You can really make a mess if you don’t know what you’re doing with DNS records. You’ll need go to your Sendinblue account to find your API key. You will need to check the ‘Return Path’ box. You can see all information for emails sent within the last 3 days. You can use Sendinblue to send up to 300 emails per day for free which is more than enough for most small websites.

You need to find your domain and open up the DNS records. You can bypass your default server by using our WordPress Plugin. Join thousands of customers who trust SocketLabs to deliver billions of emails every year. You can set up SPF and DKIM in cPanel under Email Deliverability. Next, you need to add the second record. Amazon AWS platform has a Simple Email Service (SES) that you can use to fix the WordPress email issue. If you’re using a Gmail account for SMTP, you might find your account shut down without warning (ask me how I know this) . I am currently using Google Gmail setup and was able to follow the steps to create the Gmail api to connect the Client ID and Secret ID. You may also want to see our list of the most common WordPress errors and how to fix them. As you can see from the WP Mail SMTP plugin’s list of mailer options, you don’t have to use Sendinblue. How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue, using WordPress to send your email newsletter, using Gmail to send your WordPress emails, setup a professional email address with Gmail and G Suite, common WordPress errors and how to fix them,,, self hosted vs free blog, 7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (Pros and Cons), How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress, Why You Need a CDN for your WordPress Blog? You’re welcome, it’s difficult to keep up with Google’s changes but glad our article could still be helpful.

You need to make the From an email address that you control so that it’s validated by DKIM and/or SPF. Or are the emails your WordPress site sends getting flagged as spam? Downside is that setup is complicated.

If you’re using GoDaddy, set it to 1 hour. After that, you need to choose a SMTP mailing service for your site. Using Amazon’s AWS Simple Email Service (SES) is an option for WordPress with two plugins. Thank you for the tutorial. Thank you for the topic. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Great instructions! Regardless of why WordPress can’t send email, here’s the fastest and easiest thing that you can do to get your WordPress email flowing to the inbox: Bypass the default mail server that’s installed on your underlying WordPress hosting by using our Free WordPress Plugin to connect to an optimized and managed email delivery service. You’re welcome, glad our guide was helpful. Warning: Sendinblue also has a fourth piece of code for a DMARC record.

Next, click on ‘Sendinblue’ for your mailer. Managed by Awesome Motive | WordPress hosting by SiteGround | WordPress CDN by MaxCDN | WordPress Security by Sucuri. If you’ve been using one of these services for a long time and set them up before DMARC, DKIM and SPF records were part of the process, be sure to go back and add them or your emails might not be delivered. Click ‘Send Email’. This plugin gives you the ability to bypass the default mail server option by integrating directly with SocketLabs so you can send using an optimized email delivery service. Tips: Host Record might be called Host or Name by your web host. You’ll need to set up WP Mail SMTP as above, then click the ‘Other SMTP’ option. WPBeginner® is a registered trademark. Sign up for a free plan to get a managed email delivery service that’s configured to work, right out of the box. The wp_mail function called by WordPress core as well as plugins to generate an email when required in a transaction with the user. You can set up DMARC using the same process above.

Just note that even with these plugins, it’s hard to set up. Form reply to is set to the user’s email address. In the situations above, your messages may get marked as spam, or never make it to your inbox. Remember, you don’t need to wait for a reply before moving on with the next stage of this tutorial. Found a similar help video from you guys a while back. I set up a separate transactional email service account for each client when a site launches. For example, if a visitor submits a contact form, either using your theme’s default form or a 3rd party plugin like Contact Form 7, then you may never receive an email notification that a contact form was submitted.Email.

Thanks!! Please see our guide on the difference between self hosted vs free blog. This way, the notification is sent from an address that can be validated, and if you reply to the notification, the email goes to the user. Plenty for most basic websites. I followed this guide and got “test email sent successfully” but I didn’t receive an email on my email account, how come?