We would be happy to help you get setup. Why? Find helpful resources or get in touch with one of our Happiness Engineers directly from the WooCommerce iOS app. Nothing can be done from the app side to handle errors that arise, so be sure to review the known issues with setup at: Troubleshooting the WooCommerce iOS app.

The work independently from each other.

The Details of products ordered become available when the order is fulfilled.

The new app does not update or write over the previous one so nothing is lost.

The Order Detail screen provides details on: Marking an order complete with the app triggers a Completed Order email to the customer, the same as if the order was fulfilled on your site. Thanks, It is very important that we can have a verified mobile number from the site users, and it is difficult to implement this in WordPress. But this plugin has been able to meet the main need that has really arisen and is important for most sites Have you taken the WordPress 2020 Survey yet?

Allow users to login/signup with one time password(OTP) sent on your mobile device. It’s totally up to you. Go to the Main screen, reached from the My Store, Orders or Notifications tabs. iPhone 5s to current-generation iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Translate “Login with phone number” into your language.

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Both WooCommerce iOS apps may be installed and used simultaneously on your device because they run on different platforms – one is a standalone app, and one is using Jetpack.

Use your device to open this link and download at: Log in with your (Store Manager) WordPress.com account. We track everything and reach out to authors when conflicts are reported to us, and then update the list as items are patched. 1- Add phone number field in the woocommerce registration form …

Get in touch with a Happiness Engineer directly from the WooCommerce iOS app: Alternatively, you may also use the links provided below in Questions and Feedback to receive assistance. I logged in, but my store does not appear in the list to select. Both apps remain available: The former (legacy) and the current. Need a hand with WooCommerce? To get started, tap the bottom-left My Store icon. We will learn today how can we enable our customers to login with their phone number or any other custom field of our choice.
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Create and Deploy an AWS Lambda Function for Data Collection with the AWS CLI. Manage store with the official WooCommerce iOS app. The following people have contributed to this plugin.
The app sends a text message to all numbers, but the attempt is only successful if it is a mobile number. Then we check if the email and username doesn’t exist in the authentication process, that’s how we know the user might have written his phone number, so we search for him by his phone number and return the user.

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To filter the Orders list by single order status: All orders fitting the selected Filter are then listed by period, starting with the most recent. Bar graphs display an overview of how sales change over time.