for a play, and Del has volunteered to help her rehearse. Episode 5. Del's got older, milder, then richer.

Finding themselves on a rare boys' night out, they dress up as Batman and Robin for a fancy dress party held for a local publican. Only Fools and Horses actually shaped the way we live now. When she can't go, he suggests who could take her place as well.

Del Boy's a modern-day philosopher. Del Boy?s attempt to blend in with the ?Yuppies? He is in a bit of bother about some Rumanian Rhiesling and needs to lay low for a while. Watch it on Gold. It's the deal of a lifetime! A short scene, based entirely in the flat, featuring a young Damien.

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They run into their old friend Slater 'The Slag', but it isn't all plain sailing for him either. Oh no, he's only suffering from that scourge of all yuppies, PMA - Positive Mental Attitude! The Vicar quickly debunks Del's story, and Rodders realises the tale was a scam to get an endorsement from The Church of England. Watch fullscreen. On iPlayer. Del's conscience seems to get the better of him, and he tells Rodney and Grandad what a shame it is that the market traders can't afford to donate a tree to the local church this year. Rodney breaks up the Trotter partnership to go it alone - with Mickey Pearce!

"'Only Fools' proved that you can set a show in a scruffy, violent working class Peckham Council Estate without getting all Ken Loach about it.

Del appears on the game show 'Goldrush' in a last-ditch attempt to win their fortune back. Report.

Season 1. The only snag is he's got to pretend he's 14 years old all week. Del, Trig, and Denzil pre-arranged a dodgy booze scam at Duty Free using Denzil's empty van... much to Rodney's annoyance. He only has 149 more to sell to make a tidy profit. Especially the little orphans. The film does not feature a laugh track, unlike most episodes of the show but similarly to several other one-off specials which were made. Del Boy gets the chance to make a new start (and to become a millionaire) in Australia - fronting Jumbo Mill's used car business. 1996 Christmas Special (Part 2): Del is reading a book called ‘Modern Man’. For the first time ever John Sullivan, David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and the real faces behind Boycie, Trigger, Raquel, Cassandra and the gang reveal the secrets behind the success of this huge comedy hit. Rodney and Cassandra are married, and when he returns home from honeymoon, Del Boy gives him some good advice. Things seem to be going well before Rodney gets tangled up with Trudy. Extended interview with Nicholas Lyndhurst, who plays the part of Rodney in the BBC comedy. The brothers scrape their living by selling dodgy goods in the belief that one day they will be millionaires, sharing their council flat in the early years with Grandad and later on with Uncle Albert, a WWII veteran with a naval anecdote for any occasion. The Polar Cap is melting, the rainforest is dying, the sea is being poisoned, and he hasn't had 'a bit' for months. Not available. David Jason gives an insight into some of the fans' favourite Only Fools episodes. But can still turn this unpromising material into comedy gold sometimes in a single sentence". Del then blubs his eyes out, as Rodney supports his wife. Corvusmammering. Meanwhile Del is trying to become a movie director.

Meet some of the regulars you might bump into around Hooky Street. Del's on to a great money making scheme - looking after Boycie and Marlene's new puppy Dukie for a steal at £60 a week. Episode 1 - Big Brother Episode 2 - Go West Young Man Episode 3 - Cash and Curry Episode 4 - The Second Time Around Episode 5 - A Slow Bus to Chingford Episode 6 - The Russians Are Coming Episode 7 Season 2.

"'Only Fools' even had the perfect ending. Del and Rodney notice all the villagers seem to have mariner's beards. Cassandra is expecting, and he wants more responsibility and a better job to provide for his family. Categories. They own an unregistered company, Trotters Independent Traders, trade primarily on the black market and generally neither pay taxes nor claim money from the state; as Del says, "The government don't give us nothing, so we don't give the government nothing".

Slater is on the track of a stolen microwave oven and Del Boy is in the frame. Could there be some connection with Del's purchase of a satellite dish? Everything's pretty cushty until Arnie's taken ill just as the deal is about to be sealed, and Del is left feeling that all that glitters... Rodney's won a holiday for three in the Mediterranean, courtesy of Del and the Megaflakes drawing competition. The character who cons Del is played by Scottish actor Iain Blair. Random TV III. Despite knocking the price down to a mere six quid, Del Boy can't shift his telescopic Christmas trees (lights, bangles, beads and baubles inclusive). But hang on - where did Del get the loan to start the venture? Cassie becomes Rodney's police woman, and Rodney doesn't quite look right as Gladiator. The character of Grandad, played by Lennard Pearce, wears a new hazel-coloured cardigan and his neck scarf and undershirt are uncharacteristically clean and bright looking in this episode. She is holding down two jobs - one at the Ritz cinema and the other as Freddie Robdal's charlady. The Trotters visit Devon for a weekend's fishing but get involved with an escaped 'psycho' from the local mental hospital.