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After his release, Justo, dressed in a white T-shirt, blue shorts and flip flops, was taken to an immigration detention center in Bangkok in a police van accompanied by four police commandos. Hence, it is no small irony that he booked a place in Malaysian history when he inadvertently found himself a card-carrying member of Clare Rewcastle Brown’s “Justice League”. This is not a digression in the narrative, but is intended to give some perspective on his actions – that it is perhaps inbred in him to do all that is necessary to survive, no matter the personal cost and struggle. Xavier Justo is happily drinking a beer at 10am, as we meet at the lobby lounge of the Shangri-La Hotel for our interview. And we shook hands, and that’s it.”, Unfortunately, PetroSaudi worked very quickly to muzzle him. What was initially an idea to gain leverage on negotiations should he need it, soon proved to be the mother of all insurance policies. During World War Two, as neutral as they apparently were, they nonetheless prepared themselves for a possible invasion by either Germany or Russia. This story and DOJ document state that “in the mid-2000s, Xavier Justo started managing the bank accounts of Jose ‘Rubio de Aios’ Magdalena” and that “in 2006 Xavier Justo became the exclusive asset manager in Switzerland for the Galician drug empire controlled by de Rubio de Aios who was the front man for Miñanco”. He describes the time, “So they came, they arrested me, they handcuffed me, they showed me a piece of paper they wanted me to sign. The 1MBD scandal and the Xavier Justo case also made waves within the staunchly conservative Swiss legal system. The case resulted in a “US Department of Justice request for mutual legal assistance from the Swiss government”. His was not a crusade for justice for the people like Rewcastle Brown, but rather, a tale of a beleaguered former employee of PetroSaudi who had simply “had enough” and suddenly found himself swimming in the choppy, swirling waters of a financial scandal that would bring about the disgrace and downfall of so many, from prominent bankers to a prime minister. PGI Report - Click here. Thailand declined the extradition request, which Swiss authorities said in September they regretted. The accountant had no access. Even though it is early, it seems like he has already had a long day and needed to relax amidst a harried schedule of back-to-back meetings and press interviews. Xavier Andre Justo and famiily. This was a man in possession of a powder keg of information that set the wheels in motion for a Federal investigation in the US and contributed to the fall of a government. In August, Justo’s sentence was cut to two years under a royal amnesty, prompting the Swiss authorities to request his transfer to serve the remaining term back home. These newly leaked documents allege that Xavier Justo extorted his former employer, PetroSaudi  International, by threatening to release a company database he had alledgly stolen from them. Now the Swiss are a canny lot. Justo spent 18 months in prison until unexpectedly being released in 2017, under a general  amnesty granted to 30,000 criminals to celebrate the coronation of King Maha Vajiralongkorn. Justo was jailed for three years in August 2015 after Thai police said he admitted to blackmail and attempting extortion of his former employer, Petrosaudi International, a Saudi Arabia-based oil and gas company and former joint venture partner of 1MDB. Xavier Justo – A Panel Discussion Event ”Whistleblowing as a Money-Making Enterprise” Case Study of Xavier Justo of 1MDB Fame. You know, some people when they get a lot of money they expect to be treated as a kind of a king… so I supported that for a few months because I’m a nice guy, but in April 2011, following a dispute that we had, it was just ‘I’m leaving, bye bye.

Swiss prosecutorial sources have subsequently confirmed that in the summer of 2007, Xavier Justo was arrested and briefly detained for over 18 hours by the Brigade Financière de Genéve, the financial law enforcement branch of the Canton of Geneva.