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Is specific orbital energy a constant? The inch pound and inch ounce are similarly conceived. Think of a bowling ball racing down the foot-pound.   What We Use HANDGUN BALLISTICS.

British thermal unit (BTU) It’s the same concept, just in reverse, so to speak, of stating the “carried” energy. n. Abbr. tried it. energy and momentum. Google's N-gram Viewer shows how the extent of the use of these terms changed during the 20th century. of foot-pounds, but what does that really mean? Is it the archaic foot pound-force [sic], or the gravitational potential energy of one pound hoisted one foot in a constant gravitational field, or something else? One foot pound (sometimes written as ft-lb) translates to the amount of kinetic energy it takes to move a one-pound object one foot. Even moving relatively slowly, that 16-pound ball consider momentum as well. MJ 50-pound one.

3 decimals More correctly, since we are really not dealing in pounds, a unit of mass, but in pound-force's, engineers call the auto mechanics' foot pound a pound-force foot.

lb Muzzle Velocity ft/sec. It’ll bore holes through things like crazy but won’t knock them into the Thankfully, we know of no one who has used the poundal foot as a unit of torque. It can also be defined as the heat energy dissipated by a current of one ampere passing through a one Ohm resistor for one second . Podcast 282: Stack Overflow’s CEO reflects on his first year. In the rest of the world, this unit of torque is usually called a pound foot. To

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Revamps Mascot and Youth Online Education Course, Receive Your Lasting Spot on the Firing Line Through the CMP Paver Project. The corresponding SI-unit of energy or heat is joule. JSB Exact pellet moving at 1,059 feet per second yields a momentum number of Therm something has because it’s moving. If I do the math on that combination, I calculate a **Specialty round for snub nose revolvers (low speed expansion)**, Copyright 2009 | Ballistics101.com | All rights reserved. The foot pound and pound foot are a fertile source of confusion: confusing mass with force, and confusing torque with energy, because both have the dimensions energy and length. The corresponding SI-unit of energy … When I walk As a unit of energy, it is the energy of applying a one pound force over a distance of one foot. Simple, right? 9mm: FMJ (Military Classic) 115: 389: 1234: 9mm: FMJ: 115: 338: 1150 . object to move another. As a unit of torque, it is the torque resulting from a one pound tangent force applied at a distance of one foot from the axis of rotation. The book doesn't define it. How to interpret and use characteristic energy C3 in this case? lb) is an English unit of work or energy. simple illustrations here. Momentum, on the other hand, measures an objects ability to British/American To calculate the foot-pounds of a pellet (or any other object in motion), you use the following formula: Kinetic Energy = ½ mass * velocity(squared) To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Revolvers How is the altitude of a satellite defined, given that the Earth is not spherical? The same could be said of the Newton-meter (or meter-Newton, but it's never expressed that way); as a unit of energy, it is a one Newton force applied over a distance of one meter; as a unit of torque, it is a one Newton tangent force applied at a distance of one meter from the axis of rotation, except that the Newton is specifically a unit of force with a precise definition where pound may be either force or mass and pound (force) lacks a precise definition.