My collection has outgrown my safe by a respectable margin, but my options for safe locations are limited. Zanotti Armor blends Old-world craftsmanship with American ingenuity. Posted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:27 am .

Who is Zanotti Armor? I leave near them, so I went and picked it up myself. When considering the right size for your safe, consider: do you ever have enough closet or garage space? That means I can do bad things to people all day long and I assume they deserve it." Competitor safes are often produced in places like China and Mexico with cheap locks and inferior metal.

Bringing all of this together has allowed Zanotti Armor® to bring an unparalleled level of quality to the American Made gun safe marketplace.

Each one of Sun Welding safes are made with a solid steel door and unibody construction. The same concept applies to gun safes!

I use it for shotguns and each of the guns is held away from the others with ample room so there's no bumping and dinging nice shotguns. Site By.

Plus they’ve got a new door “spice rack” option that they’re touting on Facebook. Zanotti safes arrive in three or four discrete shipping boxes. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Since 1980 Sun Welding has been manufacturing safes from our warehouse in Southern California providing quality products to all of our customers. Because we can! PM me for unbiased NV info and Military Radios.

After more than 30 years of manufacturing safes. We line each safe with one layer of 5/8'' fire code drywall, a standard 1 x 1 fire rating. We are a family company with products designed, manufactured and packaged in the USA. We use standard front reading dials because we have found they are much easier to read in general but also in low light conditions or with bifocals.

If you can’t make arrangements to pick it up there, then for an additional $70 R+L can deliver it to your home. Do external hinges create a security issue I should be concerned with.

Please check out some of our many other categories of domestic made products like for example American Made Camping Gear. © 2020 Copyright Zanotti Armor.

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Zanotti Armor uses R+L Carriers as its exclusive shipper; to find out more about R+L, click here. The safe door is the heaviest piece of the safe, weighing anywhere from 100 to 175 pounds depending on the individual model. The local gun store had them in stock back in '01 or '02.

At Homeland, we are committed to assuring superior quality in all important areas of security: Materials, Product design and engineering. I bought a Zanotti Armor RSC when I lived in an apartment after I lost a number of guns in a theft. Do the pieces of the safe fit easily together? My next safe will be UL rated but that Takes it to a whole new level in wieght and price.

You can tell your new car or truck is quality-built by the sound it makes when you close the door, and a Zanotti safe is very much like that. Brought it inside, again by myself, and set it up. I got some bad advice and got an electronic lock.

Custom Features.

You can obtain a shipping cost, or freight quote, by giving us a call at 319-232-9650 and we will provide you one over the phone and email you a copy if you desire. If you elect to have it delivered to your home address, it is an additional $70.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. We do this for a number of reasons, the most important of which is R+L’s care, quality, and dependability. Our unique interlocking safe incorporates all the features and benefits of a one-piece welded safe with an added bonus: mobile versatility. Address: 2003 Westfield Ave., Waterloo, IA 50701.

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Call 319-232-9650 or Message Us Today! We specialize in providing our customers with quality, U.S. built safes and vaults and offer discrete, professional  delivery and installation. Join Our Email List For New American Made Products Listings. Within each safe are two re-lockers built into the door mechanism to provide you with an additional layer of security. We’d Be Glad to Help!

Sun Welding has designed each safe to protect your belongs first and foremost.

We will call you when we ship your safe with a tracking number so you can monitor and determine the arrival date.

That way I don't have to worry about lugging a 600-1000 lb safe up the stairs but I can do it in pieces. Have a Question that Our Site Doesn’t Answer? Recently, we have designed a new method of fire rating to help you establish which degree of fire rating will fit your individual needs. I bought one about 6 years ago.

We also ship safes nationwide and provide  free tips on how to move  and install safes as well as 24/7 service. -Dogbert. Sadly, no.

We pride ourselves on offering customized options so you can create the safe that works best for you.

We believe that a well made safe not only offers the best security, but also should be affordable. Post subject: Re: Zanotti Armor 6 piece gun safe. Liberty Safes Our story began in 1988 building 6 safes a day in 3 rental storage units.

The quote you will be provided with is to your nearest local terminal. Site By.

As of 2010, after 22 years of selling safes, we will have sold more than 1.1 MILLION SAFES! Want to Know More About Zanotti Armor Safes? How's the quality, other than a long wait time, they look G2G.

Electronic locks do not hold up to our quality standards. All freight is C.O.D., so you should plan to have a check for the driver when your safe arrives.

There are No other safe manufacturer that can offer the mobility and versatility of Zanotti Armor®. Quality Designs.

Always double check before you purchase from any company. Our production capabilities are currently increasing due to our new manufacturing facility, which will also minimize future order delays. Zanotti Armor; anyone here an owner? Yes, our safes meet or exceed all specifications required by the State of California. ZA-II here.

And unlike some companies that markup freight charges and pocket the difference, Zanotti Armor has no markup and our negotiated 84% discount rate is passed directly to our customers. The hinges can be cut off and you still won’t be able to remove the door.

AMERICAN MADE GUN SAFES Approximately 20 years ago US Gun Safe Manufacturers turned their eyes to the far east, specifically CHINA, in search for cheaper labor, cheaper materials, and cheaper design.