And our thriving AMP Expert ecosystem has indie freelancers to enterprise grade agencies in case you need commercial support! Online Demo | AMP WP – Contact Form 7 Premium Extension | Support, WORDPRESS PLUGIN BOILERPLATE GENERATOR by Tom McFarlin, Inc., ( Contributors: google, xwp, automattic, westonruter, albertomedina, schlessera, swissspidy, pierlo, johnwatkins0, joshuawold, ryankienstra Showcase; Ecosystem; Documentation; Blog; Support; About; Download Expand search form Search Expand search form Success with WordPress ; Why the AMP Plugin Toggle sub-menu. Just for that, it deserves a 2 star rating. Transitional Mode: In this mode there is also a single theme used, but there can be two versions of each page: AMP and non-AMP. Showcase; Ecosystem; Documentation; Blog; Support; About; Download Expand search form Search Expand search form Success with WordPress ; Why the AMP Plugin Toggle sub-menu.

User Documentation: The AMP for WordPress plugin is easy to setup but we have some tutorials and guides prepared for you which will help you dive deep with the plugin.

Translate “AMP WP – Google AMP For WordPress” into your language. If you are not a developer or tech savvy user, or you just simply don't want to deal with validation issues and tackling development tasks, the AMP plugin allows you to assemble fully AMP-compatible sites with different configurations taking advantage of AMP-compatible components. All 3 options can be accessed by going to the Customizer Settings Panel (Dashboard > AMP WP > Customize AMP). There are 2 URL structures for an AMP site:

Although there is a growing ecosystem of AMP-compatible WordPress components, there is still a ways to go before majority AMP compatibility in the ecosystem. Added a new option “Specific Posts” for Post Tiles / Slider / Carousel. To add the codes for AMP Auto Ads, go to the Customizer options panel (Dashboard > AMP WP > Customize AMP) and copy/paste the code in between tags and right after tag to add support for AdSense Auto Ads for AMP.

Improvement: Compatibility with the official AMP WordPress plugin.

If you are a developer, or you have the resources to pursue development projects, you may want in some cases to develop custom plugin or theme to serve your specific needs.

Enhancement: Improved handling of external resources. License: Open Font License, Font Awesome Free 4.7.0 by Dave Gandy

It's also a good choice if you are not technically savvy (or simply do not want to deal with the incompatibilities) and therefore want simplified and robust workflows that allow you to take advantage of AMP with minimal effort.

PHP version 5.6 or greater (PHP 7.0 or greater is recommended), MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended). In a nutshell, the available template modes are the following: Standard Mode: This template mode is the ideal, as there is only one theme for serving requests and a single version of your site: the AMP version. New Feature: Added UI for theme_color property in manifest.

Enhancement: Removed the WordPress admin notice suggesting to add SuperPWA manifest to OneSignal. It's also a good option if some components are not AMP-compatible but the site owner has the resources or the know-how to fix them. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. AMP for WordPress Menu.

Core Web Vitals; AMP and WCV; Means to an End; AMP and ROI; Getting Started Toggle sub-menu. Minimum required WordPress version is now 3.6.0 (previously 3.5.0). Stable tag: 2.0.5 Most importantly of course, you can install it by clicking Install Now. Automagically add Accelerated Mobile Page Google AMP Project functionality to your site. they're used to log you in. Enhancement: Improved how Start Page url is handled in the service worker to be compatible with plugins that force SSL. Fix: Resolved search page action URL path on https protocol, Fix: Resolved Invalid JSON string data for Yandex Metrica, Fix: Resolved output for Custom HTML code in “Codes right after tag”, Tweak: Posts show author display name instead of email/username, Fix: Resolved broken layout when social share option from customizer is enabled. To do an automatic install, log in to your WordPress admin panel, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New. The official AMP plugin can be of great help to you by providing powerful and effective developer tools that shed light into the AMP development process as it is done in WordPress. This mode is the best choice for sites where the theme and plugins used in the site are fully AMP-compatible. Enhancement: Improved the file and folder naming, organization, and inline documentation for better readability. New Feature: SuperPWA is now a top-level menu to accommodate for the Add-Ons sub-menu page.

Please Note: Only valid and compatible AMP snippets would work. However, the authors don't bother answering to questions on the forum. Make your site load 5X faster on mobile by using features of the open source AMP project.

), AMP is a fully responsive web component framework, which means that you can provide AMP experiences for your users on both mobile and desktop devices.

You signed in with another tab or window. But if you need some help, we are right here to support you in the plugin's support forum, as well as through GitHub issues (for technical bugs and feature requests).